Is PhoneSheriff the right option for your tracking requirement?

phonesheriff-reviewsIf you are a parent and are looking for tracking software to keep an eye on your children, then you can check out the application named PhoneSheriff for mobile tracking purpose. This software is available at a very decent rate of $49.97 per year, paying which you can enjoy the standard features of a tracking application. It is better to read the review carefully before you jump on to any decision.
Even business owners can make use of PhoneSheriff by purchasing the Business Package which is available at $199.95 which includes 5 licenses. The application is compatible on number of platforms like Symbian, Android, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android tablets and Windows Mobile 6.x. This is also one of the key features of this app. Let us now have more insights on this tracking app.
If we talk about the basic features of PhoneSheriff, they include:
• Call history record
• SMS tracking
• Access to pictures and videos stored on the device
• Blocking apps
• Monitoring browser history
• GPS tracking
By setting up their own keyword for alerts, this software offers a great flexibility to users. It also has an inbuilt filter using which, you can easily go through the vast entry of logs in seconds. Each and every activity will be monitored once you have installed this app on the targeted device. This tracker will give you varied information like the number to/from which the call was made, the duration of call and the date and time of call. With the help of your online account of PhoneSheriff, you can access all the captured data. Now we will look at the pros and cons of this tracking app.
The way this app represents the data being collected is very advantageous on the user side. The data can be saved in various formats including CVS, XLS or PDF which also makes the data scanning very smooth and fast. The recorded data are encrypted in order to protect it from the access of cybercriminals.
In case the phone is misplaced, you can trigger an alarm in order to reveal its position and if anyone tries to remove the SIM card, you will be notified with an auto generated alert. You also have the feature that allows you to erase all the data or lock the phone from a remote source.
With the help of PhoneSheriff, you can block any number and prevent it from contacting the targeted device. This blocking feature is available for apps or web pages as well. The company provides a comprehensive FAQ and number of user guides available on the website and in case of any problem you can contact the support live via phone, mail or live chat. You can install this app within minutes without any problem.
Although this app offers the GPS feature, which gives updates regarding the device’s location every fifteen minutes. This is not possible in case of Verizon Wireless mobiles. The GPS facility will be rendered useless if the targeted device has its GPS option disabled.
You don’t have any call recording facility in this app. The text messages exchanges via instant messaging services such as Skype or WhatsApp cannot be tracked using this app. The customer support options provided by the company are many but regrettably it is not available 24X7.

MobiStealth Review Guide

  In the world of today, every person, no matter their age or status, is a target for the mobile phones communications media, in one form or another. Parents may be relieved to learn that there is MobiStealth communications media-tracking software available, which enables them to stay informed regarding their children’s communications and whereabouts.  Another aspect is that employers, who want to ensure the efficiency of their employees, can also utilise the MobiStealth information facility.  Adding to this is the advantage of being able to use this software relating to personal issues.

  A primary consideration regarding MobiStealth, or any form of surveillance related concerning tracking software, is the question of legality in usage issues. This software is regarded as having the capabilities of serving the purposes for which it was designed, without any indication of its presence. Perceived main benefits of the MobiStealth are a “Spy Call” feature, call recording facility, location tracking and a phone directory monitoring process.

  “Spy Cal” allows for the tapping of any live phone call and notification from the software when a call is being made. If the software user is not present when the call is made, the recording feature automatically starts operating. It will then store the conversation for the user to play-back at a later and convenient time.

  The location recording and tracking facilities provide what could be regarded as an extra pair of eyes and ears, for observing the location of a subject. It is also possible for a user to listen to the ambient surroundings. Phone calls can be recorded, played back and the location in real time is given with a complete location history. This software allows a user to access any SMS sent and received from and to a phone, alongside complete text and Internet history, with all the vital details included such as contact number and text frequency. However, emails cannot be read with this software.

  MobiStealth comes in 3 versions, Lite, Pro or Pro-X. Only Pro-X comes with call recording, and the Lite version only includes basic location and text logging.

MobiStealth Download

Phone Surveillance: Mobile Spy Review

 Mobile Spy is a phone tracking and surveillance software package to help users keep informed over the actions of determined phone target. This Mobile Spy review outlines the features and benefits of the software.

