Monitor your Child’s Driving Habits


The most difficult time in parents’ life is when their children hit teenage. Teenagers tend to ask for a certain level of independence that parents are not always comfortable with providing, being careful about their children’s safety and health. But keeping teenagers restricted mostly leads to aggression which does not end well either for the child or for the parents.

This is the age when children start to ask for their personal space. They need their own mobile phones and they don’t like it when parents start snooping around trying to find out what their child is doing. Another major concern of this age is driving. Teenagers can’t wait to be old enough to legally drive and when they do, they can be very reckless.

The worst scenario is when teenagers start using their smartphones while driving. Texting while driving has proven fatal for teenagers a lot of times, and is a definite reason for parents to worry. Talking to your children and trying to make them understand the risks is good, but that doesn’t always sit well with the teens’ idea of freedom.

If you are a parent who is concerned about the safety of their child while on the road, you would love what the Canary teen safety app has to offer.

The app has been specifically designed to monitor your child’s smartphone while they drive, in order to make sure that they are abiding by the rules. Available for both Android and iPhone, Canary provides a simple solution to all your worries.

What Can It Do?

The app is designed to send you a text message or even call you when one of the following conditions is met:

  • Your child unlocks or activates the phone while at a speed of 12 miles an hour or more.
  • A text message or a call is made from the phone at more than 12 miles an hour.
  • Your child, and consequently the phone, is moving at a speed higher than the posted limit.
  • Your child leaves the boundaries of the areas you have defined.
  • Curfew is broken.
  • The app is disabled on the target phone.

How Does It Work?

Canary makes use of the phones’ GPS chips and their accelerometers to determine the location of the phone and the speed at which they are moving in real time. Unlike other apps that provide similar functions, Canary does not lock the phone completely so that your child can’t use it at all while driving, thus giving the children a sense of freedom and complete responsibility for their actions.

The app can be tried for free for a week after which you have to pay $7.99 a month for subscription. If you have a large family and want to keep a check on multiple teens, the app allows you to include unlimited phone numbers under the same account. Another positive step that 52apps, the makers of Canary, have taken is that some of the funds that they generate from the app are to be used for special education programs related to the risks of driving irresponsibly.

If you are a parent who worries about the dangers that their child might get into while driving irresponsibly, then this app may very well be what you are looking for. It takes the conventional idea of monitoring and turns it into something that can potentially save your child’s life while also keeping you at peace.

This application helps couples be at ease


Sometimes it so happens that you start having doubtful thoughts about your life partner’s activities when they are away from home. This may be due to many reasons including coming home late, going out too often or even long phone calls. Whatever the reason, you would love to know for sure what they are up to, and a new smartphone app specially designed for this purpose is here to help.

mSpy has been in among the top apps for monitoring smartphones for years now, and the developers at mSpy have just released a new app aimed at couples by the name of mCouple. With mCouple, you can tap into any and every activity your spouse performs on their phone and can either confront them about something suspicious or have the peace of mind you deserve by knowing that nothing is wrong.

Functions of mCouple:

  • Partners can see each other’s text messages and call logs.
  • It allows one to see their partner’s contact lists as well.
  • You can use GPS tracking to know the location of your spouse.
  • It can even give you real-time access to Facebook messages.

This app is designed to be used by couples with a mutual consent and understanding. The developers have stressed all users to gain their partner’s consent before installing this app on their iOS or Android smartphone because covert spying on smartphones has been deemed illegal.

How Does It Work?

Once the app is installed on a phone, it goes into a stealth mode which hides it from the app catalogue. Its functioning is the same as the encryption locker apps that can be found in major app stores. These encryption lockers can be used to hide personal data and they can be hidden from the phone’s application list.

mCouple hides itself in a similar way and starts collecting virtually every bit of information from the phone and stores it all in an online account which the suspicious person can access any time. All the information is shown on a dashboard that has app usage statistics in a chart and the location history in the form of a map.

