5 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

5 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Are you wondering about the recent weird sweetness or strange detachment your spouse has been showing? Are you worried about his commitment to you and your relation?

Tailing my partner:

ou can easily track down your companion’s every movement due to the gigabyte logo present on all the communications he makes or you can download applications on your mobile and stay alert of all his doings throughout the day. When to set up such applications on your phone? You can simply browse this link and consider any signs you have noticed and then immediately go for the download!


Changes in day to day routine and doing things out of the way which otherwise would have remained undone suggest trouble big time. Notice all the behavioral changes especially the more than usual hanging out of the house.

His constant insistence of driving alone and running about doing chores or wishing to be left alone to spend some quality time with ‘himself’ is something that you should definitely look into. Occasionally it is fine but if he makes it a habit then your danger radar should glow red for he is definitely not spending excessive hours alone.

Usage of expressions that you find he would never have spoken until recently. Especially the ones he used to be very disapproving of. Spending too much time with someone does leave marked changes in attitudes.

Guilty feelings often spring up if the cheating has just started or is being done by shy and more sophisticated men of whom no one would have suspected it. So look for his unique symptoms of guilt.

Defending affairs as being okay if someone is unhappy in his relation is one way to appease things related to cheating. Do watch out for that.

What to do about it?

The best way to deal with this is to confront him and get to the truth. Simply and surely tell him to make a choice you or her and stick to it. If he is really into you he will excuse himself and if not then forget him as he is certainly is not worthy of you!