imobiSpy Review

iOS, Android

3.5 (157 ratings )
Price: $22.99

imobiSpy appimobiSpy is the new kid on the block for mobile monitoring software. This app is relatively unknown in the wider mobile monitoring app market but is definitely an up and comer. Just one look at this app with its iconic spy hat that also looks like a flying saucer, speaks volumes about the creativity that abounds with the developers of this app. The million dollar question is whether this app is really worth the price tag that you’ll be spending on it. This fear can easily be allayed with the live demo available on its website. Download it and give it a try, and you’ll soon find out that his app does what it claims to do. Though slightly rough around the edges as with newer and more obscure apps in market, imobiSpy will definitely deliver the basic functions for a monitoring app. The app comes in two packages, basic functions and imobiSpy with additional features.

Features to Check

The basic features available for this app are phone call tracking, sent and received short messages, email monitoring, GPS tracking functions, contacts monitoring and URL tracking. The phone call tracking function is similar to others in the market, allowing the user to track all calls made on the target phone. Like all monitoring apps, this feature gives you the basic service on the target phone’s calling history. Additionally, imobiSpy provides time stamps that will give you more details on the call itself. The SMS tracking feature of this app is also a relatively basic function that allows you to read every message that is sent from or received on the target phone. Though relatively basic, this function is a must have for all mobile monitoring apps and it’s a good sign that the developers have made sure that this is in the app. Email monitoring and GPS tracking features are rare in newer apps due to the complexity in the programming. It is great that such newer apps are coming out with such a function. The feature is great in protecting your kids from online predators or bad company. The last feature is one that shows the monitoring adult where the target phone has been browsing in the internet. An awesome function for parents of curious children who are interested in knowing more about the world around them, this is a definite win in terms of function. We definitely wouldn’t want our young children accessing questionable content unknowingly. However, the URL tracking doesn’t prevent access to questionable websites, hence making this app not as attractive to customers with young children.

Nice Functionality for the Beginners, but Not Enough for Pros

Overall, imobiSpy is a great beginner’s app, one that allows users with little or no experience with monitoring apps or users that only need the most basic of functions. “imobiSpy” on the whole is still a great app that can solve the many
conundrums present with teenagers. However, when it comes to preventing corporate espionage or any other corporate activities that need a more robust app, this app isn’t the app to get. At the price of $39.95 for a basic app and $74.95 for additional features, this app is relatively expensive. However, unlike other service orientated apps which charge per day of usage this is a onetime only payment, making it considerably cheaper in the long run.