Mamabear – A New Sort of Parenting Application

Things like cyber-bullying and cybercrimes related to children are a common phenomenon today that may keep parents up at night. Children are so into using internet and social media for their day to day activities that they become prime targets for online predators lurking over the internet. Where they may be using the internet in a positive way, they still may get in touch with strangers that want to take advantage of their innocence in some manner.

Parents Handle Online and Offline Dangers with Parental Control Mobile Apps

Other than the internet, there are various other dangers that parents worry about. Children start getting more and more independent as they grow up and things like walking alone to school or going out with friends are a big deal for their parents. Thankfully, parents now have the chance to make use of mobile technology through an application that can put both sorts of their worries, internet based and otherwise, to rest.

GPS Tracking Features of Mamabear

The app goes by the name of Mamabear, and its basic functions rest heavily on the use of mobile GPS systems. The app has to be installed on both the parent’s and the child’s device to work and it gives parents a continuous stream of information as to the child’s location. Parents have the ability to get notified of when their children reach school and when they leave it and reach home. Other than these location alerts, parents can keep an eye on their child’s social media usage by being notified when someone adds their child as a friend or a wall post or tagged photo is put up. And if that wasn’t enough, it even gives parents the chance to keep an eye on their teenage child’s driving speed limits.

This is not one of those apps that don’t allow the children to do anything other than being constantly monitored. Children have a whole different sort of interface on their end with cheerful colors and symbols. They can check into places to let their parents know where they are, or tell their parents to come pick them up with the touch of a single button as well as use emoticons to let parents know how they feel at a given moment. This application is quite different from other monitoring applications in the way that it generates a healthy relationship among the parent and child.

Simple Setup and Usage

The app is fairly easy to set up and use. Parents can even use different color schemes for individual children in case they are monitoring more than one child. It is available for both Android and iOS so it should appeal to a number of users out there.

While there are some criticisms as to the level of information that this app provides to parents being a little too much to let a child grow freely, what Mamabear does is that it lets parents and children to develop a cohesive relationship that aims to minimize the dangers children can face while growing up, while giving the children some freedom as well. Children don’t have to be dropped at school constantly or their parents don’t have to accompany to a party because they can be sure at home when their child reaches somewhere and what he does. In this way the children can also have a sense of independence and still stay in certain limits that are not to be crossed, both in the real world and in the online one.