Look for FlexiSpy on Your Phone

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Many users made their choice with MSpy. After all, the price of this application is very different from the price of Flexispy. You dont receive as many features with FlexiSpy, and you need to pay a further $ 150 to access the account, this means that mSpy is far better value for money.
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flexispyNearly everyone owns a smart phone, a fact that makes it extremely easy, and very likely, for that phone to be used as a spy. Mobile Spy technology such as FlexiSpy is frequently used by jealous lovers, overprotective family members and even suspicious bosses to check up on what someone is doing.

Finding software on the phone

Unfortunately, people using FlexiSpy hardly ever ask if they can install the program, meaning that they are actually violating some personal rights. Despite this, it’s actually quite easy to find the software on a mobile phone.

FlexiSpy is one of the most expensive mobile phone spying programs on the planet. Costing about $350 USD, it is one of the easiest mobile spy programs to actually locate on a phone.

Steps to find FlexiSpy

First, FlexiSpy installs a file called ‘FSXGAD_2.03.3.apk’ and a cached image directory called ‘bookmark_thumb1’ onto the SD card download folder. This folder is not particularly hard to access. The image directory contains files such as screenshots of registration and etc.

On service plans other than AT&T and T-Mobile, a phone with FlexiSpy installed will occasionally display a warning that ‘unknown’ has gained ‘super-user access’. This is a big red flag to anyone who is even operating a phone.  Usually this type of message is either spam, or a warning that someone has externally gained access to the phone, something that no one using FlexiSpy will want the phone user to suspect.

woman with monitored phoneOther signs

A phone with FlexiSpy installed might also stay lit up for longer, drain the battery more quickly than it used to, or even be slow or freeze during heavy use. These are all big warning signs that there is mobile spy software such as FlexisSpy installed on the phone.

Obviously, Flexispy is easy to find on almost any phone. The first thing to do is to check the SD Card download file to check for suspicious files. Depending on the phone being used, there may even be information that can be traced back to the person who installed it.

If you suspect someone of installing the phone spying software on your mobile, just check for the tell-tale signs that something isn’t right.