mSpy vs Phonesheriff

phone sheriff appSmart phones have made people’s lives much easier, from checking emails to interacting with your friends and family via social networking, it has never been easier to keep in touch. However, there are problems that comes with these advancements. The main problem is for parents of children who own smart phones.

Thankfully, those concerned parents can now download the mSpy applatest cell phone monitoring apps, which will allow them to access the data stored on a phone. In this article, we will be comparing two of the leading cell phone monitoring applications, mSpy and Phonesheriff.

Value for Money

Both Phonesheriff and mSpy can be expensive. The package offered by Phonesheriff comes in at $89.97 for a 12 month subscription, whereas the home version of mSpy, charges $159 for the year although they do offer monthly packages that start from $49.00.


Both of these applications will allow you to block certain phone numbers from calling or sending text messages to the phone being monitored. Another plus is that you can restrict access to certain websites and block certain apps from being downloaded.

Ease of Use

Both apps are easy to install and use, and all activity on the phone will be kept and logged. All you need to do to access all of this information is to login to either your mSpy or Phonesheriff account. The best thing about these programs is that even if the person using the phone deletes emails, SMS messages or other content, it will still be available for you to view at any time.


Both mSpy and Phonesheriff allow their subscribers to monitor the location of the phone that they have downloaded the application on to. Thanks to the GPS signal that all smart phones use, you will be able to see the details of where that phone has been and at what times. They achieve this by logging the coordinates given by the GPS system as well as the time.

Help and Support

Both applications offer a basic level of assistance to subscribers, and this includes, online chat, emails, FAQ’s and the ability to call a customer service rep. However, only mSpy offers 24/7 technical assistance service.


mSpy just edges out Phonesheriff with its 24/7 customer support service.