Best Choice for Android Mobile Security

android mobile security

We all know Google’s Android is mainly known for its customization and personalization capabilities however this particular platform does not have a good reputation when it comes to security and malware protection. There are many examples when even legitimate apps on Google Play Store were infected with viruses and malware. Not to mention everything we download from the internet and all apps and games downloaded from unofficial sources are potential threats.
Let’s talk about some popular Android security apps that can help you protect your personal information, data and device.

Norton Security Antivirus

norton mobile

Norton Security Antivirus is a free security app available for Android devices and it is specifically designed to fight against malware. The free version comes with basic malware protection while the premium version comes with features like remote locking, app advisor and Sneak Peak.

AVG Antivirus Security

avg for android

AVG Antivirus Security is a globally popular security software and mobile app that can help you protect your Android devices from virus, spyware and malware with its real time protection. It comes with built-in app manager that allows users to close apps which are slowing down the device. AVG Antivirus Security also comes with amazing anti theft features to lock down or locate stolen or lost devices. You can get it for free from Google Play Store.

Avast Antivirus and Security

avast android

Avast Antivirus and Security is not only popular among desktop users but it has millions of users on Android platform too. The app automatically scans all the apps, contents stored on your device and some additional features like SMS and call filtering, anti theft and remote lock can make the entire experience even better. You can download Avast Antivirus and Security for free from Google Play Store.

360 Security

360 phone security

360 Security is one of the oldest and most popular Android security apps available all Android devices including phones and tablets running Android 4.0 and above. Some of the well known features of 360 Security are system cleaner, system booster and antivirus. System cleaner removes junk files from the device, system booster frees up the RAM and antivirus scans all files in real time.

Kaspersky Internet Security

kaspersky mobile security

Kaspersky Internet Security is a complete suite that comes with all the security features you could possibly expect. The free version of Kaspersky Internet Security comes with antivirus, antimalware and anti theft features while the premium version which is available via subscription for $15 per year comes with advanced features like anti phishing, cloud protection and privacy protection.