Keeping Up With Your Teen In The Age of The Cell Phone

teens-with-cell-phonesIt is pretty mind blowing when we stop to consider exactly what today’s cell phones are actually capable of! For most parents, cell phones were non-existent when they were kids. Cell phone development has evolved at an exponential rate.

Cell Phones and Teenagers

Cell phones are now an every day part of our lives. However, there are downsides to this cell phone revolution as more and more parents are noticing just how much time their teens spend on their cell phones. Whether it is checking Facebook, playing games or texting their friends, some kids seem to be busy on their smartphone at all times. This has been magnified even more by the growing popularity of social networks such as Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Teens are finding it second nature to share every part of their lives on the internet.

Concerned Parents on the Other Side

This is a huge cause for concern among parents. While it may be okay to share this information with a handful of friends, it is not advisable to have too much information floating around for outsiders to see. Everything from cyber bullying to online predators as well as virus threats and hacking are what’s lurking on the world wide web, unless you are using Facebook tracking app.

With all of this in mind, parents need a way to keep a close eye on their teens mobile activity. The answer is to use mobile phone monitoring software like mSpy to monitor calls, text messages, and video content. You can now watch to make sure they are using their cell phone appropriately.