Battle of the Mammoths


Anyone who knows anything about cell phone tracking applications knows that the mSpy application and the SpyBubble software are at the absolute top of the market. Many employers and parents need this kind of technology in our current day and age in order to make sure that their employees and their children are doing what they are supposed to.
The purpose of this article is to discuss which software we think you should put your money towards.

What’s the Difference?

There are a couple of subtle differences between both companies and how they run their applications, but there is not too much between either spying software. Both companies offer:

• Text Message Monitoring
• Call Monitoring
• Location-based GPS
• Compatibility with a wide range of phones and tablets
• SMS checking
• Etc.

Pretty much any service that a parent or company could find useful is provided by both applications. At the end of the day, we believe that the difference for you should come down to price and customer service.
The major advantage that comes with SpyBubble is that you only have to pay one time. You can either purchase their simple $50 package, or you can pay a little bit more at $85 for a couple more small features. Meanwhile, you will be paying on a recurring basis for any mSpy product that you choose to purchase.
The mSpy product sells for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months at a time. To buy service for one month would cost you $40. With that said, the cost for the product goes down if you buy more than one month at a time. However, even if you buy for a year at a time, you are still going to pay $200 for the premium package (or $800 for the business package), which is quite a bit of money.
It is worth noting that mSpy will grant you a few more features with the premium package that SpyBubble is simply incapable of giving you for their cost. Most of these features are small things that you would never make use of, but they may be important if you are a business owner.
It is also generally a rule that the less you pay for a product, the fewer customers you are going to receive. If you feel that you are going to be okay on your own after the purchase, the SpyBubble technology is the clear choice. But if you are going to need a fair deal of help using the technology, it seems like mSpy is better suited to your needs.
All in all, we believe that the mSpy application is a little bit better for a family due to its one-time cost and simple features. Meanwhile, the SpyBubble technology is the boss of all spying apps that a business could use. It may be too expensive for a small business owner to afford, but a corporation could make a good deal more money by employing this kind of technology on a yearly basis!


Mobile apps that monitor its user’s usage patterns are becoming something of a norm in today’s world of hyper connectivity. They range from the extremely creepy apps to that of definite practical usage. Possible usages of such tracking apps are diverse and it can range from parental control and lost phone tracking services to the monitoring of your employee phone activities. It can be disconcerting trying to work out the apps that are available as well as practical, not to mention legal. To help you with this, we have decided to compare two promising apps that will improve, without a doubt, your life.

The criteria for judging each app, over a score of 5 for each criterion, would be as follows; logging capabilities, security, cost of app and app accessibility. Logging capabilities would deal with the app’s capacity to monitor and track functions like calls, text messages and internet history. This would determine the viability of the app on delivering what you need. The security feature of the app is of concern due to the sensitive nature of the tracking program. This criterion of security is determined by the presence of encrypted data generation for all communications, ability to monitor remotely and perform administrative functions remotely.  Cost of app is a criterion imposed to determine the cheaper price between the two apps. Lastly, app accessibility will show the ease of download for the app and its availability in known distribution channels, like “Google Play”.

The first app reviewed is ‘PhoneSheriff’. This is a well rounded app that claims to be able to meet all, if not most, of your phone tracking needs. This app allows you to track the calls, text messages, internet websites visited, pictures and emails sent from the phone. Booked marked internet pages as well as calendar updates can be monitored. Deleting records and text messages will not affect the recording process. This would deliver a solid 5 for the app’s logging capabilities. Security wise, Phone Sheriff contains GPS tracking allowing you to find the lost or stolen phone any time. Privacy settings allow the phone to be locked remotely in the event of a misplaced phone, helping give a 5 for the app’s security function. The cost of the app is high, at $89.97 at selected websites. This would account for a lower grade of 3.5 for the ‘cost of app’ criterion.  As for the accessibility, the app is hassle free but is currently unavailable on “Google Play”. However, this program is supports all available OS, from Android to iOS and Symbian. We would rate this area as a 3, resulting in a total of 16.5 over 20.