It is up to the subscriber of the service to choose how often the app should sync the data with the online servers. The data is synced every 30 minutes if the default automatic sync option is chosen.

The application is free to download and install, but actually using it will cost $39 per month. After installation, users are provided with a free ID that can be shared with one’s partner if they want to mutually track each other.

mCouple is a very effective application for those who are having second thoughts about their partner’s loyalty. It can also be used by parents who want to keep an eye on their children but mainly the mutual tracking option is aimed at couples. This can be a very healthy and positive way of keeping one’s partner free of doubt by giving them your consent to track your smartphone usage and, as the user comments and reviews suggest, this app has kept many people safe from bad breakups and also put others’ minds and doubts at ease.

New mSpy Features


The award winning personal monitoring app is back and with newer features! If you think mSpy couldn’t get any better, think again. The app’s phone monitoring system has been improved tremendously with the many new features included, features like using the app to restrict certain callers or calls made to the phone and even a report generating option. This definitely justifies a high price on the app, but with the actual app costing less than a dollar a day, it is a definite buy. The following list will substantiate why it is and if that truly is the case.

The first new feature that we discovered within the new and improved app significantly improves the app’s call monitoring effectiveness. The mSpy app now allows the phone monitor to access the time used by the target phone for the call, who made the call and number of calls made to the number. These are common features in newer monitoring app software, but mSpy took this a step further and allowed more detail and the ability to block callers to the target phone. This is an extremely important feature that has ramifications to both users who want to monitor traffic to the actual safety of the target phone user. Imagine a situation where your daughter has a stalker who constantly calls her. Now, all you have to do is to use this app to block the stalker’s number from popping up and determine where she is to ensure her safety when she goes out late, all from a single monitoring source, e.g. a laptop or tablet PC.

The next amazing feature found is the improved web monitoring feature. This feature used to only be confined to that of monitoring where the target phone has been too but now, active website blocking is available, bringing this app more in line with parental protection apps and opening up more opportunities for the app. This new feature is rare in mobile monitoring apps, with only specific apps targeting parental control software but not full monitoring capabilities are used. The mSpy app now blazes a route that some other monitoring apps are attempting take, to make them more palatable to the general market with misgivings on privacy. A certain step in the right direction, this app is now ensuring that critics will view it in the more accurate and clearer picture of a child safety and sensitive data protection app rather than what some uninformed people believe as a “creepy stalker app”.

Another feature that mSpy now provides is the app and program control feature. This is an amazing function as it allows users to block certain programs like messaging or dropbox from target phones. This would prevent employees from the temptation of uploading sensitive files to online cloud services that can be easily hacked. With the millennial generation being tech and especially app savvy, the desire to work from home by uploading documents to a cloud and then downloading it to an unsecured computer is not only tempting but can even sound like a good push for productivity. Yet with the all too obvious allegations of spying by government agencies like the NSA, it is just prudent to believe that the criminals are doing it too. Once you lose that sensitive information it’ll be too late for your business.

Yet the truly defining feature that mSpy has is the customization ability of the app and the 24 hours tech support. This is one area that it is a definite winner, ensuring that the mSpy app is at the top of the line in terms of mobile monitoring.

FlexiSpy Review


How do you tell if a mobile monitoring app is worth the money you spend on it? The features that such an app needs to have and the expectations to meet are endless. The specific areas that need to be met are the features available within the app, the ease of use and the cost of the app. Many top rate apps like mSpy have defining features that solidifies its position as a market leader. Things such as compatibility with a wide range of mobile operating systems, robust data collection programs that allow for analysis after collection and test demo apps that show that the app actually will work after installation. So how does an outlying app like Flexispy compare? The following paragraphs list the case for Flexispy.

