Android Spy Apps Prevent Obesity In Teens

teens cell phone obesityThe Android platform isn’t equipped with in-built Android spy apps like iOS. The only native feature is content filtering to help prevent children from downloading apps that might exert a negative influence on them. Luckily, there are hosts of third-party spy apps for Android on the market.
Android parental control can be the solution to any problems related to tracking the activities of their children faced by parents who have to work extra hours. It is a proven fact that children, especial teenagers, who spend too much time watching TV and playing computer games tend to suffer from health problems when they grow up. No wonder that many parents feel the need to keep tabs on their teens to ensure that they do not turn into a couch potato, which could bring about irreversible health problems. And there is no better way to do it than by using a spy app for Android.

How to Monitor Teens with Spy App for Android?

Android monitoring software is the app that provides parents with the information about the activities of their teens. Due to such Android spy apps parents get to know what is going on in their child’s life, what they are up to while parents are at work or the children are out hanging out with their friends. They allow parents to:

  • Track GPS location of their teens
  • Read text messages and emails
  • View call history
  • Restrict calls from a predefined number
  • Content filtering
  • View web history

GPS Location and Other Features of Android Spy Apps

By using Android spy apps, parents who want to find out what their children might be doing while they are working, can get to know this from their secure online account where all the information transmitted by the Android monitoring software. If children are supposed to be at the after class activities, but in fact they are sitting at home and playing video games, parents can easily find it out and take appropriate measures.
As you see, Android spy apps allow parents not only track GPS location of their teens, but also let them view SMS text messages exchanged between their teen and their friends. Teens usually don’t watch movies or play games alone, they invite friends to do it together because it’s more fun, so this feature of Android monitoring software would be extremely helpful for parents who need to make sure their teens spend not much time on such activities.


The features of Android spy apps can help those children who are already on the verge of becoming couch potatoes as they lack physical exercise and sit at home watching movies or playing games. Thus, parents can benefit from Android parental control to make sure their teens lead a healthy life.