In comparison, the app ‘WebWatcher Mobile’ is a suitable rival for ‘PhoneSheriff’. In terms of logging capabilities, this app is able to deliver the exact same services with the exception of letting the remote master user to view contacts specific to the phone as well as calendar updates. A score of 4.5 over 5 is suggested. For the privacy setting available, the app fares badly as it is only able to allow GPS tracking of the phone’s location but not any changes of ‘sim’ cards. This would mean that a stolen phone will be tougher to find, thus attaining a score of 3. This app is cheaper than the ‘PhoneSheriff’, at $67, but without the security functions in the app, it is not that much a better deal.  You can download this app over ‘Google Play’ making it easier to install and operate as compared to the ‘PhoneSheriff’. Only Android and Blackberry phones are able to run this app, dealing a score of 3 over 5. However, if you need or want a 24/7 phone call support, this app delivers and would be the app of choice.

Mobile Monitoring Applications Compared


Whether you are a business owner or a frightened parent, there is a mobile monitoring app out there for you. Confused? Mobile monitoring apps really aren’t as ambiguous as they sound. If you are a business owner, this app will allow you to monitor company-distributed phones that were given to your employees to ensure that they are maintaining maximum output with their time.  If you are a parent, a mobile monitoring app will allow you to make sure that your kids aren’t getting into any trouble that you would want to protect them from.

The purpose of this article is to compare two of the most popular mobile apps of the kind on the market at the moment.  So, with no further ado, let’s check out what some of the options available on the market are.

mSpy Mobile Application

mSpy is one of the well-known cell-phone monitoring apps currently on the market.  It comes with quite a hefty price tag, but its features are well worth it for any business owner.  mSpy is really worth the amount of money spent on it because it allows a business owner to do almost anything that they can imagine with/to one of their employees’ phones.

A business owner can use mSpy to track all calls that are made, text messages that are coming in and going out; it can also restrict calls and texts for a certain time (unbeknownst to the employee) if there is a situation that demands it.  Also, mSpy comes with a GPS tracker that allows a business owner to know anywhere that an employee is at any given time (so long as their business cellular is on their person).

On top of all that, the battery usage that the app maintains is extremely low, so even your tech-savvy employees are unlikely to notice anything amiss.  In truth, the mSpy is probably the big boss of mobile monitoring applications, and it would be the best choice if you want complete control over what goes on inside, and outside, of your business.



SpyBubble Application 

SpyBubble is similar to mSpy in its capabilities, but it is comparatively lacking in some realms.  The most important difference between SpyBubble and mSpy is that SpyBubble has been reported to have a terrible customer service.

It is capable of doing (almost) anything that the mSpy app can do, including call monitoring, text monitoring, and GPS locating, but it is far cheaper.  Cheap price can be a good and a bad thing.  For a small business owner, the $49.95/year price will help to lessen some of the burden that mSpy may have put on them ($40+/month).  However, as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”  As such, don’t expect an incredible customer service team that is ready and willing to work with you.  Still, SpyBubble would be a very decent investment.

Bottom line

All in all, a business owner or a parent could not go terribly wrong in purchasing either of these products, and they work with all the recent models of decent cell phones.  However, if you are concerned about the prices or features of either of these products, feel free to check out their official sites and make up your own mind about what the best monitoring app may be for your business or home usage.

Protecting Your Mobile Phone from Thieves by Spyware


Our mobile phones are becoming more hi-tech with every passing day. As a result, they are also becoming much more expensive. We think nothing of carrying around a cell phone worth a couple of hundred bucks and even less about the value of the information that is contained within them. It might include sensitive data like banking details or personal information which could result in identity theft. Our phones are now a far more attractive target for thieves than ever before. It is becoming increasingly more important for us to protect ourselves against mobile phone theft. Check out our tips to protect your phone and your personal data.

