New mSpy Features


The award winning personal monitoring app is back and with newer features! If you think mSpy couldn’t get any better, think again. The app’s phone monitoring system has been improved tremendously with the many new features included, features like using the app to restrict certain callers or calls made to the phone and even a report generating option. This definitely justifies a high price on the app, but with the actual app costing less than a dollar a day, it is a definite buy. The following list will substantiate why it is and if that truly is the case.

The first new feature that we discovered within the new and improved app significantly improves the app’s call monitoring effectiveness. The mSpy app now allows the phone monitor to access the time used by the target phone for the call, who made the call and number of calls made to the number. These are common features in newer monitoring app software, but mSpy took this a step further and allowed more detail and the ability to block callers to the target phone. This is an extremely important feature that has ramifications to both users who want to monitor traffic to the actual safety of the target phone user. Imagine a situation where your daughter has a stalker who constantly calls her. Now, all you have to do is to use this app to block the stalker’s number from popping up and determine where she is to ensure her safety when she goes out late, all from a single monitoring source, e.g. a laptop or tablet PC.

The next amazing feature found is the improved web monitoring feature. This feature used to only be confined to that of monitoring where the target phone has been too but now, active website blocking is available, bringing this app more in line with parental protection apps and opening up more opportunities for the app. This new feature is rare in mobile monitoring apps, with only specific apps targeting parental control software but not full monitoring capabilities are used. The mSpy app now blazes a route that some other monitoring apps are attempting take, to make them more palatable to the general market with misgivings on privacy. A certain step in the right direction, this app is now ensuring that critics will view it in the more accurate and clearer picture of a child safety and sensitive data protection app rather than what some uninformed people believe as a “creepy stalker app”.

Another feature that mSpy now provides is the app and program control feature. This is an amazing function as it allows users to block certain programs like messaging or dropbox from target phones. This would prevent employees from the temptation of uploading sensitive files to online cloud services that can be easily hacked. With the millennial generation being tech and especially app savvy, the desire to work from home by uploading documents to a cloud and then downloading it to an unsecured computer is not only tempting but can even sound like a good push for productivity. Yet with the all too obvious allegations of spying by government agencies like the NSA, it is just prudent to believe that the criminals are doing it too. Once you lose that sensitive information it’ll be too late for your business.

Yet the truly defining feature that mSpy has is the customization ability of the app and the 24 hours tech support. This is one area that it is a definite winner, ensuring that the mSpy app is at the top of the line in terms of mobile monitoring.

FlexiSpy Review


How do you tell if a mobile monitoring app is worth the money you spend on it? The features that such an app needs to have and the expectations to meet are endless. The specific areas that need to be met are the features available within the app, the ease of use and the cost of the app. Many top rate apps like mSpy have defining features that solidifies its position as a market leader. Things such as compatibility with a wide range of mobile operating systems, robust data collection programs that allow for analysis after collection and test demo apps that show that the app actually will work after installation. So how does an outlying app like Flexispy compare? The following paragraphs list the case for Flexispy.

In terms of features, the Flexispy app has all the common modules desired for a good baseline model. Features like call monitoring, messaging monitoring for both text and instant as well as GPS and multimedia monitoring are offered. The outstanding feature is the Facetime spycam as it is not a commonly touted feature in other outstanding mobile monitoring apps, like PhoneSheriff and MobileSpy. Another interesting feature is the ability of the app to log voice over IP or VOIP calls. This is also an area not normally mention by more common mobile monitoring software out in the market.

Other features worth noting are the app monitor function, remote spying that also allows remote control of mobile camera to take pictures, and stealth features that ensure the target phone doesn’t know if the app is running or if the iPhone, specifically, is jailbroken. Interestingly, the GPS tacking system that is often touted by other apps on received cursory mention by the developers. This would likely mean that the GPS feature is not as effective as others out in the market. One other interesting function is the ability to intercept and send false messages to the target phone’s other party. This would be a useful feature if it weren’t for the fact that sending false messages can quite easily erode trust and respect if used blatantly. The features mentioned by the app developers show a good app with new features not commonly held by other apps, making this an app that is well worth the money.

In terms of mobile phone compatibility, this app is allowed on the Apple’s iOS, Android operating system as well as the Windows and BlackBerry operating systems. This allows the app to fit a large number of mobile phones that are out in the market. Target phones are no longer a problem for the app. Another feature of the app is the support from the developers to ensure that the app works well. Top apps, like mSpy, have 24hour support, which is strangely missing from this app. Support is relegated to an online tutorial on the app’s website.

