New mSpy Features


The award winning personal monitoring app is back and with newer features! If you think mSpy couldn’t get any better, think again. The app’s phone monitoring system has been improved tremendously with the many new features included, features like using the app to restrict certain callers or calls made to the phone and even a report generating option. This definitely justifies a high price on the app, but with the actual app costing less than a dollar a day, it is a definite buy. The following list will substantiate why it is and if that truly is the case.

mSpy New Features

The first new feature that we discovered within the new and improved app significantly improves the app’s call monitoring effectiveness. The mSpy app now allows the phone monitor to access the time used by the target phone for the call, who made the call and number of calls made to the number. These are common features in newer monitoring app software, but mSpy took this a step further and allowed more detail and the ability to block callers to the target phone. This is an extremely important feature that has ramifications to both users who want to monitor traffic to the actual safety of the target phone user. Imagine a situation where your daughter has a stalker who constantly calls her. Now, all you have to do is to use this app to block the stalker’s number from popping up and determine where she is to ensure her safety when she goes out late, all from a single monitoring source, e.g. a laptop or tablet PC.

Web Monitoring Feature

The next amazing feature found is the improved web monitoring feature. This feature used to only be confined to that of monitoring where the target phone has been too but now, active website blocking is available, bringing this app more in line with parental protection apps and opening up more opportunities for the app. This new feature is rare in mobile monitoring apps, with only specific apps targeting parental control software but not full monitoring capabilities are used. The mSpy app now blazes a route that some other monitoring apps are attempting take, to make them more palatable to the general market with misgivings on privacy. A certain step in the right direction, this app is now ensuring that critics will view it in the more accurate and clearer picture of a child safety and sensitive data protection app rather than what some uninformed people believe as a “creepy stalker app”.

Software Installation Control Feature

Another feature that mSpy now provides is the app and program control feature. This is an amazing function as it allows users to block certain programs like messaging or dropbox from target phones. This would prevent employees from the temptation of uploading sensitive files to online cloud services that can be easily hacked. With the millennial generation being tech and especially app savvy, the desire to work from home by uploading documents to a cloud and then downloading it to an unsecured computer is not only tempting but can even sound like a good push for productivity. Yet with the all too obvious allegations of spying by government agencies like the NSA, it is just prudent to believe that the criminals are doing it too. Once you lose that sensitive information it’ll be too late for your business.

Yet the truly defining feature that mSpy has is the customization ability of the app and the 24 hours tech support. This is one area that it is a definite winner, ensuring that the mSpy app is at the top of the line in terms of mobile monitoring.