Best Apps to Control your Android Phone Battery

android battery saving apps

Android devices are known for using excessive amount of battery because of their big screens and the platform itself. However, there are hundreds of battery management and battery saving apps available on Google Play Store. Here is a list of some most popular battery management apps available for Android devices.

Juice Defender

juice defender app

Juice Defender could be a fancy name for a battery saving app but this app does exactly what its name suggests. Juice Defender has three different versions; the free version comes with basic features only, the Plus version has $2 price tag while the Ultimate version has $5 price tag and has advanced features. It saves battery by profiling, data management and by controlling features like Wi-Fi and 3G.


android greenify

Greenify is a free and probably the most popular Android battery saving app but it is only available for rooted Android devices. Greenify saves battery by shutting down unnecessary apps running in the background. In fact it does not shut them down completely but put those apps in hibernation mode where you can call them when needed.

Easy Battery Saver

easy battery saver android

Easy Battery Saver is a light weight Android battery saving app that shows users the accurate battery status on the main screen and from there users can take different actions to save precious juice on their Android phones and tablets. Users can turn off features like Wi-Fi and others to save power.

DU Battery Saver


DU Battery Saver has millions of users all over the globe and this app is mainly popular because of its 1 click optimization feature that improves the battery usage up to 50%. Users can create different modes for battery saving and select one based on their needs.