Lastly for cost, this app allows payment via Bitcoin, a feature that is rare but gaining popularity in the mobile app circles. With costs for the app at $149 to $349 depending on the usage and function of the app, it can get a little pricy for an app that doesn’t give you a peace of mind that the features work, through downloadable demos like other apps.

Android L – The Material Design


When Google announced its Ice Cream Sandwich update for Android, it came with a plethora of design changes. Everything got a unified dark ‘Holo’ look to it and became a lot more flat. More or less the same designs aesthetics were seen later in Jelly Bean and the recent KitKat update brought no major changes either. But now, after the world has had its share of the Holo aesthetic, Google has something very different in store for us.

It is not known whether this update will be named after a sweet treat like Google’s previous versions of Android, or even if it is going to be a ‘4.5’ or a ‘5’ update, but as of now Google’s new iteration on Android is known simply as Android L. And other than a number of tweaks and new features to make the most out of a smartphone, Google has decided to give an overhaul to the design as well.

The Material Design

Google has named its new design as the Material Design, which basically takes the idea of Google Now’s cards and slaps it over the whole phone, with added depth and shadows to them so that the different aspects of an application visually slide over each other. The status bars have gotten a lot more colorful as well, making the whole layout much brighter and a lot less professional for some users, than ever before.

The navigation buttons are also receiving their share of change, with the conventional Back, Home and Multitasking keys being replaced by a Triangle, a Circle, and a Square.

Revamped Animations

The Material Design will be much more visually interactive then the previous versions of Android. It adds shadows and depth in a way that lets users know how the different elements of an app work. Ripple effects are seen when the screen is touched or a button pressed. Real-time shadows have also been introduced in the screens or the panes as the user slides them around.

Additions to the Lock Screen and the Notification System

The grey list of notifications up till Android 4.4 will now be given a complete visual and, in some aspects, a functional makeover. The new notification center will be a card-based system based on white tiles out of which new notifications will animate and expand, taking full advantage of the 3D layers and shadows. This notification system will also be available from the lock screen for quick access.

Another nifty and quite a needed feature is also being added which Google calls the ‘heads up’ notifications. These will be small overlays on top of running apps so that you can decide whether to respond to the notification or dismiss it without having to exit your current activity.

Whether the new version of Android will turn out to be better or worse, one thing is clear: it will be very different from the Android we use today. From the visual treatment to all the goodies that are being added under the hood like Project Volta for enhanced battery life and the ART as the default runtime for smoother and more battery efficient performance, Android L will definitely be instantly recognizable on smartphones unlike the almost similar previous versions, and as per Google’s claims, it is going to be much more efficient as well.

A Software “Must”

One more thing: after efficiency comes security. After buying Android L, do not forget to acquire a very useful mobile application mSpy that can track and monitor every action on the target phone to protect and secure your most precious assets – family members’ safety and confidential business information.

StealthGenie Review



Important update (Oct.27, 2014): StealthGenie is no longer on sale

A good mobile monitoring app is really hard to come by. Consumers desiring a good app are in the constant dilemma, trying to sort through the humongous pile of available apps. The real keys to great apps are the features, the applicability to operating systems and the cost. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that more features and low cost is good and the opposite is a “No No”. To assist you in determining whether a mobile monitoring app is good or not let us review StealthGenie using the above 3 keys.

When it comes to mobile monitoring apps, the key features that must be in the app are the phone call logging system and the text messaging monitoring system. Stealth Genie contains these above 2 features and more. The list of available features for call logging contains call recording, call history viewing and live call intercept. The live call intercept is one feature that is really rare among mobile monitoring apps. Using a text message or through the website, the user can switch on the target phone’s call intercept function to listen in to what the target is talking about. The test app on the website does work; however, the question whether it really works on an actual phone is a risk that one would have to take. SMS monitoring is available with the option to redirect all SMSs to you for you to delete it or even send it out to which ever number you desire.

Other features available is the GPS tracking system which is gaining popularity in the monitoring apps circles, Email reading capabilities, instant messaging monitoring features, multimedia file monitoring, internet usage monitoring and contacts and calendar monitoring features. Two areas of interest are the GPS tracking and the instant messaging monitoring features. The GPS tracking features in this app allows for the user to be able to track the place history the target has been and determine if the target has entered places that are out of bounds. This is a very powerful feature of concerned parents and suspicious employers, determining the target phone’s location is a sure fire way to find out if your child is mixing with the wrong company or your employee is moonlighting or selling sensitive information. The instant messaging monitoring function is a great function that is not readily available in most apps. It is a feature more common with premium apps that can cost up to or even over $1000 a year to operate. This feature allows you to monitor messaging apps like WhatsApp and BBM, giving you the information you need to take the next course of action.

