How to Prevent Cyber Bullying?

cyberbullying child

The digital age we are living in gives us numerous new ways to make our lives more interesting and comfortable. However, at the same time, it also makes the process of parenting and keeping your child safe much more complicated. The fact is that underage children have plenty of opportunities to connect outside of school, from Facebook and Instagram to WhatsApp and Viber. Unfortunately, the more ways to connect to the Internet they have, the more chances they have to become a target of cyber bullying. Statistics show that about one-third of teens and tweens have suffered from cyber bullying at a certain period in their lives. So how to prevent cyber bullying and protect your kids from feeling helpless, angry, hurt, depressed, and even suicidal in today’s world of mobile technologies? The answer is rather simple – use special phone tracking apps designed to monitor phone activity and block inappropriate contacts, calls, websites, and programs. Moreover, such apps not only prevent kids from cyber bullying by providing the information about what they are doing online but also let parents know whether their children are bullying others themselves.


cyberbullying infographicPhone tracking apps as a solution to the cyber bullying problem

When it comes to sexting and cyber bullying issues, the first thing that caring parents should do is to talk about them with their children face to face. This is the best way to help teens and tweens make smart digital decisions. However, the reality is that not all kids are willing to listen to their parents, not to mention that the youngest ones simply cannot fully understand the importance of the problem raised. In such a case, the only thing you can do to prevent cyber bullying is to install one of the reliable phone tracking apps. The solution to monitor phone activity is effective and practical at the same time, as smart cell phone tracking apps not only give you access to your child’s messages, calls, and web history but also help you guide you kid in the right direction without depriving them of autonomy.


no cyberbullyingMonitor your kid’s phone activity to prevent cyber bullying!

A smart app you can download at is a great option when it comes to tracking your child’s current location and monitoring the target phone activity to prevent cyber bullying and protect from inappropriate or adult online content. Moreover, except for tracking GPS location, messages, and calls, mSpy also includes a special “Keyword alert” feature intended to inform parents when a certain phrase or keyword is typed by their kid. Thereby, this function can be used to catch cyber bullying before it gets out of hand. Besides, this tracking app gives you the ability to block calls from bullies, filter online content, and block access to undesired apps and websites. Thus, you can easily prevent cyber bullying and protect your kid online. In general, to monitor phone activity is a wise decision for any parent who doesn’t know how to deal with the growing problem of online dangers. So don’t wait a minute longer, install mSpy now!