  When compared to other spy facilities, Mobile Spy does not include every feature and could be considered less comprehensive. However, it does include the most important surveillance features; for example, direct SMS recording plus sender/recipient information, GPS tracking, call logging, social media coverage, website history and phone media storage access. Most other mobile internet actions can be recorded, such as email applications, YouTube activity and internet message service recording.

  Overall, a user will receive the most important features, found in a lightweight package at a very competitive price. It is an advantage for first-time surveillance operatives who have less demanding requirements. In addition, a consumer will receive the well-established computer surveillance software, Sniper Spy, on payment of a subscription for one year. Although, various other advantages relating to calling are provided, such as dialed numbers and call durations; one feature not included is live call monitoring,

  The Mobile Spy review control panel is an attractive and well laid-out menu interface which permits overall user control from one facility. This includes a live phone screen for general real time tracking, and options to control or lock the phone remotely. The control panel is user friendly and could be considered a benefit for beginners.

  Mobile Spy is easy and convenient to set up. An account is registered online and the software is installed to the user phone through the web browser. Login is then made from the Mobile Spy platform, to which all monitoring information is directed. It is important to specify the internet connection for uploading data on the phone itself during set-up. Once set-up, all recorded data can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet browser.

  The conclusion of this Mobile Spy review: a reasonable application for basic users who want a simple interface, though not as feature-rich as other applications.


StealthGenie: One of the Preferred Mobile Spying Companies

stealthgenie-android-spy-softwareWith the advancement in the field of technology, you can now locate your loved ones or keep an eye on your kids or even your employees with the help of mobile tracking software. You can term it spying, sneaking or anything; but such software apps can be very useful for emergencies and truth detection. There are numerous spying software products available in the market and each one has its own special features to offer. You need to do a bit of research about various apps in order to pick the one that meets all your requirements.

One such phone tracking software available is StealthGenie, which is very popular among users. With the help of this software, you can easily monitor the activities on someone else’s phone after installing it on the targeted device. You can use this application to ensure that your partner is not cheating on you or to know what your kids are up to. There are number of ethical uses of this software and it is advisable not to use this for illegal purposes. We will now look at the features of StealthGenie application in more detail.

PRICE: You will find that the price of this software is less in comparison to other such applications. You should also note that StealthGenie does not offer all the functions; rather you can have the benefit of using the basic ones on this application. If you are looking for full option package that will include various features like call log history, access to memory and many more, then you should check other mobile application.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: This Company does not provide the best customer support; but gives an average level support. The customer gets an access to the FAQ, brief how-to and a limited chat option which has automatic answers. If there is some serious issue concerning the software, then you have to get the solution on you own. The performance of StealthGenie is limited to few platforms – Blackberry, iPhone and Android, missing many other platforms. 

INSTALLING PROCESS: The requirement of a tracking code before installation makes the installing process a bit complicated. You need to access the targeted phone more than twice which makes the process lengthy and time consuming. There can be certain problems if you are looking to use this app anonymously. While checking the app, we found it to be smooth for the use of parents and monitoring employees. It has many limited features which is the reason for it being so cheap.

Positive StealthGenie Features: If we sum up the positive aspects of this software, they include:

  • Quick registration
  • Low price
  • Easy access from remote PC
  • Basic tracking functions

Negative StealthGenie Features: The negative features of this software make its popularity vulnerable:

  • Tracking options are limited
  • Customer support not up to the mark
  • Mobile platform compatibility rate is very low
  • Installation process is a bit complicated

KEY FEATURES: If you look at the overall performance of the app, then you will find these features noteworthy:

Tracking phone calls
SMS monitoring
Access from PC
Record of browser history
GPS location
Compatible with Android, Blackberry, iPhone

FlexiSpy – to buy or not to buy?

imagesFlexiSpy has served numerous purposes worldwide and it comes with multiple features of spying under an exclusive platform. The company is new, but in a short span of time, it has gained confidence of many people globally. It can help in viewing GPS details, text messages, social media activities, call logs, recordings and much more. There are live demonstrations available online to review detailed logs whenever and wherever you desire. These online illustrations are very essential for the customers to know about how things work and the features of FlexiSpy Company. It has become easy to spy on iDevices, BlackBerry phones, Androids and even some Symbian phones. The working of smartphone monitoring software apps is really simple.

