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How to Choose the Best Android Tracker


The fact that there are applications that can track somebody’s mobile device isn’t a strange one. People use this application in all sort of manners. For one they can be used to spy on your children’s online activity and by doing so making sure they are safe. Another function is to find your mobile device once it has been lost or stolen, and this simply done by using the integrated GPS services which every device has. Continue reading

Using Spyware to Track Whatsapp Messages

Using spyware to track Whatsapp messages

Are you looking for the best tracking spyware which can show you how to read other`s Whatsapp messages conversation history on an android device online? In this case, you need to know that the most professional chat tracker is everything you need, regardless of your purpose. It is important to know that this tool is able show you everything you are interested to find out on someone else`s smartphone, regardless of the purpose. It is allowed to monitor received and sent messages, intercept calls and everything else, what the other person is doing. Using a trace app is easy and free. Continue reading

Track Remote iPhone with Monitoring App

Track Remote iPhone with Monitoring App

The Tracking Idea

Since the era of the mobile phone has arrived, communication has become easier, and at the same time, more dangerous, since people started to wonder how to use spy apps to track IPhones without jailbreak. The idea of using a tracker application stems from the need to keep track of the unchecked growth of communication, which may pose a problem in the lives of one’s kids or any other loved one. Also, all Apple devices, iPhone or iPad, are very expensive, the ability to monitor the movements of one’s phone gives a huge sense of security. All varieties of iPhones, including 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6 and those that are yet to come, such as 7 and 8 are expected to be supported by such apps. The best and the ideal iOS spyware tool would be invisible on the target device and would monitor all activity and sms and messages, sending the information to the other device from where you gather it. The idea is extremely popular among most of the people who are in a relationship, like a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend and child. If your iPhone has undergone a jailbreak, it is still possible to install the trackers and use them as in a phone without jailbreak. Continue reading

Tracking Software for Text Messages

Tracking Software for Text Messages

The Basic Concepts

The idea of a free phone tracker app has gained immense popularity over the past few years and continues to do so as people discover how to read someone else’s text messages. At the very core of the idea lies software which is able to receive and intercept SMS, trace any mobile phone and even retrieve deleted messages. While there are certain legal ramifications regarding the spy feature of spy applications, and to access another person’s messages without him or her knowing is not a recommended act, these text messages tracking spyware have been able to see into the everyday life of most of the smart phone users, regardless of whether they use android or iPhone. The most dominant cause is that spy apps allow one to check, or to say more appropriately, monitor the people they love or are guardians of, say boyfriends, girlfriends, daughters and so forth. The tracking applications are also able to download, view and trace both messages and calls, and these are way better than opting to hack someone’s text messages or account. The target cell phone does not detect the software. Because of spyware, it is now possible to see whether your loved ones are on the right track or not. Continue reading

Tracking Facebook with Monitoring Apps

Tracking Facebook with Monitoring Apps

Facebook as a Hive for Social Media Bees

With everyday’s passing we see a spike in the craze and adorability of users for one of the kings of social media known as Facebook, that’s why there are people wondering how to hack into someones messages without password, or recover deleted chats. Through this platform, you can send messages or share your image or video files with your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, wifes, husbands or someones very special whom you want to. Now facebook app messengers are also available on your mobile, cellphone and iPhone supporting both ios and android to facilitate the maximum percentage of the users. Facebook is regarded as one of the few most popular social media platforms and holds its unique position because of some special features which are not offered by any of its competitors. But, it’s unethical use has made it almost obligatory to parents to monitor virtually social profile of their children who are very likely to get betrayed on Facebook account of their immature approach to many matters. To address this long-awaited need, many tools in form of softwares that we can call spywares are readily available in the market. They allow you to track or monitor your children’s or the Facebook accounts of targeted persons by providing you keyloggers and other facilities in this context. Continue reading

Spying on Android is Possible with Mobile Tracker

Spying on Android is Possible with Mobile Tracker

The Android cell phone is chock full of communication programs, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat and the system text messages app, that’s why there are a lot of folks wondering how to track Android using spy app. The insane growth of communication throughout the world leaves our loved ones and those under our responsibility vulnerable, necessitating the tracking of activity and location of the target cell phone. Also, it is desirable to trace a lost or a stolen Android mobile. Becouse of it, the spyware has quickly become one of the top most appreciated softwares of the present era. As the name indicates, these best tracker applications are able to spy on call, SMS and internet history of the Android cell phone, while keeping itself hidden and secret. The undetectable ability is used as protection of the mobile phone, lest the tracking purpose is lost. However, these apps are not just used by a spouse, husband or wife; boyfriend or girlfriend; partner or kids; or someone in the family. They are also used by boss of various organizations to monitor the internet activity of the employees during office hours to ensure that distractions are at a minimum. The top Android softwares are available for free download online. Continue reading

Ethics and Legality of Phone Tracking Software

legality of spyware

We live in a world that is increasingly complex and dangerous. The Middle East is a powder keg that has a lit fuse and is slowly and inexorably reaching its end. You have the Israel and Palestine issue and the ISIS and various terrorist groups that are increasingly getting airtime on the news as well as becoming more attractive to impressionable youths. The tragedies that are unfolding in the UK and Australia are that of teens, of both sexes, becoming radicalised and deciding to move over to war torn Syria via Turkey. How do parents of teenagers cope with such fluid circumstances? Continue reading

Tablets: The Trendiest and Most Favorite Smart Gadgets Now

When the initial tablets were being announced and hitting the markets, most people, even the tech gurus and geeks were negative about these to be a boomerang to the companies investing their money and technology on these.

Well, their prediction was surely wrong and the tablets boomerang-ed them, as we can say. Surely the smart phones are the most popular choice in terms of smart devices, but the tablets are getting the attention and pace and becoming one of the most popularly desired and preferred gadgets to own! Continue reading

Workforce Smartphone Abuse: It’s Real – But Can You Stop It?

You’ll hardly be surprised to know that smartphones are everywhere these days—and that includes in your employees’ hands. According to enterprise mobility services vendor iPass a company providing enterprise mobility services, recently surveyed over 2,300 mobile employees,95% of them report they have a smartphone. And of these, nearly 6 in 10 use smartphones issued by their employer.

But here’s the bad news: while 91% of these mobile workers say they use smartphones to help them get work done, only a fraction—33 %—use smartphones entirely or mostly for work. So what are the other two-thirds doing with their smartphones during office hours? Continue reading