Keylogger Feature is a New Town Talk

World changes very quickly. Especially the world of technology. State-of-the-art gadgets and unheard-of gear from the sci-fi movies are now on sale for ordinary Joes and Jacks to buy.

Great inventions and ideas in any sphere always pass 3 stages: 1) “it cannot just be”; 2) “well, it’s possible”; 3) “everyone knows this already”.

Three Stages of the World Change

The third stage is a banal one; almost every self-respecting spy software developer offers their clients “standard features package” with call logs, text messages, multimedia content monitoring etc.

The second stage corresponds to geofencing and applications blocking. These useful features of mobile tracking software are offered by several companies at the market.

The first stage is mastered by a few. It’s vividly represented by the so-called “keylogger” feature offered by a small number of companies, for instance, mSpy, which offers this feature for Android devices. It seems to have a very promising future.

But beware! Some companies, like Mobile Spy or Start Spy, misleadingly position their ordinary tracker product as keylogger for Android, though mobile trackers, in their majority, act on basically different principles. Whether it’s done intentionally or not is another question.

iKeyMonitor and iKeyGuard, for instance, market themselves as keyloggers for iOS, though the above question remains highlighted.

Unique Invention in Spy Software

keylogger app

First of all, let’s learn our ABC. A keylogger is a hardware device/software application that records the real time activity of a computer user, mainly, the pressing of keyboard keys (keyboard capturing).

Many industrial decisions for the demand of spying on texting are represented by hardware keyloggers; but software ones are widely used as well. Keylogging methods are numerous, ranging from hardware and software-based approaches to acoustic analysis, electromagnetic emissions, etc.

Tangible hardware keyloggers can be connected to any computer in a secret mode and record every key stroke this keyboard makes. Software keyloggers can be separate products or imbedded parts of other programs and require initial installation at the target device or can function with remote access. Both types let you figure out passwords and see what has been written or even what internet sites have been accessed.

Some advanced models can even be set to e-mail you all the relevant information instantly (i.e. reports can be made via LAN); or it can be collected, stored and presented to you later in a single specific file, usually encrypted. Usual programs of this type store their data on the local hard drive, but some automatically transmit data over the network to a remote computer/server.

Free Invisible Keylogger Might Cause Serious Troubles

There are free of charge keyloggers, but reliable products are to be paid for. Problems with non-commercial keyloggers can be of the following nature:

  1. your computer detects this app as a virus;
  2. deficient functioning of the claimed features and no tech in-house support to help;
  3. installation of undesired stuff on your PC;
  4. trial versions full of bugs etc.

Negative aspect of a keylogger’s usage presupposes the chance of your valuable financial/private information being transmitted to an unknown third party. Some criminally minded persons can steal passwords or credit card information with the help of this type of “data interceptor”. Effective anti-keylogging programs are developed to oppose these systems. There are other countermeasures, both hardware/software-based, as well as non-technological methods.

Main spheres of industrial application for keyloggers are troubleshooting technical problems and monitoring network usage. But there is a private life niche that favors the usage of keyloggers – monitoring your kids’ online activities. In this case, such an app can spare you sleepless nights by revealing true “online colors” of your otherwise over-secretive kid. Maybe, this keylogger feature will help you discover the truth you deserve most!