Dividing Mobile Phone Spy into Home and Business

smartphones addiction

People today have become addicted to their mobile phones. These days, even 8-year-old kids can be seen with a cell phone glued to their ears. In the professional sphere as well, cell phones are given to employees for job-related purposes. But how can you be sure that your employee or child are using their cell phones properly?

Do you fear that your child is text messaging and spend time in chat rooms all night long? Are you worried they might be texting about inappropriate subjects? Do you have any suspicions that your employee is being unproductive, browsing porn websites and abusing his cell phone privileges?

Do you question whether he is calling someone after business hours for personal reasons? You can find the answers to all these questions by simply installing a mobile monitoring app such as mSpy onto their cell phones.

Compatible with the top operational systems, including Android, iPhone, Symbian and Blackberry, mSpy’s cell phone application is an excellent solution to your monitoring needs.

mSpy For Home Use

The parents of small children or teenagers know full well how desperately they want a smartphone due to the pressures of mass media and their fellow peers. These days, having a mobile phone might lead a child to making poor decisions if left unmonitored. With crimes and bullying on the rise, parents have many concerns about their children’s safety and a mobile phone monitor can help eliminate them.

mSpy’s monitoring app lets parents:

  • View Call & SMS Info
  • Track GPS Location
  • Read Emails
  • Monitor aWebsites
  • Gain Access To Photo/Video Logs

mSpy For Business Use

If you have a strong feeling that your employees are playing games on their corporate phones during office hours or using them for personal reasons, you definitely need a mobile phone monitor like mSpy. You cannot find a better way of boosting the productivity of your employees since you will know exactly what cell phone activities they are engaging in.

You will find out if employees are:

  • making calls to personal contacts during work hours
  • using chat messengers to communicate with friends
  • taking photos of sensitive documents
  • selling confidential information about the company to competitors
  • taking excursions while they should be working

There’s no easier way to monitor the cell phone activities of children or employees. Simply install this advanced software onto the phone you wish to monitor and let go of all your safety related worries.