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mSpy Review: Monitoring Software For Cell Phones

Premium-phone170-146Mobile phone monitoring has become increasingly popular among parents and business owners who see it as a great way to supervise their children and employees.

MSpy is one of the leading software apps that monitors smartphone devices with software boasting the most advanced mobile monitoring features. Continue reading

Mobile Spy Review: Phone Surveillance

 mobilespy-box-2Mobile Spy is a phone tracking and surveillance software package to help users keep informed about the activities performed on compatible mobile devices. This Mobile Spy review outlines the features and benefits of the software.


  When compared to other cell phone tracking software solutions, Mobile Spy does not include every feature and could be considered less comprehensive. However, it does include the most important surveillance features; for example, direct SMS recording plus sender/recipient information, GPS tracking, call logging, social media coverage, website history and phone media storage access. Most other mobile internet actions can be recorded, such as email applications, YouTube activity and internet message service recording. Continue reading

SpyBubble Review

spybubble software

Advantages of SpyBubble:

  • Supports old and new generation of cell phone devices.
  • WhatsApp and iMessage tracking feature.
  • Continuous updates.
  • Easy installation procedure.

Continue reading

Mobile Spy Vs. mSpy

product comparison

Spy applications have become popular ones to download onto cell phones; however, the amount that is on offer can be daunting. This is why you need to compare different applications and what they offer. Comparing the market leaders Mobile Spy and mSpy will give you an insight into what is available. Continue reading

FlexiSpy Review

  Flexispy software

This application is claimed to be a good solution to address your need to monitor your family and employees.

A FlexiSpy review should look at everything the software has to offer, since there is such a wide range of features and functions. There are two main products that FlexiSpy has to offer, FlexiSpy Premium ($149 per year) and FlexiSpy Extreme ($349.00 per year). Continue reading

Spyera Review

Spyera softwareThis Spyera review will look at how this mobile spying software can be used for a variety of things and how it can benefit its users. It offers functions such as location tracking and reading all sorts of things on the target phone including text messages, contact lists, emails, and even read Instant Messenger chats. When writing this Spyera review, we tried the software and found that it also provides the ability to “dial in” to a phone call that the target phone is currently on. You can specify a list of numbers within your control panel, and Spyera will automatically send you an SMS message when it detects that the target phone is talking with one of those specified numbers. From here, you are able to call the target mobile and it will connect to the conversation and you will be able to listen in, completely undetected. Continue reading

mSpy vs SpyBubble

mSpy - mobile spywareThe drastic rise in popularity of smart devices has sparked a need for parents and employers to monitor their children’s and employees mobile activities. This can be done with mobile monitoring software apps.

In this article, we will take a closer look at two of the market leaders in cell phone monitoring software. Both mSpy and Spybubble have been around for some time and we will compare the pros and cons of each system so you can decide which one offers the best value for your needs. Continue reading

mSpy Application Review

mSpy monitoring application

mSpy is a revolutionary app and service which allows parents to keep an eye on their kids’ activities all the time without compromising their freedom, it allows employers to keep their businesses secure by knowing the suspicious activities of their employees if they are leaking confidential information to other people. Developers created this service and app for above mentioned purposes but apparently people re more creative then the company and they are using mSpy for other purposes too. For example many people use mSpy as an anti-theft app so they can track the device (and thief) in case their phone or tablet gets stolen or lost. Continue reading

New mSpy Features


The award winning personal monitoring app is back and with newer features! If you think mSpy couldn’t get any better, think again. The app’s phone monitoring system has been improved tremendously with the many new features included, features like using the app to restrict certain callers or calls made to the phone and even a report generating option. This definitely justifies a high price on the app, but with the actual app costing less than a dollar a day, it is a definite buy. The following list will substantiate why it is and if that truly is the case. Continue reading