How Can I Spy on Non-Rooted Android Phone

How Can I Spy on Non-Rooted Android Phone

Today’s smartphones are great. They let us do so much more than we could ever achieve with our ‘dumb’ phones. Emails, media sharing, navigation, you name it and your smartphone can most probably do it.

Still, a lot of people want even more control over their Android devices. They want deeper access to the phone’s settings to tweak everything to their personal liking. This process in an Android phone is known as rooting.

Uses of Rooting, and the Risks

Rooting an Android device allows the user to change multiple settings that are simply not available otherwise. You can control the speed at which your CPU runs, save battery by restricting apps, and more.

However, there are risks in doing this as well. First, you void your warranty. Other than that, your phone becomes vulnerable to get internally damaged and ‘bricked’ if you’re not careful.
This is the reason many people don’t root their Android phones. The risks are just too many for the average person to undertake the process.

So How Do I Spy on a Device?

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to track the activities taking place on a non-rooted device, you shouldn’t be. Unlike the iPhone, an Android device doesn’t need to be rooted for Android spy apps to work on it. So if you have a child who is spending too much time on social media, or an employee who is wasting time on the job and chatting away, you need not worry about their devices being rooted or not.

Spy Apps for All

All you have to do is get a reputable spy app like mSpy and install on your child’s or employee’s phone. The rest is all the app’s business.

You will get instant notifications about the target phone’s usage ranging from the messages sent and calls made to the emails received and the photos taken. You can even go further and track the device’s location. And all of this can be done without rooting!

How do they Work?

Spy apps tap into the phone’s internals and pull out all the information you need. They do this in complete stealth so your target doesn’t know they are being tracked. All of the data is sent over to an online account that you make with the app’s servers when you sign up. Just make sure you choose a top-rated app like mSpy and there’s nothing more you need to be worried about.