Make Note of Your Mobile Details

There are a number of details which can be used to identify your phone if it is recovered by the police after being lost or stolen. It is important that you make note of this information and keep it in a safe place. The information that you will need to record includes:

  • your mobile phone number
  • your phone’s make and model, including the color and any notable appearance details (scratches, decals etc)
  • the pin or security lock code for your phone
  • your phone’s IMEI number etc

These details are often printed inside the back cover of your phone. On some models, the information can be brought up on screen under the settings menu. You may even wish to go one step further and add some security marks to your phone. This can be easily done using an ultraviolet pen which is visible under UV light. You should mark both the handset and the battery with something to identify it as yours such as your address, name or even an alternate contact number. This means that not only can recovered stolen phones be identified, but if it is lost and handed into a police station, they may be able to get in touch with you.

Register Your Phone & Report the Theft

You should always register your cell phone with your network provider, especially if you are on a pay as you go plan. This means that if your phone is stolen, you can contact your provider and they can use your IMEI number to block your phone, thus, avoiding the chance of the thief running up a huge bill. The phone can also be locked so that even if the SIM is changed it will not work until unlocked by the network. It is worth bearing in mind that this may render the phone unusable if it is recovered. In addition to disabling the account, some providers can also disable your phone number completely. The loss or theft should also be reported to the police.

Install a Mobile Phone Spy App

Protect-your-Costly-Android-Symbian-Windows-Mobile-Phones-from-theft-and-misusing-Download-Free-F-secure-Anti-Theft2Although they are best known for monitoring calls and texts, mobile phone spy apps, like mSpy, Flexispy or MobileSpy, are also great as a way to protect your own phone thanks to some of their powerful features. GPS tracking means that you can actually pinpoint exactly where your phone is which could help the police to track it down! Another useful feature that the top phone spy apps have is the ability to send a remote command via SMS to either wipe or lock the phone. Since your spy app will have been sending copies of all of your activities to your online account, you also have a great back up of your data if you do need to wipe the phone.

The Benefits of Cell Phone Spying

cell When you need to keep an eye on someone, for example your children or perhaps your employees, mobile phone spy software is an excellent way to do so without being discovered!

In the past, when cell phones operated on an analog signal it was necessary to use a scanning device to listen in to conversations being conducted on mobile phones. This was a fairly simple process with the right equipment albeit an unreliable one. However, with the latest advances in technology mobile phones now use digital channels and this method of scanning is no longer possible. In fact, spying on cell phones is now more challenging. That is, unless you have a mobile phone spy app like mSpy, Mobistealth at your disposal!

With a mobile phone spying app you simply sign up for a regular subscription either by way of a one of fee for the year or through monthly payments. Once you have signed up you will be able to download and install the app on to the phone you wish to spy on. You will need access to the phone for a few minutes to do so, but once installed it is completely undetectable. All that remains is to set up the appropriate features depending on what sort of cell phone activity you want or need to monitor.

One of the main groups who have really seen the benefit of this type of software is parents. It is almost like having an extra pair of eyes on your child. Not only can you see who they are talking to, but also what they are talking about, what websites they frequent and with the help of GPS you can even see where they go when you are not with them. You will be able to monitor incoming and outgoing text messages even if they are deleted from the phone as a copy is saved on your online account with mSpy. Calls can also be monitored if you desire. Not only will you see the details including the contact name and number and the call time and duration, but you can also listen to the conversation either in real time or at a later date.

Cell phone spying apps are becoming indispensable for parents who are concerned about their child’s well being. However, it is not just parents who are reaping the benefits. Many employers also monitor company issued cell phones in order to track employees efficiency and to ensure that the devices are not being used for personal use.

All of this can be achieved without arousing suspicions with the help of cell phone spying technology.

It’s Time To Tackle Texting & Walking!


We hear all the time about the dangers of texting or calling someone while driving a car, but did you know that many text related road accidents are not actually caused by drivers, but by people who are texting and walking! An increasing number of teens (and even some adults) are becoming involved in car accidents because they are looking at their cell phone instead of paying attention when crossing busy roads. A recent study by Stony Brook University discovered that when texting and walking people were more than 60% more likely to veer off course and were prone to walking about 13% further than intended!

