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Mass breaking of Instagram accounts: a short guide, how to protect yourself


The world got access to 6 million Instagram accounts via database of hacked profiles.
There were found lots of celebrities’ data and this fact have already caused a number of public people notable harm. Everyone could use the database at a price of $ 10 for 1 search, even receiving e-mail and phone numbers. Despite the statements of Instagram about a small number of hacked users, in reality the situation has covered millions of
accounts. Continue reading

Learn all about Sarahah: Should parents be afraid of a popular app and how to control it?


So, you just (or long time ago) figured out the vectors of the information field in which your children spent the free time. Instagram, Snapchat and other modern social fun stuff: you know what that is and what is dangerous there.
But you are still not as progressive as you would like, right? And it turns out that teenagers are massively going crazy for a new social app called Sarahah. And this application already came out on the number 1 in the top of the most popular applications for iPhone.
Again the moment is missed! And now it is necessary to understand as fast as possible, what kind of beast is it and how can it bite your family, but you have already spent all your strength and knowledge on this stupid Snapchat. Continue reading

Best Apps to Control your Android Phone Battery

android battery saving apps

Android devices are known for using excessive amount of battery because of their big screens and the platform itself. However, there are hundreds of battery management and battery saving apps available on Google Play Store. Here is a list of some most popular battery management apps available for Android devices. Continue reading

Best Choice for Android Mobile Security

android mobile security

We all know Google’s Android is mainly known for its customization and personalization capabilities however this particular platform does not have a good reputation when it comes to security and malware protection. There are many examples when even legitimate apps on Google Play Store were infected with viruses and malware. Not to mention everything we download from the internet and all apps and games downloaded from unofficial sources are potential threats.
Let’s talk about some popular Android security apps that can help you protect your personal information, data and device. Continue reading

Best Keylogger for Windows – Advanced PC Monitoring in One App

windows keylogger

Most people would agree that advancements in technology have made our lives generally easier in a lot of ways. The internet has been a vital invention in allowing much of modern communication. At the press of a few buttons on a pc, one can send a message to their loved ones on the other side of the globe and almost instantly get a response. A little work can let you access millions of sources for whatever data you might need to collect. Continue reading

Find Your Lost Android Phone with Device Manager

android device manager

If you have recently purchased an Android device then make sure you install anti-theft app on it. Such apps allow users to find their lost or stolen devices remotely with the help of GPS feature of the device. But of course you have to install and enable such app or feature so you can track it down when needed. It’s a prevention technique rather than a solution so do it beforehand. Continue reading

How to Choose the Best iPhone Spy App

iphone spy app

If you are a parent who has just gotten your young child or teenager an iPhone, you would have thought about the dangers giving them a device that allows them to access the internet privately. Rest assured that there are many apps that offer the service of tracking an iphone. The many apps out in the market that allow you to tack an iPhone, give you an option to monitor your children’s actions and internet usage history. These are very powerful tools a concerned parent can use to ensure that their child is not accessing damaging websites for content like gambling, pornography and radical hate groups. A parental control app is something that provides such services and is packaged a lot nicely as compared to what many would consider spy apps, a name with a severe negative connotation. Continue reading

Protecting Your Mobile Phone from Thieves by Spyware

mobile phone thieft

Our mobile phones are becoming more hi-tech with every passing day. As a result, they are also becoming much more expensive.

We think nothing of carrying around a cell phone worth a couple of hundred bucks and even less about the value of the information that is contained within them. It might include sensitive data like banking details or personal information which could result in identity theft. Continue reading