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The Advantages of Cell Phone Monitoring

mobile phone spy appAs more and more people are using smartphones, so they want to have the heart’s ease that comes with installing cell phone monitoring apps on to their phones. There is a quantity of reasons why someone would want to install such an app onto the cell phone and both business users and personal users are starting to see the benefits of such an app. Continue reading

Keep Your Business Safe With Employee Phone Monitoring

businessman monitoring timeThe theft of company data is sadly becoming more common in businesses these days and because of this, a large number of employers are starting to take preventative action in order to curb the problem. Some employers have now started to keep tabs on their staff in order to spot any activity that is linked to the leaking of vital company information, which has the potential to harm the business and boost its competitors. Continue reading

Is Someone Spying On You? Spyera and Mspy detection

Someone Spying On YouSpeaking of Spyera, it was previously a quality service (2014-2015), but over time the market is changing and new features and tricks appear in tracking applications. In comparison with MSPY, Spyera – loses for many functions, here are some of them

MSPY vs Spyera

MSpy is app to track employees and kids. Summary Unlike Spyera..
Price / performance remains in priorities for a new users! There are many applications, but choose the best application becomes difficult. What do you get from Mspy unlike Spyera?
The price is cheaper (mSpy phone premium package will cost you from $ 15-16 / month, and Spyera from $ 32)
Works with non-jailbroken iOS devices;
Tracking Available for non-jailbroken iOS devices
Get the ADVANCED monitoring tool with ALL the useful features included!

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Easiest Ways to Detect Mobile Spy on Your Phone

Detecting mobile spy Mobile spying software such as MobileSpy and mSpy is often used to monitor children. However, new research shows that most phone tracking programs, and especially MobileSpy, can be easily found on your phone if you know where to look.

By the way, in April 2017, was published an article that tould about the hacking of the program.
Due to the extreme Flexispy / PhoneSheriff data leak, we strongly recommend using MSPY !!! It has end-to-end encryption so your data is totally safe. Only Mspy provides full end to end encryption.


But while mobile spying technology is legal, most of the people it’s being used on would take offense at it being installed on their phone. Despite that, there are still plenty of ways to locate traces of MobileSpy in your directories and download files. Continue reading

The Employee Monitoring Debate

employee monitoringThere are some issues that no matter how long they are debated will never come to a single conclusion. The issue of employee monitoring is one of those contentious issues.

There are lots of reasons being held up by those on both sides of the debate and in all honesty, there are a lot of valid concerns on both sides of the debate. Let’s take a brief look at both sides of the employee monitoring debate. Continue reading