Mobile Spy Apps Help Prevent Texting While Driving

According to a report by CDS, most parents are aware that their teenage kids often lose their focus while driving because they are too busy texting on their phones. Sometimes it’s dangerous to even walk on the street while texting, but if you want your kids to refocus their eyes on the road then you should consider implementing a parental control app on their phones to ensure they aren’t texting behind the wheel.

A True Story

A 17 year old boy from North California smashed into a family while they were on their bikes, killing the father and his 9 year old daughter. This teenager was a very good driver, but unfortunately he lost his concentration just because he was texting at that time.

Many teens are pretty confident about their driving skills and consider it quite safe for them to text while driving. But they are completely wrong because such habits can not only be life-threatening for them but for everyone present on the road.

Why Should You Be Careful?

Teenagers are generally considered to be the most at risk drivers. It is always wise to teach them the dos and don’ts of driving at a point where you can still influence their driving habits. However, it is not possible for parents to always be at their teens side at all times. That’s why cell phone monitoring programs have eased the lives of parents tremendously by remotely informing them of their child’s mobile habits on and off the road.

What Can Parents Do?

Last year, a study conducted by the National Highway Administration revealed that the drivers who often use their mobile devices while driving are four times more likely to get into collisions serious enough to injure themselves. Android monitoring software programs like mSpy offer a number of great features that enable parents to control their teens’ mobile phone activities remotely. By using these programs, the parents can easily block any mobile phone app if they don’t want their children to use it while they drive. Moreover, they can also login to a secure online control panel in order to lock or unlock an Android device during a certain time period.

In addition, parents can also monitor SMSs, call logs, GPS location, and internet activities with the help of Android monitoring software. Although, it is essential to have open communication with your children about the potential risks associated with texting while driving, parents can also get benefits from the latest in monitoring technology. Installing mSpy software on a teen’s Android device can help a parent keep a constant check on those most dear to them.