Best Android Spy Software in 2018: TOP 3



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StarReviewAndroid (all devices), iOS (no jailbreak required), Mac OS, Windows10 daysyes$29.99MSpy is one of the outstanding smart phones monitoring software available now in the market of Spyware Applications. It carries the most adv… Read more
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mobile spy

Mobile Spy
StarReviewAndroid, BlackBerryNoNo$49.97When compared to other spy facilities, Mobile Spy does not include every feature and could be considered less comprehensive. However… Read more
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SaarReviewSymbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows MobileNoNo$49.95The good thing about this product is that it supports almost all Internet-enabled phones and even a device such as the iPad. There are con…Read more


If you are even a little aware of all the things that go on in the world of technology, you might have already heard about spy apps. Chances are, you have asked yourself why anyone would even need to monitor someone’s phone activities in the first place. You might be surprised to find out the reasons there can be.


The world is dominated by smartphones these days. These handheld devices house our whole lives inside them. From our friends and family to our memories, feelings, photos, and all sorts of interests, our phone probably knows more about us than any other human would. This makes it a little risky to apply these all the time, as people who want to hurt you or take advantage of you in any way could easily pave their way into your lives through your various social networks.
That is why we have spy apps on our phone. These help you keep an eye out for their children, monitor their spouses, and others regarding whom they may have doubts of sorts, so that no threats have to be faced.

Keep your Children Safe

The reason most individuals use spy software is to monitor their children’s phone activities. Whether it is Android, iOS, or any other platform, each have almost the same apps that may put children’s privacy and safety at risk. Such phones are more open sourced and generally give more command to their users, making them a little more susceptible to threats.
Tracking a child’s activities means getting into and monitoring their social app platforms. Those like Snapchat, Viber, and Facebook all have their own threats. While some apps may expose their private life to online predators, others may influence them to take part in sexting. These are the main reason parents like to track their children’s phones.

The Various Features of a Spy Software

So what does a spy app help you monitor on a phone? While some of the features are very basic, there are many that can tell you basically everything about a person’s use.

Basic App Characteristics:

These include spying on activities on Android devices and iPhones such as SMS messaging, call history, the emails sent and received, the contacts stored, spying on apps like Facebook, Viber etc., among others. These are great for people who are looking to spy on some basic stuff on the target phone, Android or iOS, and don’t want to go to any extremes if any threat arises.

Advanced Features:

This is where one starts to see the true power of a mobile spy. There are many apps that give you access to advanced options like tracking the Android and iOS phone’s GPS location and history, gaining access to device’s media files, restricting app usage, deleting certain apps, blocking access to the internet, setting a time limit to internet usage, and more.
If you want to go a step further, especially in case of spouse spying, you can also have the ability to listen to conversations and record them, turn the apparatus into an audio listening device, as well as some extreme opportunities like wiping out a complete phone in case your Android device is stolen.
You can see how the functions of spy apps are so diverse for different individuals. While most parents will be content with a simple Android app to monitor kids, more serious users could find real applications for advanced spy options. These are designed to help you monitor all actions and event to detect a threat before it happens and to also remedy one if it’s too late.

Android, iOS, Symbian, and More

Most spy apps work with many different operating systems including Android, iOS, Symbian etc. Most of the options, however, like the ones mentioned above, are limited to Android mostly. This is because of the open nature of the Android operating system. You don’t have to root a phone to monitor it or to use all the advanced functions as opposed to and iPhone, which you have to jailbreak. This makes it much easier for people to spy on Android devices rather than others.

Plans, Support, and Flexibility

You will be glad to know that spy apps mostly have more than one price plan. This is to help different users with different needs choose the one right for them. You can buy an app for a month, three months, or longer based on your needs.
Spy apps also provide technical support to their consumers. This is an important aspect that should not be ignored while looking for your choice. These are spy software programs after all, and can run into different app glitches and problems.
So there you have it. These are all the reasons to use a spy app to monitor someone’s phone. Whatever your personal take is, you cannot deny all the uses these bring with them and the ways they can help you keep your loved ones and your data safe.