Never Get Ignored By Your Children Again!


Ignore-No-More-app-logoBeing a parent means you have to always think about your children’s safety and well-being, and that sometimes means that you get worried as to their whereabouts when they are out with friends. This is the time when parents start calling their children to update them of their location and plans to come back home. However, when a child doesn’t pick up the phone and doesn’t respond to your messages on purpose, parents wish they had a way to force their child or teenager to respond.
If you are one of those parents, your wish has come true. Thanks to a mom named Sharon Standifird, parents can now be sure that they will always get a response from their child. All they need to do is get the ‘Ignore No More’ mobile application.

Ignore No More

The developer of this app took it on herself to find a solution for her children ignoring her repeated phone calls. She went through the process of developing an app and thus came Ignore No More, a genius way to have your kids stay connected with you, especially when they don’t want to.

How Does It Work?

To start using the app, all you need to do is install it on the target phone and your own. When you feel that your children are ignoring your phone calls or text messages on purpose, you can activate the locking feature of the app which completely locks down the target phone. That means the child cannot access any function of the smartphone, be it games, music, or text messages.
The only thing your child can do with the phone is either call the parent back or dial an emergency number. The phone can’t be unlocked by the child unless you allow it.

Safety Features

Ignore No More is an app that can’t be uninstalled by the targeted person; in this case your troublesome teenager. The app sends an email to the parent as soon as someone tries to meddle with it. It can’t be uninstalled nor can it be killed without authorization through the four-digit pin code.

App Reception

The app has gotten some very positive reviews from parents because it works flawlessly to keep them out of stress when their child decides not to inform them of his or her safety. But some other people have also denounced the app saying that it is too controlling. They say that it would be better to talk to children and tell them about different threats rather than ‘controlling’ how to respond to you through the features of any spy apps.
The Ignore No More app is currently available on the Play Store for $1.99 in which you get the freedom to use it on as many target devices as you want. You can also have more than one control devices. An iOS version is expected soon as well.
Whether your child is young or in the teenage, getting worried for their safety is something inevitable for parents. Children don’t really understand that fact and start ignoring their parents for the sake of fun, which is something that needs to be taught to them as bad behavior. The Ignore No More app is a genius solution to all parents’ problems that have worried for their children’s safety while getting ignored.