In terms of features, the Flexispy app has all the common modules desired for a good baseline model. Features like call monitoring, messaging monitoring for both text and instant as well as GPS and multimedia monitoring are offered. The call monitoring function of the app allows users to listen to live calls, record the calls, listen and record phone surroundings; it can even perform Facetime spycam function for iPhone targeted users. The outstanding feature is the Facetime spycam as it is not a commonly touted feature in other outstanding mobile monitoring apps, like PhoneSheriff and MobileSpy. Another interesting feature is the ability of the app to log voice over IP or VOIP calls. This is also an area not normally mention by more common mobile monitoring software out in the market.

Other features worth noting are the app monitor function, remote spying that also allows remote control of mobile camera to take pictures, and stealth features that ensure the target phone doesn’t know if the app is running or if the iPhone, specifically, is jailbroken. Interestingly, the GPS tacking system that is often touted by other apps on received cursory mention by the developers. This would likely mean that the GPS feature is not as effective as others out in the market. One other interesting function is the ability to intercept and send false messages to the target phone’s other party. This would be a useful feature if it weren’t for the fact that sending false messages can quite easily erode trust and respect if used blatantly. The features mentioned by the app developers show a good app with new features not commonly held by other apps, making this an app that is well worth the money.

In terms of mobile phone compatibility, this app is allowed on the Apple’s iOS, Android operating system as well as the Windows and BlackBerry operating systems. This allows the app to fit a large number of mobile phones that are out in the market. Target phones are no longer a problem for the app. Another feature of the app is the support from the developers to ensure that the app works well. Top apps, like mSpy, have 24hour support, which is strangely missing from this app. Support is relegated to an online tutorial on the app’s website.

Lastly for cost, this app allows payment via Bitcoin, a feature that is rare but gaining popularity in the mobile app circles. With costs for the app at $149 to $349 depending on the usage and function of the app, it can get a little pricy for an app that doesn’t give you a peace of mind that the features work, through downloadable demos like other apps.

Android L – The Material Design


When Google announced its Ice Cream Sandwich update for Android, it came with a plethora of design changes. Everything got a unified dark ‘Holo’ look to it and became a lot more flat. More or less the same designs aesthetics were seen later in Jelly Bean and the recent KitKat update brought no major changes either. But now, after the world has had its share of the Holo aesthetic, Google has something very different in store for us.

It is not known whether this update will be named after a sweet treat like Google’s previous versions of Android, or even if it is going to be a ’4.5′ or a ’5′ update, but as of now Google’s new iteration on Android is known simply as Android L. And other than a number of tweaks and new features to make the most out of a smartphone, Google has decided to give an overhaul to the design as well.

The Material Design

Google has named its new design as the Material Design, which basically takes the idea of Google Now’s cards and slaps it over the whole phone, with added depth and shadows to them so that the different aspects of an application visually slide over each other. The status bars have gotten a lot more colorful as well, making the whole layout much brighter and a lot less professional for some users, than ever before.

The navigation buttons are also receiving their share of change, with the conventional Back, Home and Multitasking keys being replaced by a Triangle, a Circle, and a Square.

Revamped Animations

The Material Design will be much more visually interactive then the previous versions of Android. It adds shadows and depth in a way that lets users know how the different elements of an app work. Ripple effects are seen when the screen is touched or a button pressed. Real-time shadows have also been introduced in the screens or the panes as the user slides them around.

Additions to the Lock Screen and the Notification System

The grey list of notifications up till Android 4.4 will now be given a complete visual and, in some aspects, a functional makeover. The new notification center will be a card-based system based on white tiles out of which new notifications will animate and expand, taking full advantage of the 3D layers and shadows. This notification system will also be available from the lock screen for quick access.

Another nifty and quite a needed feature is also being added which Google calls the ‘heads up’ notifications. These will be small overlays on top of running apps so that you can decide whether to respond to the notification or dismiss it without having to exit your current activity.