This app is applicable for iOS, Android and Blackberry phones, and opens up a large portion of the market available for this app. However, one needs to note that with all these great functions, the question remains whether the app takes up considerable operating resources. For the moment, this app, when installed on a new phone, doesn’t take up much processing speed and would not be easily detected by the unsuspecting target. This covers the second key required for a good app, operating system compatibility. The last key deals with cost and the app costs at $200 for 12 months. This app is definitely a steal!

HelloSpy Review


What makes a great mobile monitoring app? There are many opinions on this matter; some say stealth mode of operation, and others say the amount of data that can be collected from the target phones. Effectively, there are 3 areas that make a good mobile monitoring app. The first is the monitoring features available in the app. We can effectively say that this is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of a great mobile monitoring app. The rational of this is totally unabashedly obvious, there is no point buying or downloading any app that cannot do what you need it to get done. The second is user friendliness. The app must be easy to download, use and compatible to the phone you need to monitor. The last aspect for a great app is cost. No one would pay astronomical amounts of money for an app that monitors people that you trust, or should be trusting, without any effective payback period or deliverable. With this in mind, is the “HelloSpy” app a great app or a mediocre one? Let’s apply these three rules to decide on its review.

In terms of app functionality and features, the “HelloSpy” app boasts of 19 available functions. Though the monitoring of commonly used apps like WhatsApp and Viber chats are counted individually, these functions are not common to other available paying monitoring apps. One feature that stands out is the auto answering of calls, or more accurately defined as ambient sound monitoring. This is not a common feature, even in popular monitoring apps like PhoneSheriff or MobileSpy.

For the second area, this app is compatible to the Android and iOS operating systems. These are the 2 most common phone types out in the market and would effectively cover 80-90% of all phones. In terms of user friendliness, the app uploads all collected data to an online website where the monitoring user is able to access them. Once installed, all incoming and outgoing SMS and calls, current phone location, pictures and internet usage are uploaded allowing the monitoring user to view at their convenience. However, this would require the target phone to be connected to the internet constantly for real time data. Without a large amount of free internet data or access to free Wi-Fi, the jump in internet usage might alert the target phone user.

Lastly, the cost of the app is reasonable. With 5 plans and costing $119 a year, this is affordable and effective. Review of internet sources show that this is a reliable app and worth the money paid for it. It is definitely a good bargain.

Application Addiction


Application addiction is something that has taken over the whole world in the last few years. Developers use this to their advantage by creating such apps that are interactive enough to make people addicted to them, but it is not easy to see how your app is doing somewhere on the other side of the world due to cultural differences.

Which is why the new calculation metric placed under the title of ‘addiction’ is being used at Mixpanel to see which apps are more favored in the international markets of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany and the U.S, based on the number of unique hours spent on using a particular app.

Games are the winners of all the categories that were tested, and these results were consistent in all five countries. 2 unique hours are spent on games each day by 41-45 percent of the people while less than 10 percent spend their whole day (when they aren’t working) playing games. The longest amount of time spent on games is in Germany though, with 1% of the people playing for 12 hours every day.

Social apps, with their interactive capabilities replacing the use of email, are the next biggest category in this list. In the U.S., more than 4 hours a day are spent on social apps by 44% of the people, while 8 hours or more are spent by 8 percent.

Taking the focus to Germany, we see half of the people using social apps for 4-plus hours a day than those in the rest of the countries. This number is only 20% in Germany as opposed to the 44% of the U.S. Social apps, thus, have not become a part of the German lifestyle as greatly as they have in other countries.

In all the four countries except Brazil, another category of famous apps is Health and Fitness. These apps see similar usage in all countries with two to three hours’ worth of daily use. These include apps of various sorts which have different usage patterns, like an exercise app that is used once or twice a day and an app to log meals which will probably be used more.

This survey puts forward some interesting opportunities for the developers. Each country has to potential to promote certain types of apps. For example, the developers focusing on the U.S. markets can work more on messaging apps, seeing the increasing use of social and communication apps like WhatsApp in the U.S.

The 13th largest workforce in Germany provides opportunities to promote more enterprise apps. These apps are being used in Germany from three to five hours a day by 60 percent of the people while 20 percent use them more than 5 hours.

Photo and Video apps are hot in Canada with 25 percent of the people using these apps for more than 4 hours daily.

83 percent of the Brazilian community is addict to music apps, using them for two to three unique hours every day.

