How to Prevent the Loss of Confidential Company’s Data

As the development of new technology keeps on without showing any signs of slowing down, it seems that those citizens who are of villainous affiliation are also adjusting to up to date technology, and the riches it can produce. Information is crucial to most companies, nevertheless, more corporations than ever before are befalling to data and information theft, or attempted records theft.


Information thefts appear to be in the news bulletins a lot recently, and it concerns companies and even governments across the globe, as information becomes more precious than ever. The expense of records theft can cost industry millions of dollars since it can have an effect on thousands of individuals and transactions.

Data theft takes place when felons acquire unlawful access to a mainframe system, and this permits them to steal info and data from the company’s database. The info stolen is normally confidential documents concerning customer info, for instance their names, addresses, contact numbers and most significantly their credit card particulars. Supplementary info that can be of use to the lawbreakers is the client’s user ID, code word and social security info. As soon as the criminals get a hold of this kind of info, identity fraud is then just a matter of time.

 The methods of data theft

The theft of data will not persist for an indeterminate phase of time, and this is owing to the reality that any business that has a competent IT crew, will notice the violation in due course. There are a number of methods you can use in order to recognize the signs of a possible data disclosure, and these comprise detecting a sizeable amount of emails are being forwarded from your business to a different email address. These emails may possibly hold huge numbers of classified info, and they will be used by the criminals in order to make money.

An additional indication to look out for is frequent computer failure or variations in the functioning of your PC network. There may possibly be an innocuous reason to this; nevertheless, it could also be a warning that there are unrelenting efforts to log on to your computer network by the use of hacking or computer viruses.

If you detect that a quantity of your classified info has swiftly materialized in the public domain, data that is only accessible from within your computer network, then this is a conclusive sign that you have had a security infringement and your business records are available for all to see.

The methods to keep fraudsters away

Firewalls and passwords are usually the methods used to keep outsiders away from the sensitive documents stored on your mainframe. However, what can you do to prevent people from within your own company from stealing info and passing it on? The answer is not much; however, you can get help to spot unscrupulous employees that are passing on info to other companies, thanks to PC and cell phone spying software. These handy programs, allow you to gain access to all of the data that you need in order to prove that an employee is being less than honest. By downloading a cell phone spying app on to the cell phones your company provides your employees, you can get access to call logs, emails text messages and even photos and videos sent.

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Do not Underestimate the Dangers of Instant Messaging

1082183Instant messaging is more popular than ever before, and this is due in no small part to the seemingly endless ways in which people can communicate. There seems to be a plethora of instant messaging apps that can be downloaded onto smart phones and tablet computers, and the majority of them are free too. This has meant that there has been a noticeable drop in the number of text messages being sent, as people look to find cheaper alternatives.

There are a number of instant messaging apps available across many of the smartphone operating systems, such as BlackBerry, Android and iOS, and it was BlackBerry Messenger that seemed to ignite interest in instant messaging apps among the general public. Now there is Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat and many other instant messaging apps out there to download.

However, this range of instant messaging apps is not all good news, with online security very much in the news at the moment, there is concern that these instant messaging services are leaving people, and particularly young children and teens, vulnerable to abuse by online predators and cyber bullies.

 Cyber Bullying

Very much in the news at the moment, due to some unfortunate and tragic deaths of teenagers who have fallen victim to cyber bullying recently, and there is an ever growing concern that the problem of cyber bullying is getting worse. As a parent, it is imperative that you sit your child down and explain to them the dangers of sharing too much information online, and that if they feel that there is someone sending them distasteful or harmful messages, that they should let you know right away. Explain to them the importance of making sure that their security and privacy settings are strict enough in order to limit the kind of information that is freely available to anyone.

Stranger Danger

Being told not to talk to strangers was advice that all of us got from their parents, school teachers and police officers as were growing up, however, the dangers associated with talking to strangers in the street is slowly being replaced by the fear of online strangers. With so many ways to communicate these days, it is getting harder and harder for parents to keep track of their child’s social activities, and it could be a case that they are communicating with someone they shouldn’t.

