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It’s Time To Tackle Texting & Walking!

texting while walking

We hear all the time about the dangers of texting or calling someone while driving a car, but did you know that many text related road accidents are not actually caused by drivers, but by people who are texting and walking! An increasing number of teens (and even some adults) are becoming involved in car accidents because they are looking at their cell phone instead of paying attention when crossing busy roads. A recent study by Stony Brook University discovered that when texting and walking people were more than 60% more likely to veer off course and were prone to walking about 13% further than intended! Continue reading

4 Ways To Monitor Teens Online

monitoring teens onlineToday’s teenagers are highly sociable creatures and they are also heavily influenced by their friends – much more so than by their parents or authority figures. That is why it is so important for parents to have some level of control over the online activities that their teens are involved in. Parents have always made a point of getting to know their children’s friends by inviting them round for dinner or taking them along on family day trips, but what about the electronic friends?

Continue reading

Parents Need To Find Balance with Social Media Monitoring

social media monitoringThese days, social media is considered to play a major role in the lives of people all around the world. Especially, when we talk about the younger generation, social media has now become an integral part of every youngster’s life. Due to this fact, all parents have to realize the need to create a fine balance between the adequate monitoring of their kids’ activities and the level of autonomy given to them to make their decisions and to choose between good and bad. Continue reading

Get What is Hidden in Their Phone through Phone Spy

In our surroundings, there are many people who are always suspicious and indulge in certain activities. They are always engaged in their cell phones and don’t seem to be concerned about what is happening around and what others are feelings towards them. Their activities are not known to anyone but it is important for us who are concerned with them personally or professionally. These persons save themselves from others’ attention when they are engaged in their calls. Continue reading

Why Mobile Monitoring Is Not Just For Kids

children mobile monitoringThere is a fairly common misconception that mobile monitoring software is only meant for monitoring our kids, but to believe this is to discount the true power of mobile monitoring software. Mobile monitoring apps like mSpy can be used to record the smartphone activities of kids, teens, employees and even spouses who have and Android, iPhone on Blackberry device. Continue reading

Students Benefit Of Using Mobile Monitoring

students using mobile monitoringCell phone have become a near necessity in our lives. It is hugely popular among high school students, who can be seen carrying their smartphone devices to class to keep in touch with friends and family. Most schools however, do not allow the use of cell phones by students on school premises.

The main reason behind the discouragement of cell phone usage at school is that many teachers believe that cell phones can be a huge distraction to learning, lead to sexting, and increase the temptation to cheat on exams. Teachers should realize the fact that all technology has both pros and cons and one should weigh both of them before banning it completely. Continue reading

5 Great Advantages of Teen Tablet Tracking

Most people love tablet PCs that have become invaluable companions in our day-to-day activities. Their light weight and compact design make it easy for the kids to carry them. They feature amazing range of learning tools that have allured the teens. Besides their advantages, they have equally more harm that can severely affect the teens. While the advancements in technology have done a great deal of good to the society, they also feature some potential harm like breach in a personal security. With the media encouraging perversions of all kinds among the teen, they often yield to temptations and fall a victim to evils. It is therefore very essential for parents to track and monitor the tablet activities of their teens. Tablet tracking technology is a valuable step in furthering the art of child rising. This article discusses five incomparable benefits of tablet tracking similar to mobile tracking. Continue reading