So how can we encourage our children to stay safe when using their phone on the move?

Check out these helpful tips:

1. Set Strict Rules – The traffic authority does what it can in terms of setting rules for drivers, so as parents we need to set our own rules for our little pedestrians! Sit down with the kids and outline your rules, including no cell phone use when walking down the street. It is wie to enforce penalties, just like the authorities give drivers! A good punishment is to shut off their texting package for a month!
2. Follow Your Child – Keep an eye on them to make sure that they are not breaking the rules. It may not be feasible to actually go out and follow them on foot, but with the help of mobile phone spying software you can watch their GPS tracking and cross reference it with incoming and outgoing calls and texts.
3. Educate Your Children – Have a look online for some videos detailing the dangers of not paying attention to the roads. Make sure that you make your children aware of the dangers and the consequences. It may seem harsh, but the image of a badly injured kid their own age will stay with them and do more than your nagging ever could!

Monitoring your child’s cell phone could very well be the answer to keeping them safe from any possible harm. The benefits are more than just addressing the problem of texting while walking. These phone monitoring software  will also allow you to monitor your child’s location, observe their online behaviors and even intercept SMS messages, email, phone calls and instant messenger chats. They offer an all round package while offers parents a way to protect their children.

Legal Matters of Spyware


Matters of legality are inherent in the western mind. We respect law and do our best not to infringe it, at least voluntarily. We abide by the legislation of our native country and try to uphold the laws and customs of our hosts while travelling abroad.

The very term “spyware” invokes strange reverberations in our law-abiding souls. We think of spies lavishly clad in Hollywood style, tech-savvy secret agents and sci-fi gear of deep-dyed movie villains. But actual spying in flesh and blood can be very boring, not to say dangerous. Lurking in the bushes all night long, when it’s raining cats and dogs, just to capture a couple of bad quality pictures isn’t an exciting joyride. Nowadays, one doesn’t have to resort to such drastic measures. There’s spyware in the market.


The problem rests mainly with the usage of the product, as everything created by man is double-edged, having both positive and negative usability. A knife manufacturer cannot be responsible for his product being used for killing; its intended usage was claimed to be for cutting while cooking.

The same is true for spyware vendors. They cannot be held responsible for the actions of some persons with criminal intentions or distorted logics. Breaking law isn’t wired in the application code; it’s in some humans’ brains.

Websites of spyware selling companies are equipped with an obligatory section – a so-called disclaimer. It’s like a shield to protect them in case of alleged accusations or concocted trials. The main sphere of legal troubles is a possible breach of privacy while using spyware without consent.

Every country can have its peculiar ways of treating such cases from the juridical point of view. Before the intended purchase, people are strongly advised to consult local lawyers on the matters of spyware legality.

But as far as we know now, even governmental agencies initially created with the aim of protecting its ordinary citizens “condescend” to using spyware upon them. Nowadays, even outstanding and respected citizens, for instance, Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, can become targets of spying. Just recollect the notorious case of NSA “participation” in her communication.

German Chancellor Merkel holds a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone featuring high security Secusite software at the booth of Secusmart during her opening tour at the CeBit computer fair in Hanover

In some cases, though, the private usage of spyware is vitally important and justified. First and foremost, someone’s life may depend on your finding out what’s wrong with your kin this very moment. Your kids’ wellbeing, as well as that of the elder members of the family, or even of employees treated like kin, may be at stake. Preventive control can be easily undertaken with modern mobile phone spyware.

In order to monitor a phone legally, first, it must be yours, directly or indirectly. Secondly, its adult user must be notified about the process.

Actually, there are only two ways to use spy software legally:

  • To monitor your kids’ cell phones (without their knowledge if they are underage);
  • To monitor your employees’ cell phones, if the company supplies them and you tell them they are being monitored.

