DroidMonitor Review

Droid Monitor softwareOne app that recently surfaced in the mobile monitoring app is the DroidMonitor. To find out if the app has what it takes to deliver the solution that customers want, we’ve decided to review this app according to 3 specific criteria. The first criterion that the app needs to meet is the app capability for mobile monitoring. This criterion determines if the app is able to perform the desired duties of the user who wants to monitor a target. The second criterion is the phone applicability. There’s no point in getting a program for a phone that doesn’t support the app, hence needing this criterion. The last criterion is the affordability context, determining if the price of the app is actually worth the features delivered.

Perfomance and Capability

In terms of app capability, this app is able to perform only the basic functions that users would want. The functions are call monitoring, GPS tracking system, remote monitoring with multiple target tracking, rule creation for the devices and mass SMS sending and tracking. Even the mostly used functions are not very well defined by the developers for this app. Suffice to say, this app does not have any specific issues due to the lack of market penetration and sales at the moment. The app is a definite stealthy app, with the intent of not allowing the target phone’s users to figure out if he/she is being monitored. One aspect of the app intrigues us is the low battery and internet consumption, requiring only a few Mb of data transfer per month. This would significantly improve the information gathering that can range on suspicious employees or rebellious children.There is another area of interest and it is the remote access capability. This would allow the user to ensure that the app runs when they need it to run, without needing to have a computer to activate the monitoring system.


In terms of applicability, this app is specifically available for mobiles with the Android operating systems. Though this effectively closes off a large portion of users, the Android market is still huge enough to sustain this concept. The closing off the access to the iOS market seems like a foolish thing, with the increasing number of smart phones running an Android operating system it is very likely that the majority of smart phone users will be using Google’s Android system. There is no news from the developers on the inclusion of the Windows or Apple operating system for this app.

Cost wise, the app is free over Google Play. This app is a great value for money app as the features is able to monitor target phones and is free. Though lacking in a large amount of features, this app can still deliver the basic needs for all users and would be a good download if you do not need a heavy duty monitoring app.