MobiStealth VS Mobile Spy

MobiStealth overview

Mobistealth applicationMobiStealth mobile Phone Spying Software empowers an individual to have the answers he truly wants and deserves. Having surveillance features, this mobile phone Spying Software monitors all mobile phone activities and sends the info back to one’s MobiStealth user account. One may download, install and begin using MobiStealth mobile Phone Spying Software in minutes.

Mobile Spy overview

Mobile SpyMobile Spy is a very reliable, highly reputed and a user-friendly app for spying on your child, your spouse or your employee’s mobile phone use.
This cell phone monitoring software is run in an invisible mode and provides with across-the-board logging features in order to enable you to remotely track all activities that take place on the monitored cell phone, from calendar updates to calls, text messages, and emails. All of them are immediately sent from the tracked cell phone right to your safe and secret online account.


MobiStealth costs $ 79.99/month with no money back guarantee whereas; Mobile Spy costs only $49/month with 10 days of money back guarantee. Although, Mobile Spy is cheaper than MobiStealth, it is better than MobiStealth when it comes to features and functionality.

Customer Support

MobiStealth provides only phone based support. You call the technical support in case of any trouble or problem. MobiStealth provides customer service only through a ticket system.  One may open ticket which can be tracked and staff of MobiStealth reviews it and gives you help. You have a reply in 24 hours. Whereas, Mobile Spy provides customer support via a variety of ways, Mobile Spy’s customer support is available 24/7 and could be reached by anyone at any time via Skype, toll-free number and live chat. 24/7 and reliable customer support has made it very easy for customers to use this app in the most convenient manner.


Installing MobiStealth on target cell phone or device takes a few steps and is confusing for the one who is not familiar with the cell phone he is going to install it on; this process takes almost 10 to 30 minutes. Whereas, Mobile Spy can be installed on mobile phone or target device by following 3 easy steps and is a user friendly app. It doesn’t leave any type of confusion on the mind of its user.


MobiStealth is only run on Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian whereas, Mobile Spy runs on many devices like Symbian, Windows Mobile, iOS devices, Blackberry, Android, iPhone and almost all smartphones. As Mobile Spy is compatible to so many devices its usage all over the world has increased remarkably enabling people to spy on cheaters all over the world.


MobiStealth features include text messages, photos, videos and GPS location tracking. Mobile Spy offers a variety of tracking features that include calls, text messages, SMS, emails, browsing history, instant messages, internet activities and GPS location tracking, in addition, it also offers call blocking and wiping data from target device. Mobile Spy offers much more features than MobiStealth so, it would be better to opt for the one having more features and has almost same price.

MobiStealth can be no way compared to Mobile Spy due to variety of features and best quality that Mobile Spy has got to offer its customers. There is a remarkable difference between the reputations of both mobile phone spying apps, mSpy is considered to be the most reliable mobile phone spying app as it has served many people all over the world. Mobile Spy is not only cheaper than MobiStealth but has got a better reputation than MobiStealth. So, it is recommended to prefer Mobile Spy to MobiStealth to enjoy unlimited features of a mobile phone spying with affordable price.

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