Spy Software for iPhone Without Jailbreaking

iphone with jailbreaking

The world of smartphones has extended its reach to children and teenagers as well in modern times. Young children and teenagers use more mobile phones that many adults do these days. While this helps them stay up to date with the world and be connected with their friends and family, it also endangers them in many ways. Online predators today target unsuspecting children which is a reason why parents worry about their children’s safety so much. Continue reading

Comparison of Apps – PhoneSheriff vs mSpy

phonesheriff vs mspy comparison

Children and teenagers always want the newest things. The newest toys, the newest clothes and the newest technology, which is why smartphones are so popular among kids these days. They use their phone to text or call their friends, to browse the internet, and to play games. They want the newest models with the latest features and parents more often than not, comply to purchase them. But, without proper cellphone education, children may misuse their phones, or even lose them. This also leads them to become victims of cyber-bullying and other crimes. Continue reading

How to Select the Best Tracking Application?

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General Info

If you have decided that you are in need of a monitoring app, for business use or as a parental control, then you are fully aware that the decision making process can involve a lot of technical jargon, and marketing gimmicks intended to squeeze you for your cash, and even your persona information. Having clear app requirements can help you settle on the app that is best suited for you. Continue reading

PhoneSheriff Vs. WebWatcher Mobile

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Mobile apps that monitor its user’s usage patterns are becoming something of a norm in today’s world of hyper connectivity. They range from the extremely creepy apps to that of definite practical usage. Possible usages of such tracking apps are diverse and it can range from parental control and lost phone tracking services to the monitoring of your employee phone activities. It can be disconcerting trying to work out the apps that are available as well as practical, not to mention legal. To help you with this, we have decided to compare two promising apps that will improve, without a doubt, your life. Continue reading

Mobile Monitoring Applications Compared

mobile phone tracking application

Whether you are a business owner or a frightened parent, there is a mobile monitoring app out there for you. Confused? Mobile monitoring apps really aren’t as ambiguous as they sound. If you are a business owner, this app will allow you to monitor company-distributed phones that were given to your employees to ensure that they are maintaining maximum output with their time.  If you are a parent, a mobile monitoring app will allow you to make sure that your kids aren’t getting into any trouble that you would want to protect them from. Continue reading

Protecting Your Mobile Phone from Thieves by Spyware

mobile phone thieft

Our mobile phones are becoming more hi-tech with every passing day. As a result, they are also becoming much more expensive. We think nothing of carrying around a cell phone worth a couple of hundred bucks and even less about the value of the information that is contained within them. It might include sensitive data like banking details or personal information which could result in identity theft. Our phones are now a far more attractive target for thieves than ever before. It is becoming increasingly more important for us to protect ourselves against mobile phone theft. Check out our tips to protect your phone and your personal data. Continue reading

It’s Time To Tackle Texting & Walking!

texting while walking

We hear all the time about the dangers of texting or calling someone while driving a car, but did you know that many text related road accidents are not actually caused by drivers, but by people who are texting and walking! An increasing number of teens (and even some adults) are becoming involved in car accidents because they are looking at their cell phone instead of paying attention when crossing busy roads. A recent study by Stony Brook University discovered that when texting and walking people were more than 60% more likely to veer off course and were prone to walking about 13% further than intended! Continue reading