Is Someone Spying On You? Spyera Detection

 Anyone who suspects that the mobile spying technology Spyera has been installed on their phone can look for it using a few simple techniques. Spyera is a popular mobile tracking app that can be used to keep track of emails, texts and calls made on someone else’s phone.

What is Special About Spyera?

Spyera is, however, one of the slightly harder to locate spy apps but there are still ways to find it. First, Spyera can only be installed on a jailbroken phone. If the phone was in factory condition before but is now jailbroken, it’s a big sign that someone has been tampering with it.


Evidence of a Jailbreak

Evidence of jailbreaking can be seen via the installation of apps such as Cydia or other OS tweaks. (Cydia is automatically installed with most jail breaking methods out currently available, so there’s a good chance this will be on the phone.)

It is also possible to check the phone for iCY, another app that can be installed during the process of unlocking a phone.

Secret File

If you can access your Log on your iPhone, you might be able to find a file called ‘ownspy.log’. However, due to iPhone security, this file is extremely difficult to access and you might have trouble with it.

Physical Signs of a Spying App

There are some physical signs including a battery that drains more quickly than it used to, unexplained lighting up during a call and the fact that the battery is warm during idle time. You could also consider checking the memory and attempting to store more data there. While Spyera won’t show that it takes up the space, the phone will not allow you to use it meaning that you can detect the presence of a mobile tracker on your phone.

Factory Settings as a Rescue

In case of doubt, you can always reset the phone to its factory default setting in order to remove a jailbreak. Spyera cannot operate on a locked phone, which means that the phone spy will be successfully removed from the mobile.