Whether the new version of Android will turn out to be better or worse, one thing is clear: it will be very different from the Android we use today. From the visual treatment to all the goodies that are being added under the hood like Project Volta for enhanced battery life and the ART as the default runtime for smoother and more battery efficient performance, Android L will definitely be instantly recognizable on smartphones unlike the almost similar previous versions, and as per Google’s claims, it is going to be much more efficient as well.

A Software “Must”

One more thing: after efficiency comes security. After buying Android L, do not forget to acquire a very useful mobile application mSpy that can track and monitor every action on the target phone to protect and secure your most precious assets – family members’ safety and confidential business information.

Mamabear – A New Sort of Parenting Application

Things like cyber-bullying and cybercrimes related to children are a common phenomenon today that may keep parents up at night. Children are so into using internet and social media for their day to day activities that they become prime targets for online predators lurking over the internet. Where they may be using the internet in a positive way, they still may get in touch with strangers that want to take advantage of their innocence in some manner.

Other than the internet, there are various other dangers that parents worry about. Children start getting more and more independent as they grow up and things like walking alone to school or going out with friends are a big deal for their parents. Thankfully, parents now have the chance to make use of mobile technology through an application that can put both sorts of their worries, internet based and otherwise, to rest.

The app goes by the name of Mamabear, and its basic functions rest heavily on the use of mobile GPS systems. The app has to be installed on both the parent’s and the child’s device to work and it gives parents a continuous stream of information as to the child’s location. Parents have the ability to get notified of when their children reach school and when they leave it and reach home. Other than these location alerts, parents can keep an eye on their child’s social media usage by being notified when someone adds their child as a friend or a wall post or tagged photo is put up. And if that wasn’t enough, it even gives parents the chance to keep an eye on their teenage child’s driving speed limits.

This is not one of those apps that don’t allow the children to do anything other than being constantly monitored. Children have a whole different sort of interface on their end with cheerful colors and symbols. They can check into places to let their parents know where they are, or tell their parents to come pick them up with the touch of a single button as well as use emoticons to let parents know how they feel at a given moment. This application is quite different from other monitoring applications in the way that it generates a healthy relationship among the parent and child.

The app is fairly easy to set up and use. Parents can even use different color schemes for individual children in case they are monitoring more than one child. It is available for both Android and iOS so it should appeal to a number of users out there.

While there are some criticisms as to the level of information that this app provides to parents being a little too much to let a child grow freely, what Mamabear does is that it lets parents and children to develop a cohesive relationship that aims to minimize the dangers children can face while growing up, while giving the children some freedom as well. Children don’t have to be dropped at school constantly or their parents don’t have to accompany to a party because they can be sure at home when their child reaches somewhere and what he does. In this way the children can also have a sense of independence and still stay in certain limits that are not to be crossed, both in the real world and in the online one.

PhoneSheriff Investigator- A different Type of Monitoring


With the rise in smartphone technology came software and applications that were never made use of before. These applications made it easier to perform certain tasks in a way that was straightforward and user-friendly. But smartphones also brought with them dangers or cyber-crime and cyber-bullying for children, so technology paved way for a solution as well.

Cell phone monitoring has become a popular means of keeping an eye on someone’s mobile activities. Parents use such apps to make sure their children stay out of danger and business owners use them so that their employees don’t resort to fraud or data theft without their knowledge. But spy apps have also led to an invasion of privacy for a lot of people because once installed on someone’s phone, they can’t know of its presence.

To tackle that problem, and to keep cell phone monitoring as ethical as possible, new software has been released by the name of PhoneSherrif Investigator. This, unlike the rest of the spy apps, is not a mobile application but rather computer software to monitor iPhone activity.

The Advantages:

One of the best things about this software is that it doesn’t require the iPhone to be Jailbroken like many other apps do. The reason for that is that the software doesn’t install itself on the iPhone but rather on a computer. It does not hack into the phone and pull out information without the user’s consent. The core feature of this product is that it uses Apple’s iCloud service to provide you with the data so it remains ethical because the person being monitored knows that.

