HelloSpy Review

Hellospy softwareWhat makes a great mobile monitoring app? There are many opinions on this matter; some say stealth mode of operation, and others say the amount of data that can be collected from the target phones.

Effectively, there are 3 areas that make a good mobile monitoring app. The first is the monitoring features available in the app. We can effectively say that this is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of a great mobile monitoring app.

The rational of this is totally unabashedly obvious, there is no point buying or downloading any app that cannot do what you need it to get done. The second is user friendliness. The app must be easy to download, use and compatible to the phone you need to monitor.

The last aspect for a great app is cost. No one would pay astronomical amounts of money for an app that monitors people that you trust, or should be trusting, without any effective payback period or deliverable. With this in mind, is the “HelloSpy” app a great app or a mediocre one? Let’s apply these three rules to decide on its review.


In terms of app functionality and features, the “HelloSpy” app boasts of 19 available functions. Though the monitoring of commonly used apps like WhatsApp and Viber chats are counted individually, these functions are not common to other available paying monitoring apps. One feature that stands out is the auto answering of calls, or more accurately defined as ambient sound monitoring. This is not a common feature, even in popular monitoring apps like PhoneSheriff or MobileSpy.

Advanced Features and Compatibility

For the second area, this app is compatible to the Android and iOS operating systems. These are the 2 most common phone types out in the market and would effectively cover 80-90% of all phones. In terms of user friendliness, the app uploads all collected data to an online website where the monitoring user is able to access them.

Once installed, all incoming and outgoing SMS and calls, current phone location, pictures and internet usage are uploaded allowing the monitoring user to view at their convenience. However, this would require the target phone to be connected to the internet constantly for real time data. Without a large amount of free internet data or access to free Wi-Fi, the jump in internet usage might alert the target phone user.


Lastly, the cost of the app is reasonable. With 5 plans and costing $119 a year, this is affordable and effective. Review of internet sources show that this is a reliable app and worth the money paid for it. It is definitely a good bargain.