Comparison of TopSpyApp and MobiStealth

TopSpy and Mobistealth comparisonThe market for monitoring apps for parents and businesses are growing. It is no longer surprising that anyone searching for an affordable and effective monitoring app to come across lists after lists mentioning how apps like mSpy and PhoneSheriff. Most lists are also surprisingly similar in their top 3 rankings. This begs the question on whether if there are more apps available out in the market that do not meet these lists or are relatively new.

This article concentrates on two of the slightly more common apps that tend to get glossed over for the more established spy apps. These two apps are TopSpyApp and MobiStealth. Three areas of functionality are used as criteria for a good monitoring app. The first criteria being available functions, the second would be compatibility and lastly, pricing.


This is a new monitoring application that was developed by a company with the same name, with the intent of delivering answers that protective parents or businesses with highly valuable secrets demand. To use this app is simplicity itself, with a 3 step procedure, getting the information you need is easy and fast. This app meets the first criteria splendidly, with a total of 12 features. Mainstay features such as call and text monitoring are found in the app and totally exceed expectations.

Additional features include email tracking, GPS locating ability, internet usage counter, multimedia file viewer, access to addresses and contacts, app and program control as well as keylogging capabilities. These are features not commonly found in your run of the mill monitoring apps. Compatibility features strongly with this particular app, with a total of 3 different OS and countless models able to use this app. The operating systems that are compatible are iOS, Andriod and Blackberry. You definitely will be able to use it on your phone. If you’re unsure of your mobile phone’s compatibility, you can just pop down to the website to check.

In terms of pricing, the last criterion is fulfilled competitively. This app is a monthly subscription with 3 different categories to choose from, fulfilling your needs as a parent or business owner without breaking the bank.


This is an app that is climbing up the charts quiet rapidly. This app was developed for the monitoring of both personal and business uses. The features available for this app are quite developed with real time locating software and accessing of pictures and data in the target phone. Other details like video logging and location history recording are also available, making this one of the most powerful apps that has entered the market. When it comes to OS compatibility, this app allows for Andriod, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian operating systems.

This is definitely a better product when it comes to compatibility when compared to other apps, even the previously mentioned Top Spy App. However, the cost for this app is rather steep. With an $89.99 USD price tag, it would make most parents think twice about buying it.

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