Learn all about Sarahah: Should parents be afraid of a popular app and how to control it?


So, you just (or long time ago) figured out the vectors of the information field in which your children spent the free time. Instagram, Snapchat and other modern social fun stuff: you know what that is and what is dangerous there.
But you are still not as progressive as you would like, right? And it turns out that teenagers are massively going crazy for a new social app called Sarahah. And this application already came out on the number 1 in the top of the most popular applications for iPhone.
Again the moment is missed! And now it is necessary to understand as fast as possible, what kind of beast is it and how can it bite your family, but you have already spent all your strength and knowledge on this stupid Snapchat.
Is there any reason for parental anxiety? Let’s try to collect all important info about Sarahah for you, so that you will know everything at once.

Brief educational program about Sarahah

“Sarahah” is the transliteration of Arabic word which means “honesty”. Do not be in a hurry to be surprised at this choice of name, because the application came to us (who would have thought) from Saudi Arabia. The developer Sarahah originally conceived the project as a tool for office workers who could leave an anonymous opinion about the boss being afraid to speak out openly.
At first the project gained popularity in the Middle East and North Africa, and then suddenly increased to the whole world level. Today it is a public platform of anonymous opinions about people. What is the reason of such win?
First of all notice, that anonymity is the key meaning of the project. Here you can calmly express any and even the most rigid opinion about a person and your own personality will remain a secret.
The idea is not new. As the history of social communication on the Internet shows, people like to share anonymous comments about each other and at different times several other projects were in masses’ favor. For example, Ask.fm is still alive to some extent; Formspring was ultra-popular several years ago and has already died.
People did not have any popular alternatives prior to the arrival of this Arab breakthrough, which, in fact, does not offer anything new, but it gives the public space for exciting secret opinions and comfortable anonymous correspondence (message encryption provided).
And not only it, unfortunately.

Sarahah teenage problem

It so happened that the application was especially popular among children and teenagers. And this is not a surprise. They form the backbone of the West world audience. The collapse of Formspring was the wave of user bullying. Teenagers are cruel and they used such anonymous space for humiliation actively.
We’ll leave here only one, but very eloquent example of trolling with a lethal outcome.
And there are plenty of such cases.
Do you seriously think that something will change now in Sarahah era in the children minds and such deaths will not happen again?
You also need to consider the fact that users can secretly communicate between each other here. So Sarahah is also a messenger. This adds fuel to the fire of the problem.
The third shocking thing is the possibility to connect Sarahah page with Snap Maps service. So comments about users will be able to see his questionable Snapchat friends and even random people from the side that can stay nearby at the moment.
This information is enough for parents to immediately take control of a potentially dangerous application, until the situation has gone too far. Do you doubt that the Arabian application will still gain dangerous popularity and not burn at the start?
Just discover the current statistics: it gets more than 20 million users in a couple of weeks and still growth. There’s a tens of millions page views a day today, and a large number of them account for Western countries.

How to monitor children in Sarahah

The answer is fairly transparent if you have already encountered such a need for Snapchat.
To protect your child and not violate his personal space, you can use one of the many online spy apps available in Internet. A number of them are universal, so they are suitable even for this app.
So you will be able to prevent attacks on the child and keep under control his communication with others. Bulling shall not pass!