That is why cell phone trackers are becoming more popular, especially amongst parents, as they feel that there is a greater risk of their children getting preyed on by online criminals and pedophiles. A cell phone spying app is downloaded on to the child’s smartphone, where it runs undetected in the background, and conveys the info relating to the phone’s usage to a website. Once logged in, the concerned parent can then gain access to such things as call logs, text messages, email and instant messaging apps. That way they can spot the signs that their child might be in danger, a lot quicker than just relying on their child telling them in the first place.

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Monitor Your Kids’ and Employees’ Activities with Ease

e53727871e26dc70c77708cd60489372Cell phone spying software is becoming big business, as more and more people start to see the benefits of installing it onto their cell phones, as well as the cell phones of their children, partners or employees.

Whether you are a parent concerned about what their child is using their cell phone for, or someone who is worried that their partner or spouse is having an affair, to a business owner who wants to keep track of their employees out of the office activities, cell phone spying apps have many uses.

 Cell phone spying apps
Cell phone spying apps have caught the public’s imagination in a way that has surprised many people in the security industry. Whereas before, this sort of technology was the preserve of government security forces, such as the CIA or NSA, now the public can use the same technology in order to protect, not only their own cell phone, but also the phones belonging to their families also.


Of course, cell phone spyware apps have a lot more to them than just being able to track your cell phone, should it become lost or stolen, one of the main uses for the technology, is for people to spy on the content of the cell phones of their loved ones. Parents who have concerns about what their children are up to online, cell phone spy apps, such as the one offered by mSpy, are an invaluable resource.

Reasons why people use spy apps
Cell phone spy apps are a way in which parents can track the movements of their children, as the software records GPS location data, and stores it in the online account of subscriber, allowing them instant access to the whereabouts of their child’s phone.

Another reason why, parents would want to install cell phone spyware is to make sure that their child is not communicating with people they shouldn’t. Children love communicating with their friends, be through text messaging or by using one of their favourite social networks, however, there is an ever present danger that they maybe communicating with someone who is pretending to be a child in order to meet up with them. By installing the cell phone spying software on to their cell phone, you will have instant access to all of the messages either sent or received on the phone across several platforms, including, SMS, email, instant messaging sites and social networking sites.

Not only will you be able to view messages sent and received, you will also have access to web history and apps downloaded, so if your partner has been window shopping for a new partner on an internet dating or sex contacts site, then you will know about it. However, if they deny any such action taking place, and you still have your doubts, then installing a cell phone spy app will provide you with all the answers.

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Zones of Risk at a Workplace

imagefeeMajor problems of modern business

One of the major problems that modern day business owners face is the leaking or theft of confidential company information. Data theft is costing companies around the globe, millions in lost revenue, as well as that it is quite possible for a company who have invented a new product, to have that products details stolen from them by another company.

With strong firewalls in place, it is getting more and more difficult for hackers to infiltrate a company’s computer network, and so they have to find ever more ingenious ways in which to get hold of the information.

Industrial espionage is becoming a big problem, especially within big businesses, and there are two ways in which one company can infiltrate another. The first way, is to get one of their employees into the target company by getting them to apply for a job there, the other way is to make contact with an employee who already works at the firm, and pay them to pass on sensitive information.

Possible ways out
One of the ways in which business owners can prevent the passing on of sensitive information, is to install cell phone spying software onto the phones of their employees. Now we do not mean the employees own personal phone, we mean any phones that the company provide for their employees to use for work purposes only.

By installing cell phone spying software onto the cell phones that they provide to their employees, they can set up the software to notify them of any potential breaches in the security of their data. Alerts can be set up to notify a business manager of certain keywords being mentioned in SMS and email messages for example, as well as allowing access to all communications that the phone has either received or originated.

Ethically, there are concerns that these kinds of cell phone spying apps are an invasion of worker privacy, and they have a valid point. However, business owners often suggest that if the worker does not have anything to hide, then they have nothing to worry about. Cold comfort to those people who feel that they are being monitored 24/7 perhaps, however, in the business world, data breaches can be costly, and workers can suffer as a result of a company losing out on a big order, or by having one of their new product lines usurped by a rival. So maybe it is in everyone’s best interest to go along with the monitoring of company cell phones.

Legally, it is probably a good idea to inform employees, that the cell phones provided by the company have cell phone spy software installed. They may not like the idea, but it is better that they are forewarned rather than finding out some other way, and making a legal fuss over it.

