Keep Your Business Safe With Employee Phone Monitoring

businessman monitoring timeThe theft of company data is sadly becoming more common in businesses these days and because of this, a large number of employers are starting to take preventative action in order to curb the problem. Some employers have now started to keep tabs on their staff in order to spot any activity that is linked to the leaking of vital company information, which has the potential to harm the business and boost its competitors.

Modern Solutions for Protecting Your Data

In the IT sector, most companies provide smart phones to their employees because of the technical nature of their job; however, this has the potential to harm the company if an unscrupulous employee decides he wants to steal data. It used to be almost impossible to keep track of an employee’s mobile phone usage, but now, thanks to the advancement of smart phone technology and software, there are now several programs that can be installed onto a phone in order to monitor its usage.

Sometimes Companies Need to Set up the Employee Activity Monitor

As well as allowing you to keep an eye on any potential data theft, this spy software will also allow you to monitor the smart phone for unwarranted personal calls that can add significant sums of money to the phone bill at the end of the month. When you can keep an eye on the usage of company mobile phones then you will garner an idea as to who is doing what with the phones that you have provided them with. You will have full info about calls and SMS messages, to who they were sent and at what time of the day, as well as incoming calls and messages too, and on top of that, you will also be able to monitor the websites that they may have visited as well.

A recent survey has stated that if an employee has had their employment terminated and they are working out their notice period, that they are more likely to steal data in order to pass it on to a rival company, or even to help set up their own company.

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Legal Aspects of Mobile Phone Monitoring

Although not illegal to monitor the usage of the mobile phones that you provide to your employee’s, it is only fair that you should inform them of the fact that it is company property, and that its usage will be monitored at all times. This can have the advantage of acting as a deterrent and reducing the risk of this type of data theft occurring in the first place.

Some of these phone spy programs are very detailed and you can even program them to alert you when a SMS message has been sent that includes certain words that you may think could be linked to data theft. Another great aspect of these apps is that they will also let you know when a photo has been taken and sent from the phone, in case an employee is taking pictures and sending them via your company’s phone.

Monitoring an employee’s phone is a fair and good way to make sure that your company’s data is protected and to also cut down on expensive phone bills.