Control panel of FlexiSpy is very easy to monitor and you can get all the details about smartphone on this medium. You can purchase the plan online and get all the benefits enlisted on the website. FlexiSpy Company is from Wilmington, the USA, and it specializes in designing and development of professionally used spying software. The company is new, but it has attained reputed credentials. There are regular updates made on the technological aspect of this company.

Features offered by FlexiSpy

Call logs, interception and recording
Email logs
SMS logs,
GPS tracking
Surround recording
Multimedia message logs
SMS filtering
Sim change notification
Email Relay
Key logging
Incoming email filtering
IM chats
Incoming SMS/MMS Blocking
Unlimited device change options
WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and other software changes


FlexiSpy is acclaimed to illegally endorse their mobile spy application. People have reported that their spoofing tools are not appropriate and they pretend the calls and SMS to be device user. Spoofing is available only in higher version of this mobile spy software. Call intercepting function requires facility of conferencing activated for recording the calls. Automated call recordings is feasible only for GSM phones and not any other version.

FlexiSpy doesn’t have big drawbacks, but they give unconditional money back guarantee, which overcomes all the disadvantages. In case, you are dissatisfied with the services, you can get your money back without any second question. It is indeed a feature not even given by best service providers in the industry.

Customer Support

FlexiSpy gives all the options for contacting them. It gives online support, special support page, forums, live chat, news, FAQ section and telephonic help from technical support. It gives all the help for your needs and clarifications regarding the available plans or issues regarding mobile devices. The waiting time is the main complaint given by majority of people dealing with FlexiSpy software.


FlexiSpy is compatible with iOS, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry devices. It is used for a variety of platforms and you can associate it with flexible options for spying.

Protect your Dears from Internet Threats


The boundary between advantages of internet and disadvantages is quite vague; especially when it comes to kids and teenage boys and girls, it is very difficult for parents to provide their kids internet access and keep an eye on them. Today, almost every kid and teenager owns a phone (mostly Smartphone) and in some cases they own more than one device. Technology is very advanced now and day and it is very important for kids to know and learn about these technologies especially communication industry. But as a concerned parent, how can you allow your kids to use internet without facing any harmful situation and events?

There are lots of cyber threats around us; potential hackers get personal information from our social media profile. Especially kids are not aware of this thing and they post their personal and confidential information on some social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Child abusers use social media to contact kids and this is the worst case scenario but not surprising to hear.

When it comes to parenting, nothing is easy. You can download different computer programs and mobile phone apps on your kid’s phone, tablet or laptop in order to keep an eye on him. There is one disadvantage of these software and apps. They are difficult to install and setup for parents who don’t have prior knowledge of these kinds of computer programs. But mSpy solved this problem because anyone can use this app and control the relevant devices from anywhere via web portals. Let’s break down all information and features of mSpy in digestible pieces.

To keep an eye on your kids all the time, you just have to install mSpy on their phone or tablet. All you need is 5 minutes physical access to their devices and you can install this app easily. Once installed, you don’t need physical access to those devices again in order to get information. The best part is, mSpy works in Stealth Mode which makes it completely hidden on target phone. So, you don’t have to worry about pop ups or any type of notification from this app. Remember, you certainly should maintain your trust with kids but it is far more important to keep them safe from outside world.

With mSpy, you can see the contacts information and call logs of the targeted devices. This way you can see whom your kid is calling and who is calling you kid. You can also record those calls if you want. Same goes for messages, not only you can see the sender name and number but you can also see the contents of message. You can also keep an eye on sent and received emails and social media activities. You can read IM messages too, for example from Skype and WhatsApp etc. mSpy app allows you to listen to surrounding of device without notifying the actual user. You can do lot of other things too. And the best part is, you don’t need physical access to the device to perform these features, you can do that remotely with web portal and secure login.

mSpy Application Review


mSpy is a revolutionary app and service which allows parents to keep an eye on their kids’ activities all the time without compromising their freedom, it allows employers to keep their businesses secure by knowing the suspicious activities of their employees if they are leaking confidential information to other people. Developers created this service and app for above mentioned purposes but apparently people re more creative then the company and they are using mSpy for other purposes too. For example many people use mSpy as an anti-theft app so they can track the device (and thief) in case their phone or tablet gets stolen or lost.

