Gifting a Child with the First Phone: Keeping it Monitored First

smartphone giftPlanning on gifting your child with a smartphone, or buying them one just because they would not stop asking and requesting for one? Well, no matter what the cause is, most children these days have smart phones as their first phones, and parents cannot really help avoiding that to purchase for them.

Choosing the First Smartphone

There are obviously number of brands with numerous models to choose from, considering the features and prices. Well, the product to purchase can be determined by negotiating with your child considering the specifications and budget, but with a smart phone, parents buy headache too!

The Reasons of Headaches

Like mentioned in the previous paragraph, with a cutting-edge smart phone, parents actually invite in a lot of things to worry about. While smart phones do ease up communication and many other things, it actually eases it up too much for children who do not know what dreadful things can be out there, in disguise. The increase of exploiting contents and incidents in the recent times makes parents even more worried. Since a smart phone isolates the children, and allows them to access websites, play games and connect through social network totally being unwary to their parents, the risk only increase. Gone are the days of keeping an eye on the computer and internet usage of the children. Children, with their natural tendency to be curious of unknown things and to meet new “interesting” people, may often fall victims of any online scams, sexual or other objectionable incidents, that may scar their minds and lives forever. Before things get out of the grip, parents should intervene, in a “smart way”!

The Smart Way to Watch Over

Since the phone claims it to be “smart”, the parents should also be the same in parenting. There are monitoring apps available for smart phones and gadgets for parents to see each and every activity their children are doing through their smart phones, without letting them know. With phone monitoring software  installed, parents now can get all the information of the usage, connectivity and other activity their children are doing through their smart phones. Like, for example, with phone tracking app installed in the parents phones, with only a call, they can start tracking the location of their children, the IMs, emails and texts, the online browsing history, the social media and other apps’ usage, files stored in the phone and what not! Now, with the help of these services, parents will know what is going on in their children’s lives, and can interfere when they think it is needed before it is too late. Many people have been raising questions about such software and the privacy concerned, but all these become obsolete when we are talking about the children and their safety. Since parents cannot deprive them of having a smart phone, the least they can do is watch them over, the way the situation demands.