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How to Prevent the Loss of Confidential Company’s Data

Company's information security

As the development of new technology keeps on without showing any signs of slowing down, it seems that those citizens who are of villainous affiliation are also adjusting to up to date technology, and the riches it can produce. Information is crucial to most companies, nevertheless, more corporations than ever before are befalling to data and information theft, or attempted records theft.
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Zones of Risk at a Workplace

confidential company informationOne of the major problems that modern day business owners face is the leaking or theft of confidential company information. Data theft is costing companies around the globe, millions in lost revenue, as well as that it is quite possible for a company who have invented a new product, to have that products details stolen from them by another company. Continue reading

The Ins & Outs OF Employee Monitoring

Employee MonitoringIf your company is providing cell phones to your employee’s, then you are perfectly entitled to monitor their phone usage in order to prevent misuse occurring. Things such as, poor performance, data protection and using the phone for personal use, are just some of the things that you can prevent when you monitor your employee’s cell phone use at work. Continue reading

Get What is Hidden in Their Phone through Phone Spy

In our surroundings, there are many people who are always suspicious and indulge in certain activities. They are always engaged in their cell phones and don’t seem to be concerned about what is happening around and what others are feelings towards them. Their activities are not known to anyone but it is important for us who are concerned with them personally or professionally. These persons save themselves from others’ attention when they are engaged in their calls. Continue reading

Cell Phone Tracking Software for Business

Business Cell Phone Tracking SoftwareWhen you are running your own business, you want to make sure that the people that are working for you give you good value for your money, and have the best interests in mind for your business. Unfortunately there are some employees who are less than honest and take their wages home while not pulling their weight at work. Continue reading

Combat Nomophobia By Tracking Employees Mobiles With Phone Spy Apps

fighting with nomophobiaWe all know somebody who seems obsessed with their mobile phone. These individuals are constantly checking their phone and cannot imagine living without their cell right by their side. It might even be you who exhibits this sort of behavior! It could be more than just an annoying habit, it could be signs of a mental illness known as Nomophobia – the fear of not having a mobile phone to hand! Continue reading

Dividing Mobile Phone Spy into Home and Business

smartphones addiction

People today have become addicted to their mobile phones. These days, even 8-year-old kids can be seen with a cell phone glued to their ears. In the professional sphere as well, cell phones are given to employees for job-related purposes. But how can you be sure that your employee or child are using their cell phones properly? Continue reading

Mobile Security for Business

Business today need not take place in an office, cubicle or at a desk. Many business transactions take place via mobile devices. From small scale enterprises to high tier corporations, smartphone technology has been implemented. When technology becomes this easy, the risk of cyber threats grow exponentially. Continue reading

Smart Ways to Improve Company’s Performance

improving company perfomanceToday’s corporate market is very competitive and businesses have to come up with creative and innovative approaches to keep up ever changing global market. Technology and communication advancement have revolutionized the business world by offering efficiency and better accountability. In the past in any organization authority or decision making power used to be in a few hands and the centralized power system with closed door policy. On lower hierarchical level there was little or no power relegated to impact the system. Continue reading