Do not Underestimate the Dangers of Instant Messaging

Instant MessagingInstant messaging is more popular than ever before, and this is due in no small part to the seemingly endless ways in which people can communicate. There seems to be a plethora of instant messaging apps that can be downloaded onto smart phones and tablet computers, and the majority of them are free too. This has meant that there has been a noticeable drop in the number of text messages being sent, as people look to find cheaper alternatives.

Instant Messengers Can Be Dangerous

There are a number of instant messaging apps available across many of the smartphone operating systems, such as BlackBerry, Android and iOS, and it was BlackBerry Messenger that seemed to ignite interest in instant messaging apps among the general public. Now there is Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat and many other instant messaging apps out there to download.

However, this range of instant messaging apps is not all good news, with online security very much in the news at the moment, there is concern that these instant messaging services are leaving people, and particularly young children and teens, vulnerable to abuse by online predators and cyber bullies.

 Cyber Bullying

Very much in the news at the moment, due to some unfortunate and tragic deaths of teenagers who have fallen victim to cyber bullying recently, and there is an ever growing concern that the problem of cyber bullying is getting worse. As a parent, it is imperative that you sit your child down and explain to them the dangers of sharing too much information online, and that if they feel that there is someone sending them distasteful or harmful messages, that they should let you know right away. Explain to them the importance of making sure that their security and privacy settings are strict enough in order to limit the kind of information that is freely available to anyone.

Stranger Danger

Being told not to talk to strangers was advice that all of us got from their parents, school teachers and police officers as were growing up, however, the dangers associated with talking to strangers in the street is slowly being replaced by the fear of online strangers. With so many ways to communicate these days, it is getting harder and harder for parents to keep track of their child’s social activities, and it could be a case that they are communicating with someone they shouldn’t.

What Cell Phone Trackers Are For

That is why cell phone trackers are becoming more popular, especially amongst parents, as they feel that there is a greater risk of their children getting preyed on by online criminals and pedophiles. A cell phone spying app is downloaded on to the child’s smartphone, where it runs undetected in the background, and conveys the info relating to the phone’s usage to a website. Once logged in, the concerned parent can then gain access to such things as call logs, text messages, email and instant messaging apps. That way they can spot the signs that their child might be in danger, a lot quicker than just relying on their child telling them in the first place.

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