It’s Time To Tackle Texting & Walking!

texting while walking

We hear all the time about the dangers of texting or calling someone while driving a car, but did you know that many text related road accidents are not actually caused by drivers, but by people who are texting and walking! An increasing number of teens (and even some adults) are becoming involved in car accidents because they are looking at their cell phone instead of paying attention when crossing busy roads. A recent study by Stony Brook University discovered that when texting and walking people were more than 60% more likely to veer off course and were prone to walking about 13% further than intended!

So how can we encourage our children to stay safe when using their phone on the move?

Check out these helpful tips:

Set Strict Rules

  • The traffic authority does what it can in terms of setting rules for drivers, so as parents we need to set our own rules for our little pedestrians! Sit down with the kids and outline your rules, including no cell phone use when walking down the street. It is wie to enforce penalties, just like the authorities give drivers! A good punishment is to shut off their texting package for a month!

Follow Your Child

  • Keep an eye on them to make sure that they are not breaking the rules. It may not be feasible to actually go out and follow them on foot, but with the help of mobile phone spying software you can watch their GPS tracking and cross reference it with incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

Educate Your Children

  • Have a look online for some videos detailing the dangers of not paying attention to the roads. Make sure that you make your children aware of the dangers and the consequences. It may seem harsh, but the image of a badly injured kid their own age will stay with them and do more than your nagging ever could!

Monitoring your child’s cell phone could very well be the answer to keeping them safe from any possible harm. The benefits are more than just addressing the problem of texting while walking. These phone SMS monitoring software  will also allow you to monitor your child’s location, observe their online behaviors and even intercept SMS messages, email, phone calls and instant messenger chats. They offer an all round package while offers parents a way to protect their children.