Mobile Spy Vs. mSpy

product comparison

Spy applications have become popular ones to download onto cell phones; however, the amount that is on offer can be daunting. This is why you need to compare different applications and what they offer. Comparing the market leaders Mobile Spy and mSpy will give you an insight into what is available.


The price is often the first thing that consumers look at when deciding what application to download, and both mSpy and Mobile Spy are considered affordable. mSpy will cost you from $39/59, and Mobile Spy from $100. You do not receive as many features with Mobile Spy, and you need to pay a further $50 to access the account, this means that mSpy is far better value for money.

Customer Support

Customer support is the next element that consumers look at when choosing an app, and here both Mobile Spy and mSpy are similar. You can contact customer support through the live chat or email, or call the companies direct. Both can be contacted day and night, and seven days a week, which is comforting. There is an extensive FAQ on both websites, and the only factor that consumers commented on, was that mSpy was more user-friendly.

Application Compatibility

The operating systems and compatibility are the next factors that you will want to consider, and both do market their spyware as compatible with any phone. However, you may find fault with this claim as there are operating systems that Mobile Spy does not work on.

This means there are limitations that you need to be aware of before purchasing. mSpy, on the other hand, is compatible with all operating systems, but IPhones will need to be jailbroken to allow this app to work to its full extent – however non-jailbreak solution is also present.

Features Comparison

Both Mobile Spy and mSpy offer the same features, with small differences, which you can research with ease.  Mobile Spy can accommodate three phones, which is beneficial for some people, and is a massive selling point of this app. If you choose to download the Mobile Spy to your phone, you may lose some of the features.

This may not affect what you want to achieve with the software, however, if you are paying a price, you want the full benefits. There is nothing worse than downloading an app to find that only half of it works. This is why you want to choose an app that fully functions and does not need any other applications.

The licence that is available with Mobile Spy is attractive; however, losing some of the features can be considered an inconvenience. This is why people still continue to choose mSpy as the overall app is effective, and can be used with all phones. There is no further cost and you will feel as if you get your money’s worth with mSpy.