In a world where data is becoming more valuable than ever before, it makes sense to have a warning system in place to alert you to the possibilities of data theft, and cell phone spying apps are an inexpensive way of doing that.

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What to Consider When Selecting Spy Software

There comes a time when employers, parents, and even spouses decide that there is a need for monitoring the smartphone usage of those that work for them or those they love. The purchase and installation of a tracking or spy software program is a great way to monitor phone usage and activities without detection. If you have made the decision that it is time for you to start doing such a thing, then you need to consider a few things before you choose a spy or tracking software like mSpy.



 Out of Pocket Expenses

 In the day and age of extremely tight budgets, when you are looking around for spy software you need to take into consideration what you can afford. What your budget is, may or may not, have a bearing on what type of software you can get. Many software programs have a set fee for all personal phones or home usage, whereas companies require putting the software on multiple phones, not just one individual. These subscriptions can run from $49.00 for personal usage to $350/6-month for the smartphones of five employees.

 Smartphone Monitoring

 The main reason that you are purchasing and installing spy or tracking software on any smartphone is the monitor how the phone is used. You want to find what features you can monitor on the cellphone. Features should allow tracking of call logs, text messages, and web browsing history, stored contents, and GPS location. Other things to track include the contacts list and calendar. By having the ability to monitor all of these different features of the phone you can determine if someone is contacting individuals, or websites, that they should not have access to with that phone.

 Smartphone Controls or Limits on Usage

 Monitoring a smartphone only does so much if you cannot limit or control usage. If upon monitoring the phone you discover your child is accessing websites or applications that are not appropriate, you need to be able to delete and/or block these from the phone. Controls also allow you the ability to block pornographic and online gambling sites that are not appropriate for either your kids, or your employees to be accessing on a work phone.

 Technical Support

 Even if you never need it, it is important to know that you have customer service available 24/7 to help you with any problems or questions that may arise with your chosen spy software. It is important to know that, if you have an issue, you do not have to try to fix the problem on your own, that someone is there to assist you through either a phone call, email, or even a live chat.

 Getting a great spy, or tracking, software requires a bit of thinking before you commit to one. Make sure you find out what you can monitor, what you can control, how much it costs monthly, and if they offer technical support. Taking all of these into consideration will help you get the best software available to monitor your kids, employees, or spouse’s smartphones. 

mSpy software gets enriched with a new keylogger feature

images (3)

Your child browses the Internet round the clock? Your spouse doesn’t let you view chat correspondence? Your employee uses non-business related applications? Isn’t it better to get the access to all these things? When it comes to phone tracking there appeared a reliable solution, keylogger, that will secretly provide you with the detailed data on all keystrokes made on the phone.

mSpy is proud to present a release of its new Keylogger feature. The program monitors and logs each keystroke that a user inputs into his cell phone providing the customer with a detailed report delivered to password-protected Control Panel.

The Keylogger runs invisibly in the background of the phone and can be used for various situations that you otherwise have no control over. Here are just a few of the Keylogger features you will benefit from:

Used applications, work duration, keystrokes, Internet browsing history;
View your child’s social networking, such as Facebook, Google Plus;

Read Emails sent on the monitored phone;
Monitor chat conversations:
-Facebook Messenger;

Keylogger is a great tool for parents who want to monitor messages their children send and what applications they run. It is a perfect solution to collect any login data of your spouse that will alert in case of upcoming problem and help the user dealing with it. You can see what web sites have been visited in your absence and view any chat conversations that have taken place.

Another point of using Keylogger is that it can raise productivity of office employees. You can use the program to track what applications they are run, what websites they visit at the expense of the working time. You may inform your employees that they are being monitored or run the program stealthily.

It is not always enough to know about the apps installed on the target device. With Keylogger it will be possible to record login data, search phrases, chat conversations, text   messages, and other data that will help you clarify real intentions of your target.

Keylogger is compatible with Android platform only, capturing text typed in any application, web page visited, e-mail correspondence and chats on the target device. After the installation onto the target phone Keylogger will capture keystrokes and transmit the information to the user-friendly Control Panel. The Keylogger can be used absolutely without a risk of being exposed. While the program is active, it is almost impossible to notice or terminate it.

