Ethics and Legality of Phone Tracking Software

legality of spyware

We live in a world that is increasingly complex and dangerous. The Middle East is a powder keg that has a lit fuse and is slowly and inexorably reaching its end. You have the Israel and Palestine issue and the ISIS and various terrorist groups that are increasingly getting airtime on the news as well as becoming more attractive to impressionable youths. The tragedies that are unfolding in the UK and Australia are that of teens, of both sexes, becoming radicalised and deciding to move over to war torn Syria via Turkey. How do parents of teenagers cope with such fluid circumstances?

Tracking Your Children

One seeming ethically unambiguous answer would be to track their children’s phones. Yet the ethics and legality of such an action raises are profound and inherently damaging. No child would enjoy being tracked, the implied statement is that their parents don’t trust them. Apply this to your spouse and employees, if you are an employer, the legal challenges get even more tangled. A great example of unwarranted tracking is the Snowden release and wikileaks. The damage that was created by their revelations on government spying on their own citizens can be equated to the damage your personal relationships can suffer if your loved ones found out about your tracking habits. This is definitely an area you don’t want to explore.

Justifying Tracking a Smart Phone

There are areas where by the use of a phone tracking software is or can be justified. The first is that if you are dealing with a emotionally challenged and depressed child, who has a history of suicidal actions and the second would be when you need to keep track of a mentally challenged or special child who is prone to getting lost. The use of monitoring apps, like the highly rated MSpy, with geo fencing and GPS tracking is warranted and highly recommended.

The Main Issue

The main issue with phone tracking and monitoring is individual freedom. As a parent and spouse, if you are able to explain and inform the need of a tracking app, you can consider the battle half won. The other half would be when your target accepts the monitoring software. There is no way out from the conundrum where you impose yourself and damage a person’s freedom of action by tracking. You can only minimise the damage.