The popularity of Ecommerce in Australia suggests the opportunity to make more advertising apps. Australians use these apps for two hours each day, 86 percent of them to be exact. Australians are very accepting towards the idea of digital advertising and one day, digital window shopping might even replace the actual one.

Mobile Spy Vs. mSpy


Spy applications have become popular ones to download onto cell phones; however, the amount that is on offer can be daunting. This is why you need to compare different applications and what they offer. Comparing the market leaders Mobile Spy and mSpy will give you an insight into what is available.

The price is often the first thing that consumers look at when deciding what application to download, and both mSpy and Mobile Spy are considered affordable. mSpy will cost you from $39/59, and Mobile Spy from $100. You do not receive as many features with Mobile Spy, and you need to pay a further $50 to access the account, this means that mSpy is far better value for money.

Customer support is the next element that consumers look at when choosing an app, and here both Mobile Spy and mSpy are similar. You can contact customer support through the live chat or email, or call the companies direct. Both can be contacted day and night, and seven days a week, which is comforting. There is an extensive FAQ on both websites, and the only factor that consumers commented on, was that mSpy was more user-friendly.

The operating systems and compatibility are the next factors that you will want to consider, and both do market their spyware as compatible with any phone. However, you may find fault with this claim as there are operating systems that Mobile Spy does not work on.

This means there are limitations that you need to be aware of before purchasing. mSpy, on the other hand, is compatible with all operating systems, but IPhones will need to be jailbroken to download the app successfully.

Both Mobile Spy and mSpy offer the same features, with small differences, which you can research with ease.  Mobile Spy can accommodate three phones, which is beneficial for some people, and is a massive selling point of this app. If you choose to download the Mobile Spy to your phone, you may lose some of the features.

This may not affect what you want to achieve with the software, however, if you are paying a price, you want the full benefits. There is nothing worse than downloading an app to find that only half of it works. This is why you want to choose an app that fully functions and does not need any other applications.

The licence that is available with Mobile Spy is attractive; however, losing some of the features can be considered an inconvenience. This is why people still continue to choose mSpy as the overall app is effective, and can be used with all phones. There is no further cost and you will feel as if you get your money’s worth with mSpy.

Mobile Tracking

Черн БелThe growing number of mobile apps that monitor activities available in the market are astounding. Immediately, questions abound to what you really need and often miss the mark on what apps are available out there and what you need to take note of. Questions like “How do you decide whether you need just a health monitoring app or a location monitoring app for your wayward son or just an app that tells you where you left your phone?” and “Is having a monitoring app even necessary?” are quickly answered by your intent of having the app in the first place.

With news on new apps gravitating towards health monitoring rather than device or user monitoring, it may seem that the apps that do monitor the phone user are falling out of favour. However, the market for apps that ‘spy’ are increasingly used as tools in preventing loss of proprietary information or saving the life of suicidal teens. Two monitoring apps of interest are ‘Cell Tracker’ and ‘mSpy’. These 2 are up and coming apps that are useful for all your monitoring needs. The 3 things that are of interest are the functions available within the app, the app’s compatibility with different operating software, as well as phone model, and the ability for it to be used anywhere around the world and any telcos.

Cell Tracker is an app that helps you acquire information on the user of a mobile phone it is installed into. It allows you to transform it into the ‘spy’ accessory that it is. Functions in the app allow you to monitor live calls from the target phone, read sms sent out, view call logs and other information like photos that you may be concerned about. The really amazing thing about this app is that you do not need to install it to the target phone, only call it and stay connected for at least 30 seconds. This app boasts to be absolutely legal and is able to be used in all available models and carriers. This meets the 3 criteria that we have stated previously, noting that the app has monitoring functions, is able to be used anywhere and is compatible to all operating systems used by smart devices. However, information on the app’s monitoring activities on app-centric messaging is not available. With a growing population using Watsapp and apps that are similar for communication, tapping into such apps are very important. Another area failed to mention by the developers for this software is the ability to monitor internet access, which is important as that is where people always use. These 2 shortcomings are so serious that it can cripple the sales and acceptance of this software.

The second app reviewed is the mSpy app. This app boasts a call recording function, internet monitoring, Keylogger software, SMS tracking, WhatsApp tracking, recording of the surroundings, GPS tracker and Skype tracking. This app truly covers a wide range of functions that will definitely prove instrumental in any data collection job. This app is able to function with differing platforms, not requiring Telco or manufacturer’s approval. The drawback for this particular app would be the cost of operating the app, the app developers charging $39.99 to $799.95 for 1 to 12 months uses depending on the version of the app. This might put off some buyers;  yet without a doubt, we would choose mSpy for our needs as it has the best functions available in an app of this kind.