3 Easy Ways to Find Mobistealth on Your Phone

 Most people have heard of phone tracking software, the spying trend that is sweeping the nation. Everyone from concerned parents, jealous lovers to bosses have used it on the phones of others, but most people would be more than a little upset to find out that someone had installed it on their mobile. Despite this, it’s surprisingly easy to find some of these phone trackers on a phone. Mobistealth is a popular mobile spy that is easy to locate using just a few simple tricks.

 Mobistealth sells itself as the ‘ultimate cell phone spy software’ but according to the results of testing, it’s far from ‘ultimate’ in means of finding it on a phone.

Where is Mobistealth hidden?

 Step 1

 The first and most obvious way of locating MobiStealth on a phone is to simply check the SD card download folder. While not everyone will ever look into this folder, enough people do that it’s not a very secure location. IF MobiStealth has been downloaded on a phone, anyone can see ‘mobistealthv2.apk’ in the download folders.  (The SD card downloads is accessible through ‘applications – settings – SD card’ however, the download folder is located in different places on different phones).

Step 2

 The next step is to attempt to find out who has installed Mobistealth on the phone. Go into the ‘data/data’ folder either by opening the phone if you know how, or by using an FTP program. Look for a file named “LookOut.secure”. Even if the phone has the security system LookOut installed, this particular file belongs to MobiStealth.

Step 3

 After opening the ‘Lookout.secure’ file, you can access a couple of tell-all files that will show almost everything about the mobile spy on the phone. ‘LoggedPictures.ser’ will show the screenshots and images taken by MobiStealth to be sent to someone else. ‘Configuration.xml’ will list the settings and configurations, including the FTP address that the information is being sent to.

 It’s also easy to identify where the FTP address originates from by doing a DNS search on it. This type of search is usually free and can show anything from the IP address the FTP originates from, to occasionally the name used to sign up for it.

MobileStealth is rather easy to find on any phone, all you have to do is know where to look.


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