But mind! Not a single bit of information you discover during your private “phone” investigation can be used in the courtroom. In case you try to, there are serious consequences impending over you. We do hope you treasure your freedom and reputation high in order not to commit such an unwise thing. Have a good use of your private “pocket” spy!

Mobile Spyware: How Not To Stumble upon Outright Scam


Mobile Monitoring Software Purchase – Hidden Pitfalls

Reasons to buy spying applications can be different, but expectations are the same all over the globe.

You require a cell phone spy that perfectly matches your particular needs in tracking and monitoring; at the same time, it has to be a good piece of software from a reliable developer which actually works as described on the official site and offers you utter safety and comfort in its usage.

Let’s have a closer look at all the mentioned points.

First and foremost, as stated above, it has to bea good piece of cell phone tracking software. What does it mean, exactly? In order not to flush your money down the drain, you’d better find out what mobile monitoring application is not simply good, but  the best FOR YOU! Ask yourself if you really need advanced features of some apps; maybe, it’s possible to save a couple of bucks as simply tracking and having access to the call logs will be more than enough..

But even if you’ve chosen the application tailored for you in the best way, some problems that lead to refunds and negative feedbackmay still arise. In order to avoid it, follow our accumulated tips on how to get the best for your money with mobile spying software purchase.

Step 1. Problems before Actual Buying

The second requirement: software must be from a reliable vendor. Reliability of companies in the Web can be checked in the following ways.

First of all, price. A cheap-looking product is definitely cheap, in its essence. Try to stick to the recognized software suppliers but if price is your primary sore point, select the apps with limited features or a short term (or even trial) contract, as it was suggested above. We hope you do agree that the price of a good product cannot be too low or even null (if this cell phone spy app is not positioned as actually free of charge!).

One more warning sign is represented by the claim “One Time Payment” or “Free Lifetime Upgrades”. Nothing is permanent under the sun.

Ways of payment are important for determining solid business reputation too. You have to find out if the company accepts PayPal payments.

Second. Website look. For a company to be a real trustworthy business, it must have a professional looking site, as a minimal requirement. Besides, any sign of life on the website – real looking comments, new or updated information – tells in its favor. It is good if the site is profoundly equipped with detailed installation instructions and a FAQ page.

Third. Contacts. Any contact information you’ll be able to find (phone numbers, addresses, live help chat) will tell you about the company’s behavior in business. Service record duration can tell whether the company disappears in a month or two, like the majority of day-flies, or not.

Contact the selected company by phone or email. A rock-solid chance to have troublesome questions settled quickly and professionally adds to the overall positive impression.

Visit their Facebook page or Twitter, and find actual online responses and reviews, especiallynegative messages about this application being a scam or a poor investment. Look for their Google ratings. If you can’t find any information about the app in Google search results, it’s not a good sign at all.

Fourth. Law. Read legal information carefully enough. Maybe, your country prohibits such apps, and then it will be a waste of money no one can be accused of.

Step 2. Problems after Actual Buying

Here comes another requirement from the initial list: actual performance as described on the official site, accompanied by safety and comfort while using.

Sometimes, technical matters may seriously impede your satisfaction if not well-thought over in advance. Some installation aspects may cause severe headache if you disregard their importance. Here is the list you need to tick through if you want to buy mobile tracking software:

1.      Any iPhone must be jailbroken in any case; Android rooting isn’t so necessary but may turn out to be advisable for some advanced features; be ready to do it, independently or with adequate technical help.

2.      A target phone must have a web browser and an internet connection.

3.      Mind compatibility of your phone model with the selected application (visit the vendor site for detailed information).

4.      Check compatibility of your phone’s OS with the preferred application (visit the vendor site or resort to outside technical help).

5.      You must have physical access to a target phone in order to initially install spy software onto it.

Step 3. Tips for Future Buying

If you are a satisfied client, be so kind to leave a tip or two somewhere for those who will follow the same path – it will surely simplify their search process, like yours before.