About mSpy
mSpy is a leading global provider of cell phone tracking software. The company is growing fast and has thousands of customers in over 150 countries, ranging from individuals to large companies. For more information, please visit

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Surviving Lost Phone Syndrome!

Have you ever lost your smartphone? It sort of feels like losing a limb, right? We understand, we have been there and that is why we are dedicated to helping people get over lost phone syndrome! It may seem like a bit of an over reaction, but we have become so dependent on mobile phones that their loss certainly causes emotional and mental distress. In fact, for those of us who use our smartphones to access financial information or sensitive business data, losing our phones can actually cause major problems.


Our phones are used for so much more than just making calls these days. We store our contacts, schedule appointments, make purchases, do our banking, take photographs and so much more.  It is not a stretch to say that we live our lives through those little hand-held computers and that is why losing them hurts! If you do not make an effort to protect your information and to recover your phone, it could well lead to a whole host of problems including identity theft, fraud and other issues.


Three Tips For Avoiding Additional Problems


The good news is that you can avoid this. Allow us to share with you three simple tips to help you make sure that a lost or stolen phone does not lead to much bigger problems.

1. It is important for all smartphone owners to take steps to protect the information stored on their devices. The easiest way to get stared is to implement password protection. Use a strong password which is difficult to guess, and make sure that you avoid using automatic password management as this can be used to access your information.

2. It is also important to create a secure backup of the information stored on your phone. This means that that data is not lost along with the phone and you can wipe the phone remotely without worrying about destroying your data. The secure back up should also be password protected using the advice given in tip number one!

3. The most comprehensive protection comes from installing mobile phone monitoring software on your smartphone. This can cover a number of aspects of security. Not only will it automatically create backups of your data, but you can also use GPS tracking to locate the phone and if needs be you can send remote commands to destroy all information stored on the phone.


We rely on our mobile phones and we need to be realistic about the importance of securing the data stored on it. Loss and theft of mobile devices is all too common and it is not something that can be ignored. Your entire life is in your pocket, and you would be devastated if it was lost, even more so if the information fell into the wrong hands and was used against you. Now is the perfect time for you to consider securing your mobile phone with the help of phone monitoring software  which is available for most phone models and operating systems including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Gifting a Child with the First Phone: Keeping it Monitored First

Planning on gifting your child with a smartphone, or buying them one just because they would not stop asking and requesting for one? Well, no matter what the cause is, most children these days have smart phones as their first phones, and parents cannot really help avoiding that to purchase for them.


There are obviously number of brands with numerous models to choose from, considering the features and prices. Well, the product to purchase can be determined by negotiating with your child considering the specifications and budget, but with a smart phone, parents buy headache too!


Like mentioned in the previous paragraph, with a cutting-edge smart phone, parents actually invite in a lot of things to worry about. While smart phones do ease up communication and many other things, it actually eases it up too much for children who do not know what dreadful things can be out there, in disguise. The increase of exploiting contents and incidents in the recent times makes parents even more worried. Since a smart phone isolates the children, and allows them to access websites, play games and connect through social network totally being unwary to their parents, the risk only increase. Gone are the days of keeping an eye on the computer and internet usage of the children. Children, with their natural tendency to be curious of unknown things and to meet new “interesting” people, may often fall victims of any online scams, sexual or other objectionable incidents, that may scar their minds and lives forever. Before things get out of the grip, parents should intervene, in a “smart way”!


Since the phone claims it to be “smart”, the parents should also be the same in parenting. There are monitoring apps available for smart phones and gadgets for parents to see each and every activity their children are doing through their smart phones, without letting them know. With phone monitoring software  installed, parents now can get all the information of the usage, connectivity and other activity their children are doing through their smart phones. Like, for example, with phone tracking app installed in the parents phones, with only a call, they can start tracking the location of their children, the IMs, emails and texts, the online browsing history, the social media and other apps’ usage, files stored in the phone and what not! Now, with the help of these services, parents will know what is going on in their children’s lives, and can interfere when they think it is needed before it is too late. Many people have been raising questions about such software and the privacy concerned, but all these become obsolete when we are talking about the children and their safety. Since parents cannot deprive them of having a smart phone, the least they can do is watch them over, the way the situation demands.