Unlike other apps and service used for same purpose, mSpy is very easy to install and setup. You don’t need prior knowledge and you can do that easily without any mess. If you still find it hard to use mSpy then you can get their customer support service which guides you step by step. There are many questions people ask because they doubt the effectiveness and efficiency of this app. Let’s talk about those frequently asked questions.

How mSpy helps parents and employers?

mSpy is the ultimate solution of all internet threats present today. Parents can use mSpy to know the activities of their kids. They can easily know who their kids are talking too and what they are talking about. This way, parents can protect their kids from strangers especially from offenders who usually get their victims from social media platforms. Parents can easily know about if their kids are using drugs or they have friends who use drugs.

On the other hand, employers can know the activities of their employees. It is possible that rival companies and organizations tries to get the confidential information and critical data which might harm your business integrity and reputation. With mSpy you can get know about everything happening related to your business and company.

What can mSpy do?

MSpy allows you to know about call logs, messages sent and received emails, IMs services, social media platforms activities and many other things. You can even listen to phone calls dialed and received from the target phone. You can read the message contents. You can get the location of the target device as well as previous GPS history. With mSpy you can even listen to the surrounding of the device.

How can I use mSpy on a device?

You need five minute physical access to the target device to install mSpy on that phone or tablet. Then you can easily configure all the settings from web portals. You need ID and password in order to get access to the control panel (web portal). You will get all information (calls log, messages etc.) from that control panel.

Which devices are supported by mSpy?

Currently mSpy supports Android devices with version 2.2 or later, iOS devices with iOS version 5.1.1 or later and BlackBerry devices lower than 10 series. MSpy works in stealth mode in all those devices so you don’t have to worry about discovery of this app.

Spyera Application Review

logoThere are many mobile phone monitoring apps that claim to deliver the features needed by users to be indispensable in the arsenal of mobile apps. One such app is Spyera. This is an app that is relatively on the sidelines and has not gained the public’s attention unlike more popular apps, apps such as mSpy. Yet what does Spyera provide that other mobile monitoring apps do not? Are the features vastly different? This short review attempts to at least skim over such topics, determining if there are any areas that Spyera does differently. The features that the review is looking out for in particular are the functions available in the app and whether the cost for owning such an app is justified. With most mobile monitoring apps coming in buck-a-day plans, the cost of having such an app can run high if users do not get the features and app support that they need.

The outstanding thing about Spyera is that it has a significant amount of features. Features such as live call listening, ambient noise recording, password grabber and even an “Alert Wizard” are some of the interesting functions available in the app. Monitoring apps with live call listening are rare to say the least and those that do, very few are able to deliver good quality call tapping service. The bench mark for this feature would be mSpy’s call monitoring system, a system that has proven itself reliable and crystal clear in quality. Spyera does meet expectations as compared to the better known app as well as others in the market.  Other interesting features like ambient noise recording are starting to gain popularity and, no doubt, Spyera does attempt to follow suit. The issue with ambient noise recording is not the programming of recording itself but the quality of recording available. Most apps do not allow for the filtering of noise from the recording to obtain actual usable recordings. Spyera, unfortunately, doesn’t allow you to filter unwanted noise from the target phone’s recordings. The most unique function available is the “Alert Wizard”. This feature allows for the user to program the app to determine if the current phone operations are reaching or over shot certain criterias. This is an incredibly powerful function as the app can serve to provide a check to the target phone’s internet usage, preventing owners from receiving a rude shock when receiving the monthly bill. Other features not found in more basic monitoring apps are device change notifications and remote uninstall. These features mentioned do set this app apart from most competition.

Spyera does deliver in all these areas sufficiently well for a more obscure app but it does not have the 24 hour service to ensure that the app is working swimmingly. With a price tag of $389 per year, it does seem like a good buy. But without 24 hour support, spending such a large amount of money on this app doesn’t seem like a good plan. Additionally, the app doesn’t allow you to do a trial run, making such an investment an even bleaker prospect.