Easiest Ways to Detect Mobile Spy on Your Phone

Detecting mobile spy Mobile spying software such as MobileSpy and mSpy is often used to monitor children. However, new research shows that most phone tracking programs, and especially MobileSpy, can be easily found on your phone if you know where to look.

By the way, in April 2017, was published an article that tould about the hacking of the program.
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But while mobile spying technology is legal, most of the people it’s being used on would take offense at it being installed on their phone. Despite that, there are still plenty of ways to locate traces of MobileSpy in your directories and download files.

 If you’re suspicious, or think someone has installed MobileSpy on your phone, here are a couple of easy ways to check for it before accusing them of spying on you.

Check Your SD Card Downloads Storage

 First, check your SD card download folder. This should be located under Sim or Downloads depending on your phone. Look for a file under the name of ‘ms5-­‐2.1-­‐above.apk’ in the folder. If you find it, then it means that MobileSpy is being used on your phone.

Find out Who Is Spying on You

 Looking for spy on mobile phoneIf you want to know who is have full control over the applications installed, check your subdirectories. If you don’t know your way around the phone, the easiest way to get there is to use an FTTP system such as FileZilla and access your phone by typing in the name and password (different for each type of phone) and then typing in /data/data/. If MobileSpy is on your phone, you will find a file called ‘com.re=na22.ms6’.

 This file contains everything you will want to know about the Mobile Spy application on your phone, including files named ‘MobileSpyData6.0.xml’ and even the email address that your phone data is being sent to.

 If you think someone is spying on your phone using MobileSpy, just check either one of these two options. The first, the SD download folder, will tell you if MobileSpy is being used, and the second directory option will let you know who is spying on you.