How to Track Whatsapp on iPhone

track whatsapp on iphone

Tracking your child’s smart phone usage is an increasingly difficult task. Not many apps out in the market allows you to track other apps like WhatsApp or Skype. It can be a very frustrating task, monitoring your kids, when they are recalcitrant and sullen when it comes to their activities. There are not many options open to such concerned parents. Especially when you know your child is bullied in school or seems suicidal, tracking their phones are an important tool to use. You can save your child and prevent a tragedy with such tracking apps. The possibilities of using tracking apps are endless, when you intend is to use it to protect your family.

Monitoring Your Child’s Internet Usage

IPhone monitoring apps out the market allows you to observe and monitor many aspects of a smart phone. Chief of which would be the function of internet history monitoring and Whatsapp monitoring. Any parental control app in the market would allow you to track internet history but not many would track app usage. Premium apps, like MSpy, that are out in the market would give you the function to track apps like WhatsApp and Skype.

Why Track WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the most common app out among teens and pre-teens. They use it to chat and organise events as well as to share their pictures or videos. The danger comes when compromising videos are shared and when you child is getting bullied by their friends on WhatsApp. Taking MSpy for example, you can monitor conversations on WhatsApp. Check sent and received multimedia files and obtains chat history. You can use this to your advantage in protecting your child.

How to Get MSpy?

It is really easy to get MSpy. All you would need to do is to purchase the app online, download it and install it into your target phone and you are ready to start monitoring – and there’s no need for noting down all the passwords or account details.