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  In the world of today, every person, no matter their age or status, is a target for the mobile phones communications media, in one form or another. Parents may be relieved to learn that there is MobiStealth communications media-tracking software available, which enables them to stay informed regarding their children’s communications and whereabouts.  Another aspect is that employers, who want to ensure the efficiency of their employees, can also utilise the MobiStealth information facility.  Adding to this is the advantage of being able to use this software relating to personal issues.

  A primary consideration regarding MobiStealth, or any form of surveillance related concerning tracking software, is the question of legality in usage issues. This software is regarded as having the capabilities of serving the purposes for which it was designed, without any indication of its presence. Perceived main benefits of the MobiStealth are a “Spy Call” feature (for BlackBerry), call recording facility (Android only), location tracking and a phone directory monitoring process.

  “Spy Call” allows for the tapping of any live phone call and notification from the software when a call is being made. If the software user is not present when the call is made, the recording feature automatically starts operating. It will then store the conversation for the user to play-back at a later and convenient time.

  The location recording and tracking facilities provide what could be regarded as an extra pair of eyes and ears, for observing the location of a subject. It is also possible for a user to listen to the ambient surroundings. Phone calls can be recorded, played back and the location in real time is given with a complete location history. This software allows a user to access any SMS sent and received from and to a phone, alongside complete text and Internet history, with all the vital details included such as contact number and text frequency. However, emails cannot be read with this software.

  MobiStealth comes in 3 versions, Lite, Pro or Pro-X. Only Pro-X comes with call recording, and the Lite version only includes basic location and text logging.


  • Many subscription options (the shortest period is record-breaking – two weeks for only $19.99).
  • 15-Day money back guarantee.
  • Compatibility with major platforms.


  • Call recording is possible only on Android.
  • No blocking features.
  • Their phone support isn’t available 24/7 (Mon-Fri 9am-9pm EST).

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