How to make ads more effectively with Facebook Tracking Pixels

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Facebook ads are a tool for creating effective online marketing for all. A small brand does not need a large advertising budget. But the power of this tool is wasted, if you do not know important functions.

Especially, we’re talking about tracking pixels.
Not everything is as terrible as it might seem. It is enough to understand the question in general terms. This term means a mechanism of studying visitor’s presence on different sites.

The necessary advertising is going to be showed in future. So ads often reach people who have an interest in offer. The tool helps to increase the conversion and study.

How to create Facebook Pixel

Note immediately: this is a function for the average entrepreneur, so do not be afraid of complex instructions in the configuration. They are not here. Open your Business account at Facebook. Look at the top of the page and find “Business Manager” button. Click on it and choose “Pixels” at the next page.
What you can do here?
You can create a new one with the corresponding tool. Also you can do some actions with an existing pixel in the tab with same name. Select the name of the pixel after creation, and we can proceed to work. You need to notice unique value of Facebook Pixel ID, which is important to keep on hand when working.

It consists of 15 or 16 numbers. The way to add a pixel depends on the platform, but the information can be found in the analytics panel. Usually you just need to copy the code and paste it into the required field everywhere.

You have the created pixel. Now you need to configure it to track the conversion of specific events on the site or individual pages of the site. Most often we are talking about the action of a click on a certain button.

Embedding Pixel into WordPress

Consider the model of embedding a pixel on an example of a site running the most simple and popular WordPress, which is ridiculously easy. To begin with, we’ll need a simple plug-in to work with Pixel. For example, install PixelYourSite on the website. After that, you will only need to copy and paste your code there, then get the desired result.

The plugin is ideal for sites with a focus on WooCommerce. Here’s a separate page of settings for work in WooCommerce. Also you can use the plugin to track individual pages of the site, each page can be turned on or off by URL.

Facebook Pixel advantages

The most obvious is that Pixel accurately tracks the required conversions and provides you with complete data. You clearly see the ways of mass user’s interaction with the site and individual pages; you can identify the weaknesses and strengths of each element. So it will be easier for you to choose the right model of work, to achieve higher results for the business. To increase the positive response of a site visitor, sometimes it is even enough to change the location or appearance of a single conversion button.

All from above applies to models of presence from mobile devices, which are also very important today in online marketing. Also Pixel does not waste your budget and tries to show ads to 100% of the relevant audience through the log of their visits. But that’s not all. Facebook Pixel will also help you learn the behavior regarding the goods stored in the basket, will prompt the person to bring the purchase to the end.

Conversion and the audience can be manually configured if you want. Based on different patterns of behavior, you can identify the target audience you need, for whom you need to orient further and build a marketing strategy more actively. Also you will have a useful feature to view the full chain of actions, including the landing page presence.

All this allows in practice to come up with a better online marketing strategy, and do not go broke. You fix the data in real time, then quickly make corrections and come up with new strategies that will reach the final “money” action more often.

What you also can do to improve your Facebook ads?
There are whole books devoted to different strategies of Facebook advertising, but you should always test different combinations of text, photos and videos in ads, select the best ones in accordance with the tracking and observe the dynamics of the response. The ads you select for the best audiences correspond to different ads. This means that you have to segment the work with best audiences to the maximum. A new quality of results begins with this.