Life with Passwords: Secured Heaven or Unsecured Hell?

bad password protectionAs far as the concept is concerned, it is assumable that the idea of passwords came out to keep the important and private things “protected”. Funny thing, this is now one of the most vulnerable issues regarding the security of any online activity we are doing.

The more the invasion of technology increases in our everyday life, the more we become tangled with passwords. The worst part is we have to keep them changed, stronger and different from any other account we have! Even after that, our online life is always at stake!

Checking Out the Security Options

No matter how strong a password is set, a skilful hacker may just take seconds to hack it out. So, instead of tearing your head out to set up the hardest password you could ever come up with, check what the system you are registering yourself for an account has to offer to protect your information provided to them.

Of course having a complicated and exclusive “only known to you” password set is a must and the first step, but the thing most of us are just convinced to ignore is, how the site’s security is kept sound. It is, firstly, the system or website’s responsibility to develop a certain level of protection to keep the people signing up with it safe. If there is no such clarification, the site or system should be given a second thought.

Keeping the Smart Phone Data Safe

Almost all of us use smart phones these days and many of our important accounts and data are stored and operated through those. With that increased use and reliability, the hackers got good reasons to attempt on hacking a smart phone and the worst case scenarios includes a phone being snatched away or taken.

To keep the data saved in a smart phone secured, there are many phone tracking apps, which allow a user to get the information, so that if the phone is ever lost or stolen, the data remains recoverable.

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Never Skipping the Security Questions

It is something many of us do just to avoid a few minutes of “boredom”, as we might want to describe it. Well, no matter how weird it seems while we set the security questions, it is something absolutely personal and unique since only an individual can know the answers of.

  • The password should never ever contain the same letters or numbers as the password itself.
  • All it needs is a little brainstorming to set up the questions and answers which no one else could guess.
  • It is always safe to write them down in a paper; in a notebook may be, and keep it somewhere safe!
  • For important accounts, like banks and such, anyone can actually keep it locked in the safe, “offline”!

Protecting Password: Setting up a Security Software

There are software programs available which can help anyone to set up a security system to protect the passwords to the important accounts they hold. With one master password set up, such software can help in keeping all the accounts we have managed and organized. All these may sound scary and a lot of work, but being hacked and losing everything is certainly way worse than working it up to set a decent, unique password.

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