Chat Apps Overtake SMS As The Fashionable Way To Talk

instant messaging appsAccording to a recent survey, conducted in 2013, more people than ever before sent messages via other means, rather than by the traditional text message. The 17.5 billion daily text messages were surpassed by the 20 billion daily messages that were sent via specialized messaging apps.

The Rise of the Instant Messaging Apps

The rise of these specific chat apps has seen the traditional text message become less popular in recent years, and now mobile phone service providers, are starting to see a fall in the amount of money that they make from SMS messages for the first time.

The rise in popularity of instant chat apps such as Whatsapp and Viber is down to the fact that they are cheaper than sending a traditional text message. This is especially so for people who are on pre-payment cell phones, as people on contract phones, tend to have a hefty amount of text messages or even unlimited text messages as part of their monthly allowance. However, they may still be charged for the sending of photos and video clips, and this can become quite costly if many of these messages are sent each month, and can be traced using SMS spy apps. With chat apps, all messages, be it text or photos, are free of charge, and this is something that has attracted a lot of people to them.

Natural Evolution of Mobile Text Messaging

The problem that mobile phone service providers are having with these chat apps, is that they are noticing a significant drop in the income they receive from text and photo messaging. This is because those people who are more sociable are the ones more likely to send more messages than the casual user, and unfortunately for the mobile phone service providers, these are the people who are looking for cheaper alternatives to text messaging.

RIM, was the ones who first started the popularity of instant messaging apps with the Blackberry Messenger app that was pre-installed to all of their phones. As other mobile phone companies dismissed this app as a gimmick, they ignored it and that opened up the market for others to make alternative programs for instant chatting. Facebook chat was next on the block although this was restricted to text only at the beginning, no photos could be shared, however, even they had to change their program in order to keep up with chat apps. Chat apps such as WhatsApp suddenly appeared in app stores across many cell phone operating systems, and it was not so long before the combination of free messaging started to lure many people to give it a try. The program that will allow users to be able to read messages that are being exchanged through messaging apps such as WhatsApp is called phone monitoring software.

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Facebook Messages as a Good Alternative

What was once considered to be a gimmick was now fast becoming the app of choice for people who enjoy messaging via text, and now the mobile phone companies have to play catch-up, by including chat apps already pre-installed onto their phones. Facebook has already fired the next salvo in the chat app wars, with the launch of their new Facebook home app on the Android platform. This will see your phone’s home screen, taken over by Facebook, so that all your Facebook messages are displayed prominently on your phone. Will this be popular? Only time will tell, however, one thing is for sure, chat apps are popular and are here to stay.