iPhone Security for Teens and Kids

iPhone security for kidsJust like you may have restrictions on your family computers to limit the access of certain sites and review what your children do on the internet, there is need to ensure that you work on the same with their iPhone to protect them from being exploited out there. While you may not want to decline buying the device for your young one, there is need to ensure that you find the most suitable way to handle the matter and putting them out of risk. There are several ways you can consider in handling iPhone security for your children, and these are some.

Disabling most features of the iPhone

This is one of the best ways of keeping your little ones and teens from accessing certain sites and things that may be harmful to them. By activating restrictions on the device, the child will not be able to access certain areas of the phone like the browser or any built in apps you wish they may not access. For instance, if you are concerned about what they are browsing, you can disable safari to ensure that they cannot access the internet. You can do this by going to the settings app on their iPhone and selecting the restrictions option. Then select enable restrictions and option which will require a four digit password to activate. You need to input this with digits that you will easily remember and that your child may not easily crack. After which, you will need to select the apps you need to disable.

Manage their apps and phone usage

As security is of the utmost importance, there is need to work on whatever your kids do with their iPhone. While the internet can be quite damning, but also some of the apps they may play may have some sort of negative influence on them. Therefore, you need to ensure that you manage the apps installed and install those that you feel are safe with them. However, one of the best ways to ensure that you got them under check is disabling the installing app and deleting app option and also iTunes. This way, they cannot download their own versions or reinstall other versions of different apps available.

Manage their browsing with different apps

While you do not wish to be the parent from hell, you may need to take up this option- managing their browsing. iPhones have one major issue, they do not have a filter option for their browser. However, you can make acquire some of the present web protection apps available on the internet to handle the task for you. With such iPhone monitoring app, you can easily restrict access to sites that may be indecent to your kids by inputting keywords which will be filtered with every search.  The best apps are those may request a fee for the services, but overall, what matters is that the content your teen views is not explicit, exploitive or demeaning to his/her personal health and wellbeing.

In the current day and age, technology has changed how we are communicating with each other and approaching different issues. Now one can even buy a car from a simple device while in the comfort of their homes. This comes with its own perks and benefits but also has some major downfalls especially on the impact of our children. The non-jailbroken iPhone and iTouch are some of the most revolutionary devices we have in the market currently. These devices are more or less computers it is only that they are made in smaller, portable versions in the form of a phone. Now the issue comes in with what children may be browsing, downloading, viewing or even playing on these phones when you are not around or near them.