Information security

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Legal Matters of Spyware

legality of spyware

Matters of legality are inherent in the western mind. We respect law and do our best not to infringe it, at least voluntarily. We abide by the legislation of our native country and try to uphold the laws and customs of our hosts while travelling abroad. Continue reading

Mobile Spyware: How Not To Stumble upon Outright Scam

work-from-home-scam-or-legitReasons to buy spying applications can be different, but expectations are the same all over the globe.

You require a cell phone spy that perfectly matches your particular needs in tracking and monitoring; at the same time, it has to be a good piece of software from a reliable developer which actually works as described on the official site and offers you utter safety and comfort in its usage. Let’s have a closer look at all the mentioned points. Continue reading

Surviving Lost Phone Syndrome!

imagesr4rerHave you ever lost your smartphone? It sort of feels like losing a limb, right? We understand, we have been there and that is why we are dedicated to helping people get over lost phone syndrome!

It may seem like a bit of an over reaction, but we have become so dependent on mobile phones that their loss certainly causes emotional and mental distress. In fact, for those of us who use our smartphones to access financial information or sensitive business data, losing our phones can actually cause major problems. Continue reading

The Threats Associated With Mobile Banking

Mobile banking applicationIt was not so long ago that the only way you could do all of your banking, was to physically go out to your local branch and deal with them face to face. Then some banks started to change the way they do business and some launched telephone banking, although this was never that popular. Then the Internet can along and totally transformed the way we do banking, and now more people than ever before are looking to bank online, with a fair percentage of people stating that they hardly ever need to visit their branch in person at all. Now with the advent of Internet enabled smartphones, people can bank on the move from almost anywhere, so long as there is either an Internet connection or a decent mobile phone signal. Continue reading

Preventing ID Theft with Cell Phone Monitoring

Preventing ID Theft with Cell Phone MonitoringCell phone ownership has never been as high as it is right now, and it seems as though there is a better more sophisticated smartphone being released to the public on an almost weekly basis at times. That is why, as cell phone use and ownership increases, so does the number of phone thefts, and because these smartphones contain so much personal information about the owner, more and more people are getting worried about the consequences of their devices being lost or stolen. Continue reading

Protect yourself from the HeartBleed Bug on your mobile phones

290_HeartbleedBugLosing your online identity has reached a whole new level with the HeartBleed Bug. The bug is named after the way information is transferred from the server to the hacking requestor at each ‘Heartbeat’.

This heartbeat is defined as a periodic signal from heartware signaling normal operation. This bug was first discovered in early April and is attributed to the coding for Open SSL cryptography library. This coding error has created a huge security flaw in websites, allowing for cyber criminals to steal information from servers and user passwords and cookies. Continue reading

Why to Root Your Android Phone?


“What is rooting? Why should I root Android phone?” These questions are asked quite often by owners of Android devices, that is why we are going to discuss them.

The Rooting Phenomenon

Rooting your Android, a term that you may come across when searching on how to improve your Android device. Rooting is the process in which the restrictions that your vendor or manufacturer has applied are removed and full-access is allowed. Once you have rooted your device, you are able to run more applications, have more control over settings, features and performance. Continue reading

Life with Passwords: Secured Heaven or Unsecured Hell?

bad password protectionAs far as the concept is concerned, it is assumable that the idea of passwords came out to keep the important and private things “protected”. Funny thing, this is now one of the most vulnerable issues regarding the security of any online activity we are doing.

The more the invasion of technology increases in our everyday life, the more we become tangled with passwords. The worst part is we have to keep them changed, stronger and different from any other account we have! Even after that, our online life is always at stake! Continue reading