Mobile Tracking

mobile spy trackingThe growing number of mobile apps that monitor activities available in the market are astounding. Immediately, questions abound to what you really need and often miss the mark on what apps are available out there and what you need to take note of. Questions like “How do you decide whether you need just a health monitoring app or a location monitoring app for your wayward son or just an app that tells you where you left your phone?” and “Is having a monitoring app even necessary?” are quickly answered by your intent of having the app in the first place.

Modern Trends in Mobile Tracking

With news on new apps gravitating towards health monitoring rather than device or user monitoring, it may seem that the apps that do monitor the phone user are falling out of favour. However, the market for apps that ‘spy’ are increasingly used as tools in preventing loss of proprietary information or saving the life of suicidal teens. Two monitoring apps of interest are ‘Cell Tracker’ and ‘mSpy’. These 2 are up and coming apps that are useful for all your monitoring needs. The 3 things that are of interest are the functions available within the app, the app’s compatibility with different operating software, as well as phone model, and the ability for it to be used anywhere around the world and any telcos.

What is Cell Phone Tracker

Cell Tracker is an app that helps you acquire information on the user of a mobile phone it is installed into. It allows you to transform it into the ‘spy’ accessory that it is. Functions in the app allow you to monitor live calls from the target phone, read sms sent out, view call logs and other information like photos that you may be concerned about. The really amazing thing about this app is that you do not need to install it to the target phone, only call it and stay connected for at least 30 seconds. This app boasts to be absolutely legal and is able to be used in all available models and carriers. This meets the 3 criteria that we have stated previously, noting that the app has monitoring functions, is able to be used anywhere and is compatible to all operating systems used by smart devices. However, information on the app’s monitoring activities on app-centric messaging is not available. With a growing population using Watsapp and apps that are similar for communication, tapping into such apps are very important. Another area failed to mention by the developers for this software is the ability to monitor internet access, which is important as that is where people always use. These 2 shortcomings are so serious that it can cripple the sales and acceptance of this software.

Powerful Tracking Features are Available Now

The second app reviewed is the mSpy app. This app boasts a call recording function, internet monitoring, Keylogger software, SMS tracking, WhatsApp tracking, recording of the surroundings, GPS tracker and Skype tracking. This app truly covers a wide range of functions that will definitely prove instrumental in any data collection job. This app is able to function with differing platforms, not requiring Telco or manufacturer’s approval. The drawback for this particular app would be the cost of operating the app, the app developers charging $39.99 to $799.95 for 1 to 12 months uses depending on the version of the app. This might put off some buyers;  yet without a doubt, we would choose mSpy for our needs as it has the best functions available in an app of this kind.