The Things you can Monitor:

PhoneSherrif Investigator helps you monitor everything that a normal spy app would. From SMS and call logs, contacts and Safari bookmarks, to photos, videos and even GPS locations, everything can be accessed from this software. The downside comes with the fact that the person being monitored can easily change or delete certain things that they want to keep from you before the data is uploaded to iCloud.

How it Works:

PhoneSherrif Investigator works with pulling data from iCloud which is an online data storage and backup solution for Apple devices. All you need to do is make an account from the iPhone to be monitored on iCloud and make sure that auto-backup is turned on. Then you need the ID and the password of the iCloud account and the software will update in sync with the cloud storage and you will be able to access that data from your computer.

The Downside:

As mentioned earlier, users can edit the information they upload to the cloud so parents or employers cannot always be sure of the data being correct. It cannot match other fully capable monitoring apps that can be installed on the phone without the owner’s knowledge but it still does provide the basic information you might need.

There are a lot of spy apps available these days for multiple platforms. Many big names among those provide you with complete usage data of the user without giving away even the slightest hint of their presence in a phone. But if for some reason you are not comfortable with using those apps, or if you take someone’s privacy seriously, then PhoneSherrif Investigator is a definite alternative to those applications. Also, it is much easier to set up and use, and the iPhone to be monitored doesn’t have to undergo the process of Jailbreaking, as many apps demand.

TeenSafe Review


The numbers for lying and cheating spouses are on the rise, a trend that does not seem to be reversing or even slowing down. One reason for this growth in numbers is the use of the ubiquitous smart device as a spying tool, or more politically put, a monitoring device. Mobile monitoring apps come with many different features, some are used to target wayward teens like TeenSafe and others, like mSpy, used to find out if spouses are cheating or employees selling off sensitive information. Surprisingly, TeenSafe as an app that is targeted at monitoring teenagers can also be used to monitor straying partners. The important question really is whether it works by delivering the needed data or is it just a ploy to grab your money? As the truth is in the pudding, we review the app according to the features available, applicability of the app and the cost or having the app.

In terms of features, this app is rather basic. It allows you to do the usual call monitoring, text messaging monitoring, GPS location monitoring and web browsing history review. These are common features found in many other available apps in the market. The differentiating factor is the way this app monitors the target phone’s social networking accounts. It allows you to review Facebook messages, online activities and comments. This is an area that is not commonly touted by the developers of other monitoring apps. There are cases where apps do not monitor accurately or at all a user’s social network websites. This app, however, delivers on this and ensures that parent’s concerns about their kids are well allayed. As a feature catching straying partners, it ensures that they do not have multiple accounts that allows them to flirt or cheat with someone else by making sure the monitor has view of it all. This app feature also allows you to check for contacts and connections in the target’s contacts list, making this one of the best apps available in tracking people who is constantly connected on social media. Another interesting feature is the ability of the app to monitor activity on Instagram. Specifically mentioning an existing app, like Instagram, is not a very common move with monitoring app developers. This does suggest that Instagram uploads and usage is a very well monitored aspect by the app. This app allows viewing of friends pictures as well as which friends are following the target. This is definitely an app that is able to ensure that teenagers as well as cheating partners do not easily get away with irresponsible actions.

In terms of applicability for operating systems, this app is available for both android and iOS phone models. It ensures that your target’s phone type is definitely able to be monitored for all your data acquisition needs. However, it needs to be stated that Windows and Blackberry phones are not supported by this app and anyone buying this app needs to ensure that their target phone is not of the make or model. Lastly, the price quoted on the website is $14.95 USD per month. This is significantly cheaper than what some other apps are pricing. This is a great app if you’re using to monitor your child or if you suspect your partner is straying. However, when it comes to more sophisticated tracking needs, apps like mSpy would perform better.