How to Track a Kid’s iPhone without Them Knowing

track kids iphone

There is no other smart phone in the market that children and teens want more than an iphone. Parents are increasingly purchasing such phones for their children. It is no surprise that the need to monitor children with smart phones, like the iPhone has skyrocketed. There is increasingly many apps out in the market that allows you to monitor your child, however not many do allow you to do so effectively and properly. It is imperative that you choose the right kind of monitoring software and the functions that come with it. Making sure that you can monitor your child’s internet usage, text messages, multimedia files and apps installed are very important functions that your app needs to do.

What Do I Need to Have to Track My Child?

The most basic feature that every parental control app would be its ability to be stealthy. This is absolutely important as it ensures that your child does not remember that there is a parental control app and will use it without reservations. This would increase the chances that you would be able to penetrate that distance your child has been fostering between you and them.


What Functions Do I Need to Have in the Monitoring App?

For good parental control, it is suggested to use geo-fencing, internet usage history tracking, smart phone multimedia file viewing and app monitoring. The many IPhone tracking apps out there would provide, at the very least, app monitoring and internet history tracking. Only premium apps, like MSpy, would offer features like geo-fencing, GPS tracking and app monitoring.

Why Monitor Apps?

The most attractive feature of a smart phone would be the downloadable apps. This is a feature where all smart phone users will use. Common apps like Whatsapp and Skype are almost a necessity for modern living, especially for teenagers. Premium monitoring apps like MSpy, gives you the option to monitor chats on WhatsApp and the multimedia files shared on it to.