Highster Mobile Review

This Highster Mobile review will help you decide whether this cell phone tracking solution is worth a gander. Like other software of this kind, Highster Mobile works in stealth mode, logging information about mobile activity and sending all the logs to a remote web-based Control Panel. It’s intuitive and easy to install, inexpensive, and isn’t subscription-based. Still, it lacks 24/7 technical support, not ll of its features work properly on all supported devices, and many users complain that it’s impossible to get refunds.


  • Call recording
  • SMS tracking
  • Remote microphone activation
  • 8 Instant Messengers tracking
  • Photo Spying
  • Access to Multimedia content
  • Call logs
  • Email monitoring
  • GPS location tracking
  • Web History
  • Contacts
  • Remote Highster Mobile uninstall
  • Remote device locking


Highster Mobile is compatible with Android and iOS devices (including iPods and iPads), but the phone type selection is somewhat limited compared to competitors, and certain models are only supported on certain phone carriers also. This may hinder people looking to spy on particular types of phones.


- No monthly fees, only one time payment, which is unseen in mobile tracking software industry.

- Constant upgrades ( a plenty of new features has been recently added).

- Instant Messengers tracking (Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, BBM, iMessage, WeChat, LineChat).


-No live chat. Phone support doesn’t work 24/7.

- No blocking features.

- Certain models are only supported on certain mobile carriers.

- A lot of complaints from unhappy Highster Mobile customers who failed to get their money back.



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7 thoughts on “Highster Mobile Review

  1. work great for the first two months after that text menssager stop load the GPS don’t work every day and there is nothing they will do to help you !!

  2. Highster Mobile is not customer service friendly and is only interested in taking your money. I bought the software to track my teenaged foster child. It didn’t work correctly so I asked for assistance. Now realize I’d only had the software on the phone for a few days. Their customer service sent me an update. I tried to install it but it still didn’t make the software act the way it was advertised to act. I figured it was a problem with the phone and did a factory reset. I then attempted to put the software back on the same phone with the exact same phone number. It informed me that the license had already been used and couldn’t be reloaded. It was the same phone. I asked for customer service’s help. They, rather bluntly, told me to purchase the software again. I told them it was the same phone with the same number. I got the same response. If their software license can’t figure out that it’s being used on the same phone with the same phone number, I’m thinking it was purposely programed that way to suck money from consumers. I feel disappointed and ripped off. In my opinion, Highster Mobile is really Shyster Mobile.

  3. I have been using highster, but it was cleared of when the phone was returned to factory setting. I want to reapply it but the call sorrounding recording /listening was not functioning. How can I get further assistance. There is nothing wrong with the target phone, for I used another spy phone company and those features were working The gps was working excellently.

    My other question is, can the spy mobile removed from phone A to Phone B.

  4. there is no support. No refund. want download. Need i say more. Have to get the bank to reverse the charge after over 2 weeks of trying.

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