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  FlexiSPY ReviewA FlexiSpy review should look at everything the software has to offer, since there is such a wide range of features and functions. There are two main products that FlexiSpy has to offer, FlexiSpy Premium ($149 per year) and FlexiSpy Extreme ($349.00 per year). The latter is a fully fledged and featured application which supports a vast array of functions, including the ability to read emails, SMS messages and call logs. Additionally, you can view GPS locations even if the target cell phone has no internet connection at a particular point in time – the system can resolve a geographical location using cell phone towers. For those people who know what they are looking for, such as a particular name or topic, they can search most of the phone using keywords.

Features & Products

This FlexiSpy review also seeks to highlight standout points within a mobile tracking application. For FlexiSpy, the main standout points are the ability to listen in to live phone calls. Yes, you read that right, you can actually listen in to phone calls as they happen.
For mobile spies that are always on the go, FlexiSpy supports the ability to forward all captured material to your e-mail inbox, allowing you to get instant updates on what is happening, no matter where you are. One more product offered by FlexiSpy is called FlexiRECORD that comes at a price of $249.00 (one time payment) and automates the recording of calls directly to a Windows PC. Also, there is an addidional product, Password Cracker that can be purchased for $49.99.

Flexispy app

How do you tell if a mobile monitoring app is worth the money you spend on it? The features that such an app needs to have and the expectations to meet are endless. The specific areas that need to be met are the features available within the app, the ease of use and the cost of the app. Many top rate apps like mSpy have defining features that solidifies its position as a market leader. Things such as compatibility with a wide range of mobile operating systems, robust data collection programs that allow for analysis after collection and test demo apps that show that the app actually will work after installation. So how does an outlying app like Flexispy compare? The following paragraphs list the case for Flexispy.

What Is the Flexispy Functionality

In terms of features, the Flexispy app has all the common modules desired for a good baseline model. Features like call monitoring, messaging monitoring for both text and instant as well as GPS and multimedia monitoring are offered. The outstanding feature is the Facetime spycam as it is not a commonly touted feature in other outstanding mobile monitoring apps, like PhoneSheriff and MobileSpy. Another interesting feature is the ability of the app to log voice over IP or VOIP calls. This is also an area not normally mention by more common mobile monitoring software out in the market.

Other Interesting Features

Other features worth noting are the app monitor function, remote spying that also allows remote control of mobile camera to take pictures, and stealth features that ensure the target phone doesn’t know if the app is running or if the iPhone, specifically, is jailbroken. Interestingly, the GPS tacking system that is often touted by other apps on received cursory mention by the developers. This would likely mean that the GPS feature is not as effective as others out in the market. One other interesting function is the ability to intercept and send false messages to the target phone’s other party. This would be a useful feature if it weren’t for the fact that sending false messages can quite easily erode trust and respect if used blatantly. The features mentioned by the app developers show a good app with new features not commonly held by other apps, making this an app that is well worth the money.


In terms of mobile phone compatibility, this app is allowed on the Apple’s iOS, Android operating system as well as the Windows and BlackBerry operating systems. This allows the app to fit a large number of mobile phones that are out in the market. Target phones are no longer a problem for the app. Another feature of the app is the support from the developers to ensure that the app works well. Top apps, like mSpy, have 24hour support, which is strangely missing from this app. Support is relegated to an online tutorial on the app’s website.

Available Payment Options

Lastly for cost, this app allows payment via Bitcoin, a feature that is rare but gaining popularity in the mobile app circles. With costs for the app at $149 to $349 depending on the usage and function of the app, it can get a little pricy for an app that doesn’t give you a peace of mind that the features work, through downloadable demos like other apps.


Overall, FlexiSpy is a quite a well-equipped mobile tracking system, but it’s price tag is what discourages many mobile tracking software seekers from buying this app.  The major reason to get this software is the need to intercept calls. Those who can do without this feature can find a lot of decent options at a more attractive price. To end this FlexiSpy review, we will advise that it is best to weigh the pros and cons of a variety of products before choosing one.


4 thoughts on “FlexiSpy Review

    • So you don’t recommend it? I’m thinking about buying it, as it seems to be the only spyware that doesn’t require a jail brake.

      • Hey Dalia,

        This isn’t the only app which doesn’t require a jailbreak. According to our info, folks from http://www.mspy.com/ are also working on this feature. We’ll publish detailed manual about installing it on iOS devices without jailbreak shortly. Stay tuned!

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