Mass breaking of Instagram accounts: a short guide, how to protect yourself


The world got access to 6 million Instagram accounts via database of hacked profiles.
There were found lots of celebrities’ data and this fact have already caused a number of public people notable harm. Everyone could use the database at a price of $ 10 for 1 search, even receiving e-mail and phone numbers. Despite the statements of Instagram about a small number of hacked users, in reality the situation has covered millions of
To ignore such a failure is impossible, and the site’s management promised to take measures and provided official protection recommendations for all users to get safe. Soon the error was corrected. But will this continue in the future?

What was the problem?

Resetting the password via mobile Instagram app displays registration information (e-mail phone number), but not passwords. Data collection began with an attack in the form of a password resetting request. Then mobile number and e-mail data were displayed and recorded into above-mentioned database.

The problem is relevant for all versions of Instagram since the beginning of 2016. Old versions of the problem did not affect. The issue of vulnerability has been resolved today, but let’s marks the main ways to protect you from hacking. The human factor of negligence and ignorance now and always remains relevant.

Protect Instagram personal data

As it was said before, Instagram released a short memo about account protection. According to the report, a person should show maximum alertness if he receives strange requests from unknown phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Also, the site recommends sending reports through public forms to let administration responds quickly to trends of harmful activities.

To get acquainted with all the tips for protection and recovery, you can visit the special Instagram page. Among the tips mentioned effective two-step authentication and this question deserves special attention.

How to activate two-step authentication

1. Go to your profile and find the settings tab in the top right corner of the screen.
2. Turn the page there down to find “two-step authentication” tab and click on it.
3. Find and click “require security code”.
4. Add your phone number into profile.
5. Done! When you’ll try to go to your page, you’ll get password on phone to connect.

Useful tips for choosing a password

1. Do not set older passwords, even if they are very reliable.
2. The combination of upper and lower register case in the password is good, but avoids the well-known words and concepts, as they can be easily picked up in any registers. For example, [email protected] etc.
3. Think better the whole phrase and combine in one word. Best of all, if this phrase will mean something to you and will be easily remembered only by you.
4. Use the password manager (look for information about services in the search), which reliably stores such data.

What to do else to protect?

  • Turn on “Private Account” option in settings;
  • Eliminate unfamiliar followers from your list;
  • Enable the privacy option of personal information;
  • Turn off location detection;
  • You must accept Photo Tags only manually, not automatically;
  • Do not start third-party applications;

Find out more info about setting up these items here: instagram/


As you can see, you cannot protect yourself 100%, but you can increase your chances of data security up to 99.999%. Also observe the rules of “Personal Hygiene” in Instagram, and you will not have any problems in using the social network in the context of data loss.

(Here we also mean to exclude the placement of private data on published photos, tags, geo-marks, and also to prevent the emergence of provocative, offensive content or photos of other people without consent).
And log